“What’s Up, Danger?” / Spider-Man (Scarlet Blackout) - Corrupted Long Legs (100%) - Scratchmark (Red) - Wolfhunter /

2022.01.17 20:20 ethanmartin50 “What’s Up, Danger?” / Spider-Man (Scarlet Blackout) - Corrupted Long Legs (100%) - Scratchmark (Red) - Wolfhunter /

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2022.01.17 20:20 Elvin_Warlord AK - newb lesson maybe?

2022 is my year to give poker an actual go.
Now I have noticed that over the past week 20+ microstake MTTs. I think I have only won one hand AK. Suited and non.
I want to say that I should play AK like any other hand, however the luck has not been on my side.
Can I chalk this up to being unlucky? Or should I say that AK isn’t as good of a hand as I think?
If you could point me in the right direction to actually study that would be awesome.
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2022.01.17 20:20 wflanagan Any CRMs that are more "social based"?

I'm looking for one that I can manage a relationship across mostly social networks. Instead of one that is "email centric."

Does anything like that exist that anyone has found?
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2022.01.17 20:20 TrendsWide Al-Marsad- Learn about the history of the first printing presses in the Arab world | Other

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2022.01.17 20:20 MBMCuzz Has anyone noticed the VeVe app servers are running slow?

For instance I’ve had multiple times in the marketplace where a collectible is listed and stays listed no matter how many refreshes but when I try to buy it says I was too late, even when looking at floor price it doesn’t match up with what’s listed seconds after clicking a collectible. Seems like everything’s running slow even auction bids I have do not refresh minutes after getting a “you’ve been outbid” notification all the while I’m refreshing it.
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2022.01.17 20:20 Boytoy91919 Lovely by Billie eilish sounds like the karma skit from goodbye & good riddance

Lovely by Billie eilish and Khalid sounds exactly like the skits from goodbye & good riddance Why and how?
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2022.01.17 20:20 crisjhilike Who a clap granny ass??? (Not Related)

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2022.01.17 20:20 ARealTallDude117 Miso Marinated skirt steak with fried rice

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2022.01.17 20:20 sexymexifit Así les muevo la carpeta

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2022.01.17 20:20 Arsehole_Destroyer I’ve had a hiccup all day

How the fuck am I meant to get rid of this shit?
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2022.01.17 20:20 Isfahaninejad 2021 Qualifying Gaps - Williams

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2022.01.17 20:20 Zineous_Dev Please do remember: This isn't a get rich quick

I've seen too many joke posts on here talking about their investments and how they've constantly put money down that was supposed to be used for mortgages or car payments and then complain.
This isn't for you. You need to realize that if you're going to invest, you have to hold. Don't risk your assets over one single coin. You don't get enough back right now across the entirety of SHIB to be able to say you've gotten large and quick growth.
Please do your research before you end up mindlessly investing.
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2022.01.17 20:20 unironically_happier fuck the mirror, here is me outside earlier

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2022.01.17 20:20 anudie [24/M] Practicing nudist

Not many people understand our lifestyle. I like that I can be myself online and love talking to cool and non-judgmental people. Far too many people think it’s a weird or inappropriate thing when it’s truly not. If you’re curious, hit me up!
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2022.01.17 20:20 thayeryan

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2022.01.17 20:20 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE this is one grand new video of alien breed: impact part 1 - back after 8 years:):):)

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2022.01.17 20:20 HungrySelection5795 Best new server

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2022.01.17 20:20 Stannis_Darsh Question on public service employment timelines

I worked in state government from 9/13-8/17. I had one undergrad loan from 2008 and took out grad school loans between 13 and 15. Then I went to law school from 17-20 and started working in public service again in 9/20.
Will I receive credit for my public service employment from 13-17 towards forgiveness of ALL my loans (undergrad, grad, and law)? Or will I have to start again fresh from 2020 all over again?
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2022.01.17 20:20 zhdx54 What is the best way to ship a rifle to ensure nobody will steal it?

I have to ship a rifle in for warranty work, I’ve seen posts over on NFA of suppressors and ammo being stolen by mail carriers
This is not an inexpensive rifle and I’m worried about it being stolen, any ideas on how to prevent that?
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2022.01.17 20:20 Frogganisurshit rule

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2022.01.17 20:20 twiz0r Any bangers made locally?

I'm looking to finally upgrade to a "real" banger. Since I switched from nails to banger about 2 years ago I've had a couple cheap ones (you know, the ones you get for $15 at every smoke shop).
They chazz like crazy...looking to upgrade. Would love to get one made locally if anyone knows of some?
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2022.01.17 20:20 ElectronicFudge5 Missing teenager Marnie Clayton found as man arrested

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2022.01.17 20:20 Ehl17 Best Camera/lenses under $1500 for beginner landscape photography?

I'm looking to get a camera body and lens/lenses, and potentially have a budget of about $1300 to $1500. I'm essentially a beginner, though I do have a bit of experience as I own an old Canon digital rebel xt, as well as some film SLRs I've gotten from family, so I understand some of the basics of photography. I'm primarily interested in landscapes, and am going to want to take my camera hiking, but I also anticipate I'll want to do some street and architecture photography as well. What I'm wondering is what is the recommended ratio I should spend on the body vs lenses with my budget? I'd also love some camera body recommendations as well as what lenses/focal lengths you think might serve me best. Also I'm sort of leaning towards a mirrorless camera for the smaller form factor and the ability to adapt to vintage lenses, which I have a few of for my film cameras, but am totally open to a dslr also. I'd also prefer to buy used.
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2022.01.17 20:20 WasteMind98 M21 looking to give and/or receive

Looking to maybe suck my first dick, or any sort of fun for anyone interested. DM if interested or have questions. Preferable people around my age please.
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2022.01.17 20:20 I_Am_Just_Wondering Trebek’s ‘Jeopardy!’ host pick Laura Coates on snub: ‘I asked for the opportunity when it came time and was told no’

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