Pilots of reddit, what's the craziest earth phenomena you've seen from they sky?

2021.12.04 13:14 integrateus Pilots of reddit, what's the craziest earth phenomena you've seen from they sky?

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2021.12.04 13:14 Kegtap Do you use your PVM?

I've owned my 20" PVM for about 4 years, and the amount of use it gets is pretty sad at this point. I'm starting to wonder if I'd get more use it of my retro games with a larger CRT in a more comfortable sitting arrangement. As it stands, my PVM is just in the corner of a large desk, with my modern PC monitor next to it. I'm thinking of trying a more couch-like arrangement.
Has anyone else ran into this? Does anyone have a cozier solution for a PVM?
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2021.12.04 13:14 CrazyGamerMYT No way i'm allowing that in my family.

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2021.12.04 13:14 ExpiredNutJuice [QC] 250¥ Air Jordan 4 Black Cat's from Weidian Store "Cool Shoes City"

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2021.12.04 13:14 shpdg48 Pfizer refuses to send vaccines to countries that want legal liabilities for side effects!

Best comment:
" Why would they be hesitant? "It's safe and effective" They should just "trust their own science" "
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2021.12.04 13:14 Ravinel LF: Tradeback evolutions of SEVEN (7) of my Pokemon FT: See list

I need help to tradeback my Magmar, Electabuzz, Haunter, Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, and Scyther.
FT (PICK 5): - Armor or Skull fossil - Magmarizer - Electrizer - Metal Coat - Razor Fang - Elekid (Lvl. 35; Quick ball; M) w/ Electrizer - Togepi (Lvl. 34; Ultra ball; M) - Heracross (Lvl. 8; Pokeball; F) - Munchlax (Lvl. 43; Great ball; M) - Aipom (Lvl. 6; Pokeball; M)
Thank you!
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2021.12.04 13:14 PatSaidJack Ex-KKK Leader Running as Republican for Office in Georgia ☻☻ "Ex" ... uh huh. Sure.

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2021.12.04 13:14 Memeboiiy Only doom guy will save us!

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2021.12.04 13:14 biffyburns What Blink song reminds you of summer time the most?

It’s summer time, you’re off work tomorrow, you have a beer in hand, you’re with your partnefriends & you don’t have a single problem in life.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 13:14 timebreakerlynch At this point would fans cheer MJF over Cody

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2021.12.04 13:14 watchwhereuwalk my tribute mix to i_o

I feel like this is the one place people might appreciate a 'self-promoting' post. Yes, I did mix it all myself yada yada, but I really just love all of Garrett's tracks and had a blast making this, and wanted to share.


IDGAF if you like and subscribe, enjoy
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2021.12.04 13:14 chimpston17 The Flash Project New Central City ( Dreams Ps4) - thanks to everyone who voted

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2021.12.04 13:14 gyrobot Should we tell Shiroko? She is half wolf after all.

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2021.12.04 13:14 Complex_Advocate If I'm over 18, how do I train to get my driver's license ?

I'm a late bloomer in the driving department. I'm 19, I can't drive, but I want my license. On PennDot's website it only talks about the learning permit protocol for minors. How do I approach this as an adult? Do I get a learner's permit to practice and when I feel ready take the driver's license test? Thank you in advance.
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2021.12.04 13:14 Irdion [H] Large astra militarum lot [W] $$$ [Loc] Upstate NY 13643

Happy holidays everyone!
This is my first 'big lot' post, as I am transitioning from the hobby due to losing all time to play. I will happily negotiate over large lots, but would appreciate reasonable offers only (looking for around 60% MSRP for assembled/primed, 80% for NIB/NOS).
https://ibb.co/KVXr41c https://ibb.co/nbsJnw4 https://ibb.co/jy77TRt https://ibb.co/BBZCbxn https://ibb.co/ZGXsTpV https://ibb.co/gt7wqh6 https://ibb.co/S7CP0Fk https://ibb.co/CnG2hKR https://ibb.co/thmGxMd https://ibb.co/hdsLdP5 https://ibb.co/stGrgPP https://ibb.co/rFkQkNZ https://ibb.co/7tZRr3D https://ibb.co/LzfSc7X
On offer:
7x Sentinels (Assembled, +all weapon options) - $15 per, $40 for a set of 3
3x Hydra/Wyvern (Assembled + all weapon options) $40 per
3x Manticore/Deathstrike (NIB) $40
3x Hellhound (NIB) $40
7x Chimera (Assembled + all weapon options) $35 per
6x Leman Russ Battle Tank/ExterminatoVanquisheEradicator (NOS) - $50 per, $140 for 3
3x Leman Russ DemolishePunisheExecutioner (NOS) - $50 pe $140 for 3
Codex+Data Cards - $15 or free to a good home (with other large lot)
130x Cadian Infantry (Legacy Kit NOS) - $20 per 10, $50 for 30
80x Cadian Infantry (Assembled, 9x Vox, 6x Grenadier, 7x Sergeant, 1x Flamer) - Pick your own 10 for $15
21x Cadian Heavy Weapons Team (NOS) - $15 pe$40 per 3
10x Cadian Command Team (NOS) - $20 per
Legacy OOP Company Command Team (Assembled) - $20
Ursaker Creed/Color Sergeant Kell/Pask - $10 pe$25 for all 3
'Not' Ciaphus Cain Artel W command Team - $40
Gaunts Ghosts (NIB) - $40
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✅Google: Fresh off the Cap🍄 ☃️CODE: MUSHGIFT 25% OFF!!! at checkout 🎁BEGINNER ALL-IN-ONE GROW KITS • Agar Plates • STERILE WHOLE OAT & MILO• SUBSTRATES & MUSH MORE! ❄️🌟BEGINNER FRIENDLY!*WE SHIP TO ALL OF USA, UK, & CANADA* WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS+!! 💳• Link In Profile. *MEDICINAL AND GOURMET USE ONLY* submitted by SporeyMF to sporetraders [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:14 bleachspot What is something that is illegal but isn't wrong ethically?

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2021.12.04 13:13 ParabolicBanshee Mario Millions $$$ Dao Token Ecosystem | Gamified Platform | Streetwear, NFTs, gaming and much more; coming to you on the Binance Smart Chain Network | Fair Launch | Fully doxxed

Mario Millions will be a fair launch (no presale) and is aimed to hit the crypto scene like a tsunami.
The salient features of this project can be summarized as follows:
What is Gamified Trading?
Trade to earn: the higher the volume traded, the greater the chances of winning.
There will be Daily Prize pools and Weekly Prize pools.

  1. Daily Prize Pool: Every trade a person enters provides him with an entry into both the daily and weekly prize pools. The previous daily volume determines the day's prize pool. This starts with a base threshold of $10k with a capped threshold of $1M of dollar traded volume. This will all be visible on an explanatory dashboard.
  2. Weekly Prize Pool: 10% of the initial distribution is dedicated to the weekly prize pool and will vary in the form of contests and trading competitions. The circumstances of the distribution will change and eventually be decided by the Dao formation. Ultimately, it is the DAO that will control the weekly contests.
What do you mean by, HODL and Earn?
Sit back, relax, HODL and VOILA!, receive rewards.
There is a 4% tax on every transaction. This will guarantee the Mario token's viability and growth. Specifically, every buy transaction will have a 2% reflection and a 2% investment. On the other hand, every sell transaction will have a 1% reflection, a 2% buyback and a 1% investment.
Wait, there's more. Once a day, 10% of the total supply will transfer from one wallet to another. This will incur a 2% tax which will reward all Mario holders and in turn incentivizes diamond hands and encourages HODLING.
Tell me more about the NFT side of the project.
NFTs play a critical role in the Mario Millions world. NFTs are the future and this will be vital to transpose into efficient and effective marketing and token value increase.
The Mario Millions ecosystem contains the w h a l e Badge, DAO Badge, Trading Badge and Onboarding Badge. These serve as a key to the holder for voting, whitelist entries for airdrops and also serve as a vibrant trade-to-earn platform with a dedicated community. These 4 NFTs are not exhaustive and therefore, more may follow.
The Mario Millions collection contains 10,000 Mario Millions and Princess Mya unique NFTs digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT holders benefit from having first access to partner NFT collections, airdrops and also serve as being whitelist participants to new token launches in the Mario Millions token family.
Mario Millions also plans to partner with many artists and celebrities to deliver astounding stand-alone NFT collections which will contain Mario Millions collectibles. The proceeds from these NFT collections will be used to fund the prize pools, daily yield wallets, buybacks and liquidity.
How does Streetwear play a part in Mario Millions?
The team will combine its streetwear brands with Blockchain technology and by doing so, introduce crypto to millions. Exactly, the market cap potential is endless since the exposure will be unimaginable. Mario Millions boasts that it’ll be the first DAO retail platform with 100% of their designs, marketing, fabrics and pricing voted directly from said DAO. You read that right, all brands will be dependable on what the community votes. This means that YOU would be able to vote on the initial designs and all the details such as sizing, fabrics and pricing. It goes without saying; Mario Millions’ ecosystem will be made up of multiple brands. Ever imagined buying an awesome hoodie using FIAT or crypto? and such product coming with an NFT? Neither did I, but here we are.
I know you’re impressed but bear with me, there’s more. Mario Millions and its brands will each have a unique NFT collection linked with its launch. Every NFT collection can be staked for rewards and once staked holders are eligible for up to 100K in Mario Millions tokens. Join the Mario Millions family and be among the first lucky ones to bring composable NFTs to the crypto market. Lastly, all NFT holders will be able to stake their superb NFT to receive first access to future collections!
Go on, what about the Tokenomics?
Token vesting will occur over 3 months. Liquidity will be locked for 10 years and the total supply will be 999,999,999. Yes, fully Doxxed: U.S. Trademark and DAO LLC.
With regard to liquidity, 45% of the initial token supply will be distributed directly to Pancakeswap after onboarding.
As for airdrops, the 15% distribution funds the marketing campaign and generates the whitelist of users who complete specified tasks.
Prize pools baby. 20% funds the Gamified Trading within the first 90 days.
With respect to the Daily Yield: receives 10% of the allocation and the wallet is moved daily to reward holders.
An allocation of 5% for product design, which will be spent over the first year to account for designs, manufacturing, materials and distribution of the inaugural streetwear lines.
5% is kept for marketing in order for the token to remain healthy and pumping.
There isn't any project like Mario Millions. Launch date is still TBA. Don't you want to be one of the elite? We are growing organically. Join us on this unforgettable journey and let's achieve financial freedom, together.
Important links:
Website: https://www.mariomillions.com
Roadmap: https://www.mariomillions.com/roadmap/
Streetwear: https://www.mariomillions.com/Streetwea
NFT Collections: https://www.mariomillions.com/NFTs/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioMillions
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2021.12.04 13:13 Ok_Accident2602 BING BONG

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2021.12.04 13:13 Raksixs Kuş!

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2021.12.04 13:13 Bored_Gaining I’ve been printing off the best (worst) office speak quotes I’ve seen on this sub and leaving them around the office

Already overheard a few people laughing about them but now the MD is looking for the culprit, however, we still move 😎
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2021.12.04 13:13 MrTesch Best sugar reaper to make legendary ?

Well, me again. I want you to know that I appreciate the constant help from this community.
Right now i can make any sugar reaver hero legendary. Wich one is The most useful or best choice ?
My legendary heroes: webster, Murray, Tyler, Conor and Leigh.
Thank you for your time.
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2021.12.04 13:13 Matal3390 Well I did lost in 3 minutes

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2021.12.04 13:13 Rabishu98 Did you collect them all?

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2021.12.04 13:13 Angel_of_rock32 Why did everything dump at the same time? 12/3/21 9:20-9:35PM PST

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