[SWSH] Lf: Pikachu/Raichu

2022.01.17 20:01 RaccoonDu [SWSH] Lf: Pikachu/Raichu

(r) with volt tackle, thunderbolt, and dig
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2022.01.17 20:01 jaren12072 God damn it.

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2022.01.17 20:01 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.17 20:01 Miracle_allligner I don't make love, greg. I fuck hard

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2022.01.17 20:01 redseptember1994 DPS for Myth-heiress options, need advice

Hi all, I pulled Demi recently and I am looking for ONE key option for UNM. I currently 2-key it with 40-45 dmg from key (its killable team with Krisk and Valk). But now I am planning that one key team. Since myth heiress is 4 champion specific I only have one spot for DPS, and I am not really sure who to go with. Options are: Kalvalax, Ninja, Nethril, FB. Could you please help, anyone have advices on Kalvalax? Not sure if he can sustain those poisons alone, and I cant run Vizier because there is no space for another champion. Appreciate your help, cheers!
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2022.01.17 20:01 Neon05442 I'm bored, Anyone Want to Talk?

I have nothing to do so I might as well waste my time introducing myself to people I'll never talk to again. Anyone want to do a numbers game?
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2022.01.17 20:01 BigClubWins The Spy Stragedy Of Being A Spy

Basically, go behind enemy lines, equipped with Cloak and Dagger, and just tell your team what is going on. Just give them information with the occasional backstab or sapping.
Tell them things like where is the enemy going or are at, what classes there using, what weapons they're using, if there is an uber ready or not, if the enemy is attacking, if there is HEAVY, what the engineer has built, where he built it, and ofcourse if their sentry is alive or not.
I found that telling your team useful information can sometimes win you the game like how once on a match of payload I realized there were barely any enemies out in front and there was no sentry so I told them this and they stormed in and won the game.
Although this strat does rely on three things, your team taking in the info, using the info properly and you giving accurate and important info. I tend to falter on giving accurate info sometimes. Sometimes I accidentally say right when referring to something but its to my right and not theres.
This requires a mic though so if you are a F2P don't play casual and do this.
Info is important and knowing when to attack or not, where the enemy is going, or what it's doing can make or break a game and can help people like snipers to find targets and eliminate them although it may not always be useful in certain game modes or if your defending I think. Capture the hill is one game mode I found this strat to be not very useful.
Although it's best not to do only this. Getting backstabs and sapping buildings is something you should do. Those snipers are not gonna poof away just because you told your team where they are unless you got a sniper of your own. Basically, just be a spy but more like a real spy.
Anyway, comment below on what you think, and have a good day.
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2022.01.17 20:01 OpusCanopus The Name of the Wind fore edge painting

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2022.01.17 20:01 Catenausi [Artist] Commissions Open! More info below

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2022.01.17 20:01 VendettaVF any tips on how to defeat the shadow mind ?

Although It's on impossible difficulty now when I tried to fight it I couldn't deal any damage only in the shadow form which confused me, so I think I'll need some advice on this one
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2022.01.17 20:01 oskarfury What is your favourite planet in our solar system and why?

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2022.01.17 20:01 No_Industry_7633 Yes

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2022.01.17 20:01 what_ismy_life Yes, they are Freddy

freddy y u dum
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2022.01.17 20:00 Micaerys Dragon Appreciation Day

The title is quite explanatory. Apparently this is a thing that Internet has today. So... What is your favourite dragon breed in the saga? Or your favourite dragon in general?

I really like the Chinese Shen-Lung, or the French Pêcheur Couronné. And outside Naomi Novik world... I don't know, I just like dragons in general. What about you?
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2022.01.17 20:00 Critical_Industry_63 Should I take extended physics and orgo 2 together?

I’m also doing research and I have a lot of extracurriculars which have multiple meetings a week. will I have to be studying 24/7 otherwise
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2022.01.17 20:00 akirbydrinks Did he always wear a cross around his neck??

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2022.01.17 20:00 Throwaway383744 I'm dumb pls help

I use binance, had more BTT than I'd like to admit as it's just something I invested in, it's how just gone, only discovered this a few minutes ago and I'm panicking like fuck. Searching is just coming up with transfering etc, I don't know any of that, I just bought the coin, it made money so I left it.
Is this money just gone?
TL;Dr, I'm a retard, is my btt and money gone forever?
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2022.01.17 20:00 88648432 「うそつくのが苦しくなった」 繰り返し無免許運転し逮捕 中学教諭を懲戒免職 県教委

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2022.01.17 20:00 stealy1406 Why is this guy I‘m dating scared of cooking w/ me?!?

So I‘ve been going out with this guy, let‘s call him... Joe, for a couple of weeks now and everything seemed to be going great - until i suggested we cook something for dinner on our next date. Since then he‘s been acting all weird and evasive and said it made him „nervous“ not to be eating take out with me... What am I supposed to do with this info?? Any helpful interpretations / tips?
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2022.01.17 20:00 Almostthere2040 The Dad and the pets he never wanted but now adores

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2022.01.17 20:00 paula8g What are the most expensive/hard to get dolls in your opinion?

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2022.01.17 20:00 TheOA12345 Why does reddit not remove the karma you received if you delete a comment or post?

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2022.01.17 20:00 bolbertoz Half-Asian w/ long stiff hair, unsure if mid-part looks good for me. Any ideas/tips

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2022.01.17 20:00 HeIsMyPossum I'm 1-0 when attending Packers games at home in the playoffs in January as the #1 seed playing a seed lower than #3 on a Saturday instead of a Sunday and the temperature is below 40 degrees.

But I don't have tickets to the game, so if you want to guarantee a win someone better give me some tickets.
Ok, can we stop with these posts now? I figured I'd just cut to the shitpost-iest shitpost so that no other shitposts can out shitpost mine.
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2022.01.17 20:00 J-Blade_YT_real Should I get it?

NERF Rival Curve Shot -- Helix XXI-2000 Blaster -- Fire Rounds to Curve Left, Right, Downward or Fire Straight -- 20 Rival Rounds https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08SYKMJGC/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glc_i_YW06HSSNA4HECNAGMBC7
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