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I wanna know plz
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#diet #nutrition #weightloss #food #health #fitness #fatloss #fit #healthy #workout #paleo #glutenfree #fit #crossfit #gf #foodie #taco #keto #pizza #mentalhealthmatters #vegan #sex #socialmediaisnotreallife #firstworldproblems #meme #jomo submitted by RedSmileGroup to RedSmileGroup [link] [comments]

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Ryzen 5 1600af 8gb ram Gtx 1050 2gb 240gb wd green 650 hdd 500w 80 Bronson
What is a good upgrade for a gtx 1050 2gb
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The poor prince and the handsome guards! The overbearing bandit and the pretty scholar boy! Do you want to get close to them? 红云 ... Read Red Cloud - Chapter 63 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/red-cloud/chapter-63
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2022.01.17 20:17 Mortimer_Whimsiwick WHG: 1st Hunger Games (part 2)

This year’s games took place in an arena known as the Amphitheatre Quarter. The arena was an ancient Colosseum which the Romans used to host gladiator games. There were tunnels outside that led through the edges of and under the amphitheatre. In the centre of the amphitheatre’s floor lay a rectangular hole, which was dubbed by Artemis as the “Death Drop” due to how lethal falling down the hole would be. Surrounding the Death Drop was an array of weapons, including swords, spears, axes, bows and arrows, and tridents. However, there was a lower quantity of bread and water bottles. All of these useful tools and necessities were laid so close to the hole, practically dangling over the edge. Tributes rose into the arena on their podiums around the edge of the theatre’s floor. Most of the tributes seemed confused by their surroundings, looking around the arena and each other for any sort of sign. The paranoia was starting to become apparent as most tributes were realizing that the Hunger Games were for real. However, most of them soon realized there were tunnels behind and around them they could escape through. Daria was placed on the podium between Patch (4) and Tafida (8), while Perseus was between Garnet (1) and the girl from 6.
As the countdown from thirty seconds began, Daria managed to silently catch Perseus’s attention, who gave her a confirming nod. Perseus also gave a nod to Garnet, confirming their alliance in the arena. When the gong sounded, only six tributes ran forward while the rest either stood unmoving and dazed or ran for the tunnels. Perseus ran forth and grabbed an axe. He then plunged the axe into the head of Guppie (4), achieving the first kill in the history of the Hunger Games. The tributes who were motionless sprang into action as they quickly realized that this was a very real, horrifying death game. In the ongoing chaos, Perseus, Garnet, and Sparkle (1) chased after and killed a total of nine tributes. Meanwhile, Daria also ran for the supplies when the gong sounded. After grabbing a knife and a water bottle, she ran for the higher levels of the amphitheatre’s infrastructure, to the seating area. As soon as she was halfway there, she was tackled from behind by Sequoia (7). She attempted to strangle Daria, but Daria was putting up a strong fight. As soon as she got her right hand free, Daria plunged the knife into Sequoia’s chest and proceeded to stab her until she finally went limp. Daria crawled out from under her and inspected her body for wounds but became hypnotized by the large amount of blood that stained her clothes. Her hands started to tremble, and tears fell from her eyes. She looked up from her stupor and spotted Perseus and the 1s discussing their next move. Perseus turned his head and noticed his district partner covered in blood. He ran up to her and comforted her after she revealed what happened. Garnet and Sparkle however were ecstatic that one of their strongest competitors were eliminated. All of a sudden, eleven cannons sounded, signifying the number of kills for the bloodbath, meaning there were only thirteen tributes remaining.
Sparkle suggested that they should go hunting for the other tributes, so they can be done with the games. Garnet and Perseus agreed, while Daria needed some coaxing to come with them. She started to feel better after Perseus gave her some water and his axe. He fished out a spear for him and the quartet set off into the tunnels. A few hours later, they still haven't found any tributes. Garnet and Sparkle started complaining how much they wanted to kill the outliers and go home. Daria was disgusted by their apparent bloodthirst and silently asked Perseus when they would ditch them. He said they would take them out soon and reminded her that Patch (4) and Steer (10) were still out there. Remembering how dangerous both tributes were, Daria understood and agreed to hold out a while longer. However, as soon as she said this, two cannons sounded simultaneously. The careers pondered who that could be, coming up with inaccurate hypotheses. Perseus correctly deduced the kills to be by Patch (4), who cornered and killed both tributes from District 3. Daria suggested that they should be more careful if Patch was going on the offense. The 1s scoffed at this, boasting that they could take him. Just then, they heard footsteps from further down the tunnels, which were starting to get louder. Due to the darkness, the careers couldn’t see Patch and his new ally Tafida (8) charging towards them. They chased them outside to the main arena and cornered them at the Death Drop. Patch wanted revenge for Guppie’s death, having grown attached to her over the past week. Garnet attempted to stab him with his spear, but Patch disarmed him and shoved him down the Death Drop to his death. When his cannon sounded, Sparkle spat out a string of profanities at Patch. Perseus remained calm and whispered to Daria to get ready while their attackers were distracted. Perseus slowly raised his spear, ready to eliminate Patch until a cannon sounded. Daria held onto her axe and debated who to attack first, settling on Tafida (8) as she was weaker. Without waiting, Daria hurled her axe at Tafida, which buried itself into her head. When her cannon sounded, Patch looked to see his ally in a heap on the floor. He became livid, throwing himself towards Daria. However, while in midair, Perseus tackled him to the side and proceeded to wrestle with him. Sparkle stepped away from the drop, grabbed Daria’s arm, and ran back into the tunnels. Daria resisted, wanting to go back and save her district partner. That was when both boys plummeted into the Death Drop, sounding two cannons. This prompted Daria to follow Sparkle to the tunnels.
When the duo stopped to catch their breath, Daria broke down into tears at the loss of Perseus, who sacrificed himself to save her. Sparkle let her weep as she lost her district partner as well. An hour later, after letting all the tears out, both girls began to decide their next move. Sparkle wanted to explore the tunnels some more. Daria however pointed out that they haven’t checked the seating area, where tributes could definitely hide. Sparkle agreed and they climbed up the seating area. When they made it to the top, they noticed it was nighttime. While searching the seats for other tributes, a cannon sounded, giving Daria a jolt. Sparkle snickered at her with Daria glaring at her in response. A hovercraft soon flew over the arena and presented a screen. The two girls stared at each other, not knowing what to expect. The screen whirred to life and presented the faces of the fallen. It showed Garnet (1), both tributes of 3, Patch and Guppie from 4, the girl from 5, both tributes from 6, Sequoia (7), both tributes from 8, the boy from 9, the boy from 11, and the boy from 12. This left nine tributes remaining. Daria’s shock turned to excitement when noticing that Perseus’s name was not presented, meaning he was still alive. Sparkle became angry and ranted about now having to kill both her and the “stone boy”. Daria turned around and asked Sparkle to repeat herself. She answered by stating that there could be only one winner and that it was nothing personal. She stepped closer to Daria, who was backing towards the edge holding her axe in front of her. Sparkle said that for what it’s worth, she was a good ally. When she reached for one of her throwing knives, Daria took the opportunity to kick her in the crotch. When she doubled over in pain, Daria raised her axe and screamed, “Go to hell you prissy bitch!”, before burying the axe in her head. The cannon sounded instantaneously. Daria proceeded to pick up empty Sparkle’s pockets and take her supplies, before inspecting the rest of the seating area. The audience in Maximus Square were astonished at Daria’s dark turn. As a result, she became the favorite to win, and her odds were raised drastically. During the game's analysis, Artemis commented that she wouldn’t want to be the one to “piss her off”.
While inspecting the rest of the seating area, she managed to find and eliminate the girl from 11 and the boy from 7, but this time with little to no remorse. After finding a spot to rest, Daria heard a beeping sound. She looked up and smiled when a sponsor gift floated down to her position. She opened it to reveal a picnic, some water, and body armor, which she proceeded to put on. However, before she settled the chest plate onto her chest, she noticed a note tape to the interior. She read the note revealing the location of her opponents. Daria was surprised that a sponsor was allowed to disclose this kind of information. Little did she know, President Rain did not tolerate “spoilers” and started an investigation into who sent the note. Back in the arena, Daria enjoyed some of her food while reading the map and discovered that Perseus was inside the main tunnel. She packed her supplies and started to return to the tunnels but stopped in her tracks after hearing a familiar voice. When Perseus first fell down the Death Drop, he used Patch’s body to break his fall. When two cannons sounded, Perseus was shocked to realize that he was still alive. However, he remembered there were two cannons and started wondering who the second casualty was. When he attempted to stand up, a sharp pain spread up his leg and he fell back to the ground. Realizing he sprained his ankle; Perseus used his spear as a cane and pulled himself up. As soon as he got up, he turned towards the only tunnel leading out of the room he was in. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the body of the girl from 5 with a large puddle of blood pooling from her head and Garnet’s body on top of her. Perseus stepped closer and saw that the force of Garnet’s falling body must have squashed the tribute and his sword must have pierced her neck. Relieved to still be alive, he stared up to the opening in the ceiling and called out for Daria and Sparkle. When neither of the girls answered, he decided to explore the tunnels to hopefully find them. He carefully hobbled through the tunnels, begging sponsors for something to help his ankle, but no response. As Daria and Sparkle reached the seating area, Perseus approached one of the tunnels that led to the main arena outside. Before he could start his walk there, he was tackled from behind by the boy from six. Because of his ankle, Perseus didn’t have enough strength to throw him off his back, only being able to turn onto his back. The boy wrestled the spear out of his hand. Before he could bring the spear down to his heart, Perseus used all the strength he could muster to punch his attacker in the throat. The boy from 6 fell off of him, struggling to breathe. This gave Perseus enough time to stand back up, grab his spear, and slice the boy’s throat open. His cannon sounded after a few seconds, leaving Perseus relieved. He continued his walk to the main arena and began to hear muffled voices. The closer he was to the arena, the louder the voices were. Just when he recognized Daria’s voice cursing out Sparkle, a body fell right in front of him. It was Sparkle’s corpse with a large gash in her head, where Daria’s axe made contact.
Perseus was equally shocked and happy that Daria was still alive. He yelled Daria’s name as loud as he could, but his screams were drowned out by a cannon. He searched Sparkle’s body, but her pockets were empty. While he was doing this, he heard two more cannons a minute apart from each other. Once outside turned his head to the direction of the cannon. He spotted Daria resting in one of the seats, enjoying her picnic and studying her map. Desperate to get her attention, he yelled at her again. This time, Daria heard him and became overjoyed, seeing her district partner again. She climbed down from the seating area and threw herself into the arms of Perseus. He toppled over due to his injury. Daria exclaimed that she thought she lost him and asked him how he was alive. Perseus gave a rundown of what has happened to him over the past few hours. He then asked if it was her who killed Sparkle earlier. She confirmed this and pointed out that there were now four other tributes left besides themselves. She presented the map that came with her armor. Perseus asked how a sponsor would be allowed to give her that, with Daria shrugging her shoulders. The two decided to band together and follow the map to the last tributes. After finding and slaying the girl from 12, an announcement rang over the arena. Head Gamemaker Deparnieux expressed his congratulations to the five last tributes and announced that the showdown is coming and anyone who isn’t at the outside main arena in five minutes will have their tracker detonated. Horrified, all tributes sprinted to the outside arena with the last tribute being Steer (10), who managed to make it with a few seconds to spare.
Absolute chaos rang out when all the tributes saw each other. The tributes from 2 went into defensive positions ready to fight. The girl from 9 lunged at Daria, scratching and kicking her. Daria struggled to shake her loose, and eventually succeeded at tossing her into Steer (10). Perseus readied his spear to face the pair from 10, who each brandished a sword. He defended himself to the best of his ability but was losing energy fast. Just when he was about to give up, the body of the girl from 9 collided with Steer. With the girl from 10 distracted, Perseus plunged his spear into her head. He and Daria walked over to finish the remaining tributes. Suddenly, Steer turned over and sliced into Perseus’s feet with his sword. Perseus screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Before Daria could kill Steer, she was attacked by the girl from 9 again. Daria pushed her back and threw her axe at the girl, hitting her in the chest. Not hearing a cannon, she pressed the axe further in until her cannon finally sounded. A cry of agony was heard two hundred meters in front of her, and Daria could only watch as Steer (10) stabbed Perseus in the stomach with his sword. Anger boiled inside of Daria as she ripped the axe out of the girl’s body and bolted towards them. Daria hacked at Steer’s body in a fit of rage, continuing to do so until a minute after his cannon sounded. Daria rushed over to the dying Perseus with tears filling her eyes. Perseus used the last amount of energy to ask Daria to promise that she will live her life to the fullest and be a good mentor. She promised, quoting “cross my heart and hope to die”, crying even more after saying “die”. She held his hand until his cannon finally sounded. A voice boomed over the arena, announcing Daria Wood from District 2 as the victor of the 1st Hunger Games. As the hovercraft lowered itself into the amphitheatre in order to collect her, in a tearful daze, she climbed on board and was transported back to the Accommodation Quarters, to a hero’s welcome.
Daria was brought to the Maximus Hospital after her win. She received medical help for her injuries from the games, with a majority of the focus centered on the scratches covering her face. Daria was also checked into the Panem Mental Institute for two weeks to deal with the trauma. She was visited by her mentor Herod Feldman and President Rain himself, who wanted to visit Daria as she was Panem’s first victor of the Hunger Games. On the day of the interview, Artemis arrived on stage wearing a white dress with red splotches all over it, commemorating the arena and significant events of the games. She greeted the audience with warmth and excitement, as Daria was Panem’s iconic first victor. Daria was brought out a few minutes later wearing a crimson red dress and her hair in curls. She graciously waved to the crowd and greeted Artemis with a small grin before settling into her seat for the evening. Artemis proceeded to congratulate Daria for being Panem’s first victor, praising her bravery and skills. She asked her what motivated her change from humble District 2 girl to full-fledged warrior in a span of a night. Daria politely answered that it was when she realized Perseus was alive and killing Sparkle, that she knew she had a chance of winning. Artemis asked what she will do now. Daria said that she will continue to honor Perseus’s memory and keep his promise. She will live her life to the fullest and try to be the best mentor she could be. Before dismissing her, Artemis revealed that the Capitol decided to give her the nickname “Daughter of Panem”, for giving Panem an iconic first Hunger Gamer.
Daria exited the stage to thunderous applause, before Artemis welcomed Head Gamemaker Deparnieux to the stage. The interview consisted of Artemis pressing for details of next year’s games, due to arena events and mutts finally being implemented. Deparnieux revealed very little and promised that next year’s games will be even better. Not long after the interviews, the sponsor who slipped Daria the map was caught, revealing him to be an avox for the affluent Dutch family. The avox was killed via public execution. Daria returned home to District 2 and moved into Victor’s Village with her father and aunt. She upheld her promise and became a great mentor, reported to be wise and helpful. She used some of her winnings to set up an unofficial training center for potential new tributes and named it Alderton Elite in honor of Perseus. This training center went on to be extremely popular, even amongst non-tributes. She later fell in love and married Ivan Markson, one of Perseus closest friends and coworkers. They had four kids, one of them participating in a later games.
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