2022.01.17 19:59 io_movies15 GUYS HEL[P

So I Ended Up Buy A VFX Pack Thinking I Will Got A HD Version of The Vfx Pack I Bought it But I Did Got A 4K And 2K Version I Tired to Play it But it Think It May Play Smooth On My Low End Laptop But No. It Was All Lay Can Some Tall Me A Tall Me A Way To Solve it PLEASEEEE
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2022.01.17 19:59 Darth-bane-movie The DCEU going forward redo #1 Black Adam, Batgirl, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

To preface all of this in this universe the Flash retcons do happen but with some added history for example while none of the Snyder movies happened Cavil is still Superman but he's MIA and no one knows where he is, there was a Justice League in the 2000s but they broke apart for "unspecified reasons"(that will later be explained).
Also in Peacemaker in this timeline, Peacemaker and co go rouge against Waller and Waller has now decided that she needs to create a new ultra powerful squad to kill the old squad members.
Black Adam
The Rock as Teth-Adam / Black Adam
Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate
Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz
Quintessa Swindell as Maxime Hunkel / Cyclone
Noah Centino as Al Rothstein / Atom Smasher
Bruce Greenwood as Rex Tyler / Hourman
Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall / Hawkman
Mel Brooks as Dan Garrett / Blue Beetle
Bruce Campbell as Jay Garrick / Flash
Djimon Hounsou as The Wizard Shazam
Anna Diop as Blaze
Courtney B Vance as Nabu
Marwan Kenzari as Sabbac
Viola Davis as Amada Waller
Jennifer Holland as Emelia Harcourt
We start in Egypt in the year 1279 BC where the Pharaoh Ramesses II enters a room to see the birth of his son Teth-Adam. We see Adam growing up in Ancient Egypt for a little while before we meet the Wizard Shazam. Shazam is impressed by Adam after he saves a girl from being kidnapped by several soldiers and decides to watch over him, Adam continues doing good deeds and saving people until one day the Wizard, now thoroughly impressed bestows on him the power of Shazam The Stamina of Shu, The swiftness of Horus, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Thoth, the power Aton, and the courage of Mehen. Through all of this we see The Wizard's daughter Blaze who is angry with her father for taking Adam under his wing and not giving her the powers of Shazam; out of anger, she makes a deal with the God Set so that Adam will not draw powers from SHAZAM but will in reality be slowly corrupted.
Adam does indeed serve as a protector for 3 centuries but he becomes more and more corrupted as time goes on, eventually Adam takes a mistress, however this is revealed to actually be Blaze who further corrupts Adam until he boils over. Adam kills the Pharaoh and declares himself ruler while being controlled by Blaze the whole time. Another century passes when a mysterious Scarab Beetle is found in Egypt's neighboring empire Kahndaq, in the years since Adam took over the Wizard Shazam has been in refuge. Kahndaq, is ruled by an emperor with many names however he'll mainy be called the Emperor. The Emperor has been able to hold off Adam thanks to the aid of the Wizards Shazam and Nabu(Nabu will wear the Dr Fate helmet and I'm switching up the origin of Nabu), seeing this Scarab Shazam knows it's incredibly powerful so he prepares to show it to the Emperor. But Nabu stops him claiming that the Scarab will end the natural Order of the region. Shazam is convinced but not before word of the Scarab reaches Adam. A battle between Shazam, Nabu, and Adam ensues with Nabu being "killed"(he's actually become attached to the helm by the lords of order) Adam and Shazam battle across both Khandaq and Egypt until Shazam finally defeats Adam by sealing him in the tomb of Ramesses. The Scarab and the Helm of Nabu are put in a tomb in Kahndaq.
Act 2 part B jumps into Sabbac in the present, Ishmael Gregor is a Russian affiliate of intergang and a power hungry lunatic he contacts a sorcerer named Timothy Karnes(aka the first Sabbac), they hold a ritual to give Gregor some power but he purposefully messes it up and tricks Karnes into losing all his power before killing Karnes. We then get our JSA introduction, in Brooklyn at the JSA Brownstone, Jay Garrick, Carter Hall, Rex Tyler, and Dan Garrett enter the building all equally as confused as to who summoned them there, it's revealed to be Dr Fate who tells them that Sabbac is dead and his power has gone to another more powerful wielder. We learn that Sabbac was an old JSA villain and that they defeated him so badly that he went into hiding for 40 years before this. Kent tells them to go get as many of the old JSA as they can but Jay tells Kent that most of them are either dead or missing "Johnny died, so did Chuck, Canary(more on that later), Sandy, and Al, Alan's MIA, same for Ted and Terry, we have no one Kent", that's when Kent tells them to find as many JSA legacies as they can. We get introduced to Cyclone and Atom Smasher the only JSA legacies they can find and it'll have to do.
The JSA was around but in the 80s it disbanded when Sabbac's defeat caused the deaths of hundreds.
In Egypt where the Tomb of Ramesses is being researched by Adrianna Tomaz, she stumbles on the locked away and secret tomb of Teth-Adam, she accidentally wakes him up and he now free blasts out of the tomb taking Tomaz with him to know why he was awoken. The Millennias of entombment have allowed for much of the corruption to wear off with Adam immediately realizing what he'd done and being racked with guilt. Adam takes Tomaz to Kahndaq where he sees of the military dictatorship oppressing it's citizens. Adam kills the dictator and assumes control of Kahndaq with Tomaz at his side. Tomaz tries to talk Adam down, Tomaz and Adam immediately have a connection as she tries to acclimate him to the modern world. Intergang is currently working within Kahndaq and at the helm of their operations is Gregor who they don't know to have powers, Black Adam gets word of the organization working within Kahndaq and busts into their main operations hq this is where he comes into contact with Sabbac. He fights Sabbac and Sabbac gets away, this is all very public at this point, this attracts the JSA who comes to Kahndaq we get a brief misunderstanding that leads to a fight between the JSA and Black Adam before its sorted out. The rest of the movie is the JSA working with Adam to take Sabbac down.
Towards the end of the movie we get to see Amanda Waller help out Black Adam endearing herself to him in order to get something she wants. Harcourt meanwhile tries to warn the JSA about Waller but is unable to.
Sabbac is defeated by the JSA and Black Adam.
Turns out that because of certain actions in the movie Atom Smasher actually broke international law and Waller has him arrested while also taking Sabbac with her.
In a post credits we see that Waller plans to have both Sabbac and Atom Smasher on the new Suicide Squad.
Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
J.K. Simmons as James Gordon
Jacob Scipio as Durry Walker / Killer Moth
Brendan Fraser as Basil Karlo / Clayface
Ethan Kai as Jason Bard
Unknown LGBTQ+ Asian Actress as Alysia Yeoh
Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman
Jurnee Smollett as Dinah Lance / Black Canary
Ernie Hudson as Harvey Bullock
Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya
Robert De Niro as Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
Al Pacino as Carmine Falcone
Alan Tudyk as Kite Man
Dylan O'Brien as Dick Grayson
Zazie Beetz as Julia Pennyworth
Ella Jay Basco as Cassandra Cain
Kim Bassinger as Vicki Vale
Andrew Bryniarski as Chip Shreck
The movie opens ten years ago with the funeral of Alfred Pennyworth a teenage Barbara is there because her then Boyfriend Dick Grayson asked her too and Jim is there because he's friends with Wayne we see Keaton mourning Alfred and get a eulogy delivered by Bruce about heroes and how they come in all sizes and shapes. Cut to the present where Barbara is working as an intern for the GCPD. We get some scenes setting up her life including one with Jim and one with Alysia Yeoh.
Then we get to meet the villains starting with Clayface, Basil Karlo is a struggling actor and a widower with 2 young children who is forced to do errands for the crime bosses of Gotham when delivering a package to Penguin at the Iceberg Lunge it's revealed to be a setup, he's knocked unconscious and thrown into the caves beneath the Lounge to die because he'd seen too much only he didn't die he washed up in Gotham Harbor with a horrifying mutation from the toxic waste underneath the Lounge and he wants revenge.
Then we meet Killer Moth is Durry Walker (real name Durry Shreck) son of millionaire Chip Shreck and Grandson of Max Shreck, in the time since Batman Returns Chip Shreck has become a staple of Gotham society and runs several charitable associations and Shreck LLC the rebrand of his fathers company, this year he's retiring and his daughter Laura is set to take over the company. Durry left home at the age of 18 and changed his last name, he got involved with Roman Sionis even becoming one of his top lieutenants before Sionis betrayed him, because of this Durry emerged with a new outlook believing that he should be the criminal version of Batman someone to protect criminals from not only heroes but also other criminals like Sionis this is how he begins working with Clayface who offers to pay him all he has if he helps him kill the Penguin.
By the start of the movie Batman is mysteriously gone vanished without a trace and has been for the last 2 weeks, in his absence various criminals have began ramping up their operations including the Penguin and Carmine Falcone what this means is crime is at an all time high in Gotham and Gordon is just barely holding the city together. Seeing this absence Barbara decides to go out at night and fight crime like Batman all the while using Jason Bard and her job at the GCPD to help her solve crime, she starts out with no name and eventually we see her become Batgirl with a custom costume. She reveals this to both Jason(her boyfriend) and Alysia. In her first official outing as Batgirl she interrupts Durry and Basil's attempt to kill The Penguin and Carmine Falcone(Who is helping the Penguin). She then takes an interest in the case which is being investigated by Harvey Bullock and his partner Renee Montoya.
Eventually Barbara is approached by Black Canary who tells her to come with her. They board a Wayne enterprises plane and on board is Bruce Wayne accompanied by Cassandra Cain(who he's now working to protect) and Julia Pennyworth. Barbara asks what's happening and Bruce explains that he uses his Billions for more "charitable" purposes than just charity and that he even supplied Batman, Barbara asks about Batman and Bruce doesn't know where he is. Bruce gives Barbara a new suit and tells information about the Penguin and sends her off to take down the Penguin and stop Karlo.
With Bruce's help she finds out about the origin of Karlo, and he tells her everything about Killer Moth including the events of Batman Returns(which are heavily retconned so that Robert DeNiro can be the Penguin and other details).
Barbara is approached by Dick who then confronts Bruce with Barbara saying this "Haven't you learned your lesson after Jason, haven't enough people died on your watch Bruce". Barbara asks about Jason and all Bruce says is that he lost his second son. Bruce would also have a very much fatherly relationship with Cassandra.
Barbara despite Dick's warning decides to try and stop Killer Moth and Clayface anyway. She breaks into the Iceberg Lounge when a confrontation between Killer Moth, Clayface and Penguin is happening. Barbara interrupts and is attacked on all fronts very quickly she realizes that she's in way over her head that's when Robin, Black Canary, and Kite Man(also working for Bruce) arrive. They fend off the various goons and villains and let Barbara go after Clayface. She appeals to Clayface's humanity and tries to talk him down and miraculously she does Killer Moth on the other hand is out for blood because he's fucking crazy after his betrayal. He tries to kill Basil for seemingly agreeing to calm down. Penguin then shoots Killer Moth seemingly killing him and telling Barbara that years ago he rigged the Lounge with bombs and that while he escapes they'll die in the explosion, he sets of the bombs and escapes while Basil tells Barbara to get out and that he'll disarm the bombs and if he has too absorb the blast. Barbara chases after Penguin and manages to capture him after warning Robin, Black Canary, and Kite Man about the bombs. Basil ends tries to stop the bombs but can't and as he prepares to die and save the lives of the innocents outside the Lounge including Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Renee Montoya. Just then a hand is placed on his shoulder and Batman has arrived he disarms the bombs before being attacked by the still alive Killer Moth, Batman quickly takes down Killer Moth and offers Basil a job. The GCPD takes both the Penguin and Killer Moth away and on the rooftops Batman, Batgirl, Black Canary, Robin, and Kite Man all stand. Batman takes off his mask revealing the face of Bruce Wayne he tells Barbara about his true identity and Robin reveals his too(He only became Robin again to save Barbara). Bruce explains that he wanted to vet Barbara in order to find a successor(Dick refused to take over for Bruce) and he explains that Barbara will need help but that she is a worthy successor, Barbara asks why he needs a successor in the first place and he explains that he has bigger problems to deal with(The League of Assassins). Bruce says that if she needs help she can always call but that she'll be left in charge of protecting Gotham with help from Basil, Kite Man, and a few other associates of Bruce's. Bruce wishes her good luck and leaves for bigger things promising to return one day.
Dick and Barbara share a moment and he leaves for Bludhaven.
Barbara celebrates Christmas with her dad, Jason, Alysia, Harvey Bullock, Basil Karlo(and his kids), and Kite Man at her apartment, during the scene Gordon reveals that he knows that she's Batgirl because Bruce is a friend and that he just wants her to be safe.
In a mid credits we see an annoyed Bruce telling an overly excited Harley Quinn to help out Barbara revealing that she's also working for him. In that moment Vicki Vale walks into the room and as it turns out Bruce got married to Vicki nearly thirty years ago(she'd have previously appeared in the movie as a cameo character during a press conference with Gordon).
In the post credits we see several cloaked figures digging up a grave we pan in on the tombstone and all is says is Jason Todd.
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman
Amber Heard as Mera
Patrick Wilson as Orm
Yahya Abdul-Manteen II as David Kane / Black Manta
Nicole Kidman as Atlanna
Temaura Morrison as Thomas Curry
Dolph Lundgren as Nereus
Randall Park as Dr Stephen Shin
Aaron Taylor Johnson as Garth
Willem DaFoe as Vulko
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
So I'll be honest I don't know much about Aquaman and this one will be very brief, basically Aquaman searches for the missing kingdom and at the very end of the movie Black Manta is taken into custody by Amanda Waller and Orm is dead, Garth is also introduced. In the post credits we see the Dead King Atalan Rise setting up for the final movie in the trilogy Aquaman: Rise of the Dead King.
Next three are Black Canary, Blue Beetle, and The Green Lantern Corps
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2022.01.17 19:59 Cellular_Biomass Slugcat Biology Sheet because I have nothing better to do lmao

(DISCLAIMER): This is all my interpretation and none of this is meant to be canon to Rain World lore. (also sorry for the bad quality, i'm an amateur lol)

Scientific Name: Limbislimax Posuere
Average Name: the Common Slugcat

The Common Slugcat was discovered on Cycle 4,657 by an iterator from Sector: 43871 noticing notable differences from its last ancestor. (Limbislimax Plena) Being: its higher color variation, slimmer body structure, and faster movement. Samples of the species were extracted and brought, (both alive and dead) to be researched. The species was then classified and has since then started appearing in many sectors. Its LUCA was developed by Two Stars Trading Co. to kill bacterium on their Biological Material Freighters. (BMF Trams) It was also used by plumbers to kill off bacteria on piping that were contaminating beverages going through the pipes.
These creatures then adapted to the pipe-crawling lifestyle and started to evolve that way, creating the Limbislimax Genus. Members of this genus all carry notable pipe-crawling capabilities. With the exception of some, which have adopted a more acrobatic lifestyle. (with the most notable being Limbislimax Posuere.)

Limbislimax Posuere, who we'll be calling Slugcat for the time being; has developed a colony-like lifestyle, with one leader. They mostly build nests in wood, although they have been seen nesting in metal. The leader commands the group, and is chosen in a fighting ritual where the two opposing Slugcats will thrash at each other until one backs off; or in very rare cases, dies. Slugcats are also observed having nomadic tendencies, rarely staying in one spot for long, this is because prey and plant start to diminish. Requiring Slugcats to be on the move. Slugcats are highly intelligent, They have been observed caring for their young, hunting Batflies with high precision, and using tools. They can also feel many emotions.


Slugcats are polymorphic in nature, sporting a wide variety in colors to help them blend in with the surrounding environments. Such as: yellow, beige, white, gray and rarely, black. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to being nomadic, they are highly acrobatic in order to cross harsh terrain. They also can eat many things smaller then them, due to having a more powerful gizzard, and being omnivorous. They require a large amount of food intake though, as to allow their muscles to function. They can also crawl through pipes very easily. However, due to being evolved from limbless space slugs (Spore reference) they have very small arms, only recently having evolved them. This means that it is easier for predators to chomp them off. This however does not mean that they are weak, they have extremely powerful muscles that allow Slugcat to throw objects from long distances, even though the arm itself is small and brittle.

Final words:
Idk what this was, I just wanted to do something in my free time. feel free to ctrl c this and add stuff to this. Ty for the upvotes, sorry for the amateur writing, (ik, its bad) and no, this isn't the script for the docuseries, this is just something I whipped up for the hell of it.
And yes, i'm the writer for Rubenbl4des docuseries
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2022.01.17 19:59 ErrorVT Aren’t we?

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2022.01.17 19:59 StretchedBones On a grave

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2022.01.17 19:59 AlertCommission9012 Swagbucks Doesn't Send Me a Phone Code when Redeeming

Tried to redeem a gift card but haven't received any text message with the code When I click resend it says there was an error
Tried contacting support but they asked me for my government proof or something and I really don't want to send that unless I have to
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2022.01.17 19:59 ocean_luvah My current tamas! Always accepting proposals. 💍🥰 My 3 keepers ♾ are noted, so they’re always available!

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2022.01.17 19:59 LFB_Captain How to get the merchant sails. I have all the others but I don't know how

I want the merchant ones now
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2022.01.17 19:59 irsyada007 Early Access since 2020 and Shutdown in February 2022 (i think thats typo) without even Full Release

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2022.01.17 19:59 Goofy2510 I need advice on a cartoon series idea I have

So the working title I have is called ever after (I’m thinking of changing it) it takes place in kinda of a world where there is every fairy tale and there’s a kingdom called fortunata or fortuna which means luck and fortune which is kind meant to be ironic since the kingdom is down on its luck. So the youngest prince Nate is insecure about his role in the kingdom compared to his parents and siblings who treat him nice but look down on him, and the outside of the kingdom and he’s worries about his future and fate and where he belongs.
So the main villains are the fates from Greek mythology who have the thread of life taken from them by Zeus so their trying to get it back by making a spell that will help them get it.
Through a series of events Nate goes out to try and stop them by going on a quest to find a parody of the blue fairy from Pinocchio who’s name is changed to a much longer name to be a more specific blue so the blue fairy and the wishing star in this show disappeared years ago so Nate had to solve the mystery of where she went and find her to stop the fates
So Nate befriends a raven who decides to help him find the blue fairy but they are secretly working for the fates. I thought I’d include this character as a play on the troupe that ravens always work for villains.
Along the way they make more Friends and form a group and Nate struggles with joining a group and feels uncertain about his role in the group.
So each episode they come across classic. Fairy tale characters who are comedically mundane versions who help them piece together what happened to the blue fairy and stop the fates
Is this a good idea? Thanks for reading and for any advice
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2022.01.17 19:59 Sockz92 This is getting ridiculous, send our cards CDC!

Seriously, how long can it take? Over a month now of waiting. Every single day of not having this card we are losing cro cashback.
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2022.01.17 19:59 TheBoulder29 Anyone know where i can find this optimus or a similar micheal bay version optimus for a reasonable price

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2022.01.17 19:59 edgar_90 Pumpkin Patch ( Canon AE-1, 50 mm, Cinestill 800T )

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2022.01.17 19:59 YZY_SOSA Is having a 5 day hypertrophy PPL split program while doing sprint training 3x a week a bad idea? I would do sprints on leg days with 1 compound lift.

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2022.01.17 19:59 ArcherNF Budget black Lurrus

So I saw an interesting mono black Lurrus list on channel fireball today dated from like November.
It seems like an interesting skeleton for building towards other modern decks; I was just wondering if people here had like thoughts on it and other ways to approach black Lurrus on a budget!
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2022.01.17 19:59 ItsReallyNotWorking Let's talk Cases

So im getting ready to store my drums on some shelves in our practice space (extra kit) and obviously i protect them dust.
i was looking at those SKB cases as the previous band i was in, our drummer had those and they are pretty durable.

but also i was looking at the Ahead Drum Cases as well.

so i guess! what are some pros and cons of those? and are there others you should look at?

my drum sizes are 22x14, 13x9, 16x16, 18x16 if that matters
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2022.01.17 19:59 HitYourLawyer [WTS] SO LO 📈PRICE - PSA 556 BCG AND CH $71 (VA)

Catch and release:
I bought a PSA FA 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group (no logo) and Charging Handle and I don’t know why I haven’t sold it sooner to fund my Glock addiction.
I don’t think I’ve ever even used it. Pretty much brand new. If I did it was to function check it.
$71 shipped and insured with tracking Will ship first thing in the AM
PayPal FF or Venmo
Also selling a P226/229/220 holster for $17 shipped here
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2022.01.17 19:59 lizee98 [Gifted] u/gewdandbaked for my contest a while back.

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2022.01.17 19:59 DGH1993 I feel sorry for kids today

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2022.01.17 19:59 isnortspeee a little sorting

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2022.01.17 19:59 flintshillsman Ask Anything Thread

I thought people on the internet spoke freely? They apparently don't. Prove me wrong.
Ask me anything!
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2022.01.17 19:59 atlasthego New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2022.01.17 19:59 AutoModerator Sign petition, Make technoblade president of the USA
Sign it and technoblade will be the president of the states
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2022.01.17 19:59 coolmint_56 Monday Weigh In!

Please take a picture of your scale for weigh ins and post!
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2022.01.17 19:59 smile_itali WELCOME ON R/2ITALIAN4YOU!

Before we there isn't an italian 2 4you subreddit, but now here we are.
So we wish you a good stay in this sub, if you want to become a moderator just ask in private
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