updets for da gaem

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2021.12.04 15:06 Rolcck updets for da gaem

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2021.12.04 15:06 tomeskuchen My Grandfather in the late 40s or early 50s

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2021.12.04 15:06 dyltomhow Came across some new Exotica and had to share! Mahalo!

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2021.12.04 15:06 Cryaxxis MTV Staking and Mining question

SO, I am a stake'r, Love passive income and help provide security to the project. But I am also really excited what MTV has to offer, while trying to keep my bias in check. I think their tokenomics is brilliant and may lead to a higher market cap than Harmony One. Time will tell. Not that this has any relevance to my question lol, but yeah.
What I am curious about is, once the last staking goal is complete, will there sill be a way to stake? If I understood their technical papers and their eco system right, MTV does both staking and mining to help achieve the flexibility in the crypto trilemma?
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2021.12.04 15:06 SavingClippy Reality can be whatever I want

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2021.12.04 15:06 DarkShade602 assault peramiters

What constitutes as hittin someone
Was on the bus and saw a dude lightly bag bop the top of a females head doing drugs next to him he wasn't amused.
as we roll off I seen him get chased by her. My grandmother used to hit me with her King James Bible on the top of the head when I didn't clean the bathroom and when I didn't go to church so is this situation that my grandmother was forced to try to get me to do good in my life the same as this gentleman situation
disclaimer: Transients disregard public policy and at times really domt Give a Fuck when their down and out
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2021.12.04 15:06 ETHTraderNews Blockchains need to move toward standards for interoperable asset transfers

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2021.12.04 15:06 stabsyoo Sooo this guy is to blame for crash?

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2021.12.04 15:06 bobjamesya Spent a lot on eBay to enjoy this throwback Saturday morning 👌🏼

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2021.12.04 15:06 voldywithanose magnet stand goes brr

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2021.12.04 15:06 StellarAoMing Suspect on Android

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2021.12.04 15:06 ElbieLG Trying to match floor stain, generally, to the current stain but my flooring guy and I disagree with what the current stain actually is. Do stains really change that much over time? [Pics in comments]

I trust our floor guy but he has insisted that our current floor stain is “natural” and has just become more honey/golden over time due to sun exposure. Natural seems far blonder than our current stain and we’re leaning more toward a colonial maple type stain.
The conflict is about what happens to Natural stains over time. Could a floor really become consistently more golden/honey equally across all surfaces, regardless of rug cover or sun exposure?
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2021.12.04 15:06 lightestspiral When somebody says they've learned SQL / know SQL, generally speaking, what does this mean?

That they learned all of it, just the basics, enough to do their role or completed a course? etc
What level of ability would you personally expect somebody to have if they told you this?
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2021.12.04 15:06 Palamono 2042 Rush is Awesome

This game mode needs to be permanent.
It has better performance
Map flow is much better (more cover could be added on some maps however)
Less players mean you feel like you impact the match
Not nearly as much vehicle spam
I actually enjoy this game playing this mode
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2021.12.04 15:06 sibbydawg [QC] Jordan 4 Fire Red from TJ ¥188

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2021.12.04 15:06 TheForeverDmD20 Oh yes, sorry for the disturbance

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2021.12.04 15:06 Glum-Ad-3693 Working at Eli Lilly next summer, have a few questions!

I'll be interning at Lilly next summer and I was wondering about a few things.

  1. Has anyone interned/worked here before? How was your experience?
  2. What reputation does Lilly have in indy? I heard it was prestigious from a local but I just wanted to hear others' thoughts,
  3. Hows the on-campus food?
  4. Best advice you would give an intern coming into the company?
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2021.12.04 15:06 CincinNative 2022 Lunar Calendars

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2021.12.04 15:06 StannisIsTheMannis Don’t be like me kids…

I had 2 newspapers that both started with the word “Uboat” and sent the wrong newspaper to a customer about a month ago. Today someone bought the other magazine only for, surprise surprise, me having to sheepishly apology and offer her a refund + free newspaper.
Don’t be like me kids
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2021.12.04 15:06 Dchan22 If you order the Mounting plates off Caniks website, all you have to do is cut a little bit off the rear of the plate for it to fit the METE Sfx. This one was cut a little more than needed. Everything aligns perfect and allows for a full size optic.

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2021.12.04 15:06 DmonRth Theme Thursday Entry

Sons of Perdition
Obsidian mountains towered over the valley, their peaks lit by blazing skies. The demon lord Sergulath perched on a ridge, his fifty eyes watching legions spread out across a plain of jagged rock. As the battlefield filled, he extended a spear towards Fluerty’s citadel and spoke to the mutilated head mounted on its point.
“Witness what you’ve bought me My Liege.”
In one motion he dropped the ichor-covered spear into a crevasse and signaled an imp spirit. The air around him thrummed with the beating of wings as thousand’s took flight. They dove low over the assembled army sending out the call to charge.
Human fleshlings, harvested over an eon from Eden’s fallen paradise, made up the bulk of the central force. They surged ahead, ready to mete out revenge for an eternity of torture. These frail things had been overlooked by his brethren, but Sergulath knew what advantage they held. With no other Hell deeper to go, they rose repeatedly to torment the tormenters, rending them apart. Their damnation would be his salvation.
A crack in the enemy line became a fissure. Sergulath pounced, bounding down from the summit, his hundred hands carrying him at terrifying speed. He overtook his own army, becoming the tip of the wedge, and unmaking any spirit in his path.
He arrived at the main gate howling euphorically. His gargantuan grotesques came rumbling up from behind, their armor smashing hard into the mithril portcullis, shattering it like faith before reason. Once inside he was met with no resistance. Anticipating single combat, his blood lust surged. He flung himself afar landing on the stairs of the cathedral. He wasted no time destroying its door with six hundred sixty-six fluid strikes.
Inside the demon he found lounging upon a divan was not Fluerty, but another. It rose, every movement bespoke of power. Its essence unfolded, filling up the entirety of the antechamber. Sergulath fought the urge to prostrate himself. Before him loomed the Great Winged One, the Last to Fall. He who was Usurped.
“You are free?”
“To be freed, one must first be sealed.” the greatest of satans, Samael, pointed upward at a gibbeted carcass.
“The Deceiver. How could I forget that title? And hidden here all this time.”
Samael grinned and studied Sergulath, “Yes but you’ve laid waste to that now. I believe we share a vision though.”
Sergulath remained silent before the Adversary. Once spoken there were no secrets.
“Did you also forget that no desire is hidden from me?”
Sergulath held his continue to hold his tongue.
“You wish to return to The One That Sits on High, and to broker your way back into Their Light— "
“By shattering the Seven Hells.” finished Sergulath.
Samael nodded slowly, “Come, let us speak before the Morning Star swings our way.”
“Yes, my Liege.”
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2021.12.04 15:06 kedzman There's usually a word that's said to describe this, can't remember though

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2021.12.04 15:06 Terminator4200 Smoked weed and all my emotions came out

So basically, a couple days ago me and my girl were smoking weed in our room, something we only do once in a blue moon, and at one point I thought it would be funny to pretend cry to make her feel bad (as a joke) but instead I actually started really crying which turned to sobbing. My girl thought I was kidding at first but quickly realized I was for real. It only lasted for a minute but after that, my eyes were sore and my nose snotty (symptoms of crying). We didnt talk about it afterwards, but I think I realize im actually really sad and angry inside and all this emotion is just stuffed down deep inside of me, so that in that moment when I was stoned, I couldn’t really suppress it so it all just spilt out. Anyways, just wanted to put it out there, maybe someone can relate. Ps: been kinda sad these past few days, although oddly it feels kinda good, or at least a long time coming. TLDR: Got high and all my pent up sadness came out
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2021.12.04 15:06 Aphoti_K Koyanskaya

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2021.12.04 15:06 zrnzstr Lost Children WIP🦋

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