Hacker News: ADSL works over wet string (2017) | 211 points in 4 hours

2021.12.04 14:29 fastvoted-bot Hacker News: ADSL works over wet string (2017) | 211 points in 4 hours

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2021.12.04 14:29 Barhoom2000 [EUW] [Tier 2] ADC LF clash team

Ign: uhoh thresh bot. P4. Prefer to play with plat+ team
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2021.12.04 14:29 andytdesigns1 Predathor

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2021.12.04 14:29 ginsengtea3 anyone else keeping an eye on this?

anyone else keeping an eye on this? not about doge specifically but the market in general -- eth looks really close to taking a running leap against bitcoin.
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2021.12.04 14:29 Why_Ashley Looking for offers for mermaid halo 2021

IA: ltbs and a good halo LF: peppermint set, halo, dims, idm what you offer
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2021.12.04 14:29 APKMirrorBOT AliExpress 8.37.5 by Alibaba Mobile

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2021.12.04 14:29 Pirocore Survivers of Avium: Lex redesign

Survivers of Avium: Lex redesign
Red Shirt is original, blue shirt is the redesign.
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2021.12.04 14:28 steakhouseNL Bottas' Chinese-spec car....

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2021.12.04 14:28 nameouschangey NameousChangey - Stormworks Lua VSCode Extension

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2021.12.04 14:28 emeraldmountain17 TAROT, ORACLE, and RUNE READINGS💚✨🌿🙏 (Paid Service)

Hi beautiful souls! My name is Emmie! I have a lifetime of experience as an intuitive empath and healer. I would love to use my abilities and experiences to help guide you down your path with tarot, oracle, or rune readings! Send me a DM or chat if you need some guidance. I would love to help!
✨✨✨ These readings are in exchange for donations. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Cashapp.✨✨✨
You can find some of my reviews here: https://www.reddit.com/useemeraldmountain17/comments/of7vmq/please_leave_tarot_reading_and_other_reviews_here/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Thank you and blessed be! 💚💚💚
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2021.12.04 14:28 aprilhamlincon2 Item:fish +25 health -10% damage from aquatic enemies -5% stamina

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2021.12.04 14:28 rickyS71 PAW Action Hour Episode 39

Sorry for the insanely late upload. They are supposed to be uploaded on Thursday’s and it is currently Saturday. Backyard is planning to be up on time still, thanks for sticking with us these past 10 months.
Segment 1- Los Dragones VS Ninja Mack and Dante Leon
A.As the stream goes on the air, we are live from a sold out crowd in one of the great wrestling cities, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Ninja Mack and Dante Leon are doing springboards down the ramp before this match. Both men are extremely athletic, if you like high flying bouts this will be the one for you.
B.Next is Los Dragones Cinta de Oro and Samuray Del Sol! They get a huge pop from the crowd, everybody is doing "Lucha, Lucha, Lucha”
C.Bell rings and here we go! Cinta de Oro and Dante Leon start in the ring for both of these teams. They start circling one another, Cinta tries to cut Dante’s legs but Dante jumps over it. Cinta then pops back up and they bounce the ropes, Cinta de Oro then sends a missile drop kick, but Dante dodges and hits a split leg moonsault. He goes for an early cover 1,NO! Leon tags Ninja Mack who comes in hot doing a springboard 630 senton my god! Ninja Mack then goes for the cover 1,2,NO! Cinta de Oro then gets back up and they bounce some ropes before. Cinta hits an arm drag, he then picks up Mack for another one and it connects. He goes for the pin 1,2,NO! Cinta then tags in Samuray Del Sol who goes onto the top rope. Mack then attempts to knock Del Sol off, but Del Sol just jumps right over him into the other corner and knocks Dante Leon off the ropes. Del Sol then does a backhandspring headscissor combo! Wow what a maneuver! Del Sol then goes for the cover 1,2,NO! Just barely gets a shoulder up! They both get back up, Ninja Mack Irish whips Dante Leon into the corner and gets on the top rope and delivers a cutter that flips over him! Wow! He drags him closer to the middle and goes for the pin 1,2,NO! He then tags Dante Leon who comes flying from above with an elbow drop. Dante Leon then picks Samuray Del Sol up off the ground and puts him into the fireman carry position. He then hits him with a Death Valley driver! But that’s not all he then rolls him right back up for another Death Valley driver! 1,2,NO! Wow 2 Death Valley drivers in a row won’t have Del Sol get down. Cinta de Oro claps while both men are on the ground, and Samuray Del Sol gets the tag he needs! Cinta De Oro comes up from the sky as he hits a springboard moonsault, he then takes out Ninja Mack and uses the ropes once again to punt kick Dante Leon’s face! He goes for the pin 1,2,NO! Cinta de Oro then puts Dante’s hand behind his back stomps on it! Ouch! Cinta de Oro then puts Dante Leon into the corner and delivers 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! Chops to the chest! Dante’s chest is all red! Dante Leon falls down to the ground in exhaustion! Cinta de Oro then picks Dante Leon back up and put him towards Del Sol. Cinta de Oro then tags Del Sol and from the other side of the ropes get over to Dante’s back and hit a SALIDA DEL SOL! 1,2,3! Los Dragones are victorious in their debut!
D.The crowd cheers hard as the two teams shake their hands and Cinta de Oro stands high above the rest. What a nice way to kick off Action Hour tonight, but right now we have words from PAW head honcho Orestes Jaimes.
Segment 2- Orestes Jaimes is sitting in his office with a camera pointing towards his face, he looks angry.
"You guys have all seen last weeks event. It was a major success. But I’m still not happy for some reason. Why? Well it’s because of 5 individuals. Erick Redbeard, Dhinsa, Selmani, Jake Crist, and D.Stone. What you guys did last week was despicable. You guys are the people who represent what I’m trying to do here. You embarrassed me in front of thousands there, and thousands watching. Crist, you have yet to defend that watch yet. Why? Because your afraid that’s why. So, the person you brutally beat with a chair last week is now your challenger next week. Amir, get your best gear washed and dried, Your challenging for the Primewatch next week. Usually you get to pick the stipulation, but you’ve lost that privilege. I’m going to make it. Amir can use weapons, but if you do you will disqualified And lose your Primewatch. Redbeard how could I forget about you? Your the one that planned this whole thing, how do I know that? Because I know who you are. Your a leader, not a follower. Because you planned this, T.M Imran has been doing great over these last few weeks. So, at Christmas Carnage he is going to be challenging for your world title! Not only will he be challenging you for it, but it will be in a steel cage nonetheless. Dhinsa, D.Stone, and Selmani has been suspended until Christmas Carnage.
You guys thought you were going to breeze by with no consequences, if this happens again you guys will be fired with no warning.”
Wow, strong words from Commish. Now let’s head to the ring where Lufisto and Tarlee will be getting ready for their match.
Segment 3- Tarlee VS Lufisto
A.First out to the ring is Tarlee. The Australian born wrestler has made her mark in PAW thus far. She has a tough task ahead of her though facing a probably upset Lufisto.
B.Lufisto is coming off her devastating loss at 6 Feet Under against Abby Bait, her former protégé. You’ve gotta wonder what is in her mind right now.
C.Bell rings and they begin to circle around each other. Lufisto then threw a quick left jab but Tarlee rejects it. Tarlee then comes from behind and does a quick roll up! 1,2,NO! Tarlee almost had the win in pure surprise factor. Lufisto then swiftly gets back up and Irish whips Tarlee into the corner hard face first! Tarlee busted her lip on the impact and it starts bleeding, but she pops right back up. Lufisto Irish whips Tarlee into the ropes and gives her a running boot to the face! 1,2,NO! Lufisto then gives a couple of shots to Tarlee’s head before picking her up. Tarlee then gives a big kick to the temple of Lufisto causing her to stumble to her knees, Tarlee then kicks her in the face! 1,2,NO! Barely gets the shoulder up! Lufisto wants this win bad you can tell! Tarlee then goes up to the top rope, she’s looking to fly. Lufisto then gets back up! MISSILE DROP KICK OFF THE TOP! 1,2,NO! Everybody in the arena thought that was gonna do it! Tarlee looks frustrated that, that didn’t do the job. Tarlee picks up Lufisto by her hair and Irish whips her into the corner. Tarlee then runs up to her and sends a big boot her way! Lufisto then falls to the Tree of Woe position. Tarlee then sends a baseball slide that goes straight to her head! Will this be enough? 1,2,NO! Lufisto keeps on fighting! Tarlee then goes onto the top rope, she is looking big. She waits for Lufisto to get up! She goes for the cross body! But Lufisto catches her! She puts her into the fireman’s carry position! DEAD VALLEY DRIVER! 1,2,3! Lufisto is victorious!
D.Medics check on Tarlee to make sure she is doing ok. Lufisto asks for a mic. "You know, it feels great to win tonight. But I have to address an obvious elephant in the room here. I lost to Abby Bait not once, but twice. I lost at Casino of Consequence, and I lost at 6 Feet Under. I’m enough of a woman to admit that. However Abby, I need to address something to you personally. You wouldn’t be nowhere without me. That’s what it boils down to, and…” Some familiar music comes blaring from the speakers, it’s Abby Bait. "Oh Lufisto. I wouldn’t be nowhere you say? Well in actuality without you I’d be the PAW Women’s Champion right now Lufisto. You are the one that cost me the belt at Trouble in Texas. You are the one that created the divide between us, not me. I was just sticking up to myself. You didn’t want me to succeed obviously, so I thought it would be better for me to go on my own without you messing things up. I am a future PAW Women’s Champion, and no individual will stop me.”
Abby Bait storms the ring! These two are going at each other hard! Security comes fleeing from backstage! It’s a madhouse out here! Wow, this feud is kicked up once again. Well before our main event, we have some words from Atticus Cogar let’s cut to him right now.
Segment 4- Atticus Cogar is backstage, he has something to say.
"Oh Boston. How tough you think you are facing up against my brother Otis. See Boston, I respect what you said inside that promo, I really do. But until you prove to me your a REAL Deathmatch wrestler and not just a TV sellout, I’m going have to stick to my original statement. So when Otis stick skewers in your head and see the blood seep from your head, your going to regret ever doing a death match of any kind.”
Segment 5- Shane Smith VS Ace Prince W/Simon King
A.Shane Smith makes his way to the ring tonight. He does not have his fellow partner of Crime Crew with him tonight, as he wishes to do this alone.
B.Ace Prince makes his way to the ring, the PAW backyard champion Simon King is with him tonight watching along. They have a tag team open challenge this Saturday on backyard.
C.Bell rings and they circle around each other before Ace Prince picks the legs up of Smith and takes him to the ground. Prince then delivers multiple blows to the head of Smith before going for a quick cover 1,2,NO! Prince then picks up Smith and sets him on the top rope. He then sets the big man up for a fireman’s carry position, but Smith gets out of it and irish whips Prince right into the ropes! Prince comes back to him and Smith hits a very swift German suplex! Smith hooks the leg 1,2,NO! Smith then gets back up and brings Prince with him. Smith then Irish whips Prince hard into the ropes once again, this time Prince comes back with a big elbow strike to the forehead of Smith. 1,2,NO! Prince then gets up and connects a standing elbow drop 1,2,NO! Ace Prince then waits for him to get up. He stands in front of the ropes SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! 1,2,3!
Ace Prince has won!
D.In a pretty short, yet competitive match-up. Ace Prince has taken the win against Shane Smith. We will now head to the studio where Lukas Edwards has something to say.
Segment 6- The Canadian Killas are standing backstage. Lukas Edwards does all the talking.
"We've been grinding in this company for a long time, since the very start! We've been the faces of this place forever, whether Americans wanna admit it or not! But there's one thing I hear constantly used to discredit us, a fact that i simply can't refute, because it's true. We haven't won any gold yet. To tell the truth, that bothers me every day. So I'm gonna do something about it! I hear that our Hiday event, Christmas Carnage, is taking place in Canada. That seems like the perfect place to fulfill our destiny of winning titles in PAW. Dhinsa, Selmani. You guys are incredible. But can you beat the Canadian Killas in their home territory? If you guys are up for the challenge, then we'll find out in Vancouver."
Segment 7- Brian Zane announces 2 great matches for the 30 minutes of PAW Backyard
Simon King and Ace Prince of Deathmatch Royalty will offer an open challenge to the PaW lockeroom
And Giulia will be in action against Julia Jaimes.
Now let’s head down to the ring to where we have an insane main event. Jon Boston will be taking on Otis Cogar in a flaming tables match.
Main Event Segment 8- Flaming Tables Match: Jon Boston vs Otis Cogar
A.Flaming Tables are already placed around the ring, on the ramp, on the stage & below the stage. Otis Cogar makes his way out first. He takes a good look of the flaming tables before making his walk to the ring. If anybody is wondering, this is completely safe. The ref is covered in fire protection, and in case if something was to catch on fire we have fire extinguishers on standby. PAW is taking all precautions.
B.Next up we've PAW's home grown superstar Jon Boston. After a good 15 seconds of Boston's music. A hyped up Jon Boston walks out on the stage. Jon takes off his cap, jacket & shirt. Jon starts walking slowly towards the ring while taking an intense look on the flaming tables. Boston has fought in a lot of Death matches in his career. But a flaming tables match always brings out a next level of intensity.
C.Cogar & Boston have their eyes locked on each other. Referee signals for the bell. After the bell has rang, Boston & Cogar makes a careful walks towards each other. Jon & Otis locks in for the elbow collar tie up. Despite some strength disadvantage, Jon Boston is holding very well in this competition of pushing each other backwards. Finally Cogar manages to push Boston back on the ropes in the elbow collar tie up. Jon is in trouble as Otis is now trying to flip him over the ropes potentially crashing through the flaming table placed near the apron. Otis flips Jon over the ropes but fortunately Boston lands on the apron. Jon wraps his arms around Otis neck & starts pulling him over the ropes desperately. Jon Boston & Otis fights on the apron both men fails to send each other through the flaming table. Otis tries to suplex Boston on the apron but Boston slides & lands on the apron on his feet. Otis tries to do a running attack but Jon with a back body drop on the apron to Otis. The big guy nearly goes face first in the flames but is save for now. Jon Boston rests for a bit on the apron as Otis is crawling to the barricade. Jon Boston awaits for Otis to get back up. Jon goes for a spear to Otis through the barricade but Otis catches him with a Fireman Carry Slam up over the barricade to the floor in the fans area. It's Otis time to rest. Jon stays down in the crowd area. After a little rest Otis jumps over the barricade to pick up Boston but like a bullet Boston spears Otis through the barricade landing back to ringside. Boston grabs a flaming table from it's legs & drags it closer to Otis. Jon picks up Otis for a Pride Drope through the table but Otis fights out. Otis sends Boston head first in the steel post. Jon starts crawling away from the flaming table. Otis follows Jon & the 2 meets near the time keeper's area with punches. Jon picks up Otis in a Fireman Carry & launches him in the steel ring post. Otis stands back up in the time keeper's area. Boston attempts a spear but Otis moves out. Boston goes flying in the time keeper's area in between 2 unfolded chairs. Otis picks up Boston & gives him a German Suplex over those unfolded chairs. Fans are going nuts. Jon looks hurt. Otis slowly drags out Boston by his leg out of the time keeper's area. As camera gives a clear shot of Boston. We see Boston with a fire extinguisher. Boston releases the gas in extinguish into the face of Otis. Boston continues to release the gas on Otis. So much so that gas covers a certain area including putting off fire of a table. As the fire extinguisher stops working Jon Boston goes in the cloud of gas to fight Otis. We hear someone crashing through the table. After a couple of seconds. We see it's Jon Boston who crashed through the table. Otis sends Boston back in the ring as Boston has not yet gone through the flaming table. Otis now gets ready to deliver a,spear of his own mocking Boston. But Jon catches Ptis with a shot of fire extinguisher to the head. Boston threw this extinguisher in the ring earlier. Otis rolls on the apron & gets back up. Boston spears Otis through the ropes into a flaming table.
D.Jon Boston is laying outside the ring enjoying a well deserved rest after a well deserved victory. On the other hand Otis is being saved from the fire. Thank you for tuning into Action Hour this week. We are on the road to Christmas Carnage to where we have a lot in store. So stay with us until then, and stay with us after when we move to cable television. Goodnight everybody.
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2021.12.04 14:28 Disgraceful_giraffe My Resentment Has Resurfaced

I apologize for this rant but I had to get this out here.
I'm quite frankly getting sick and tired of hearing people around me, especially now given holiday season is approaching, saying "oh this pandemic and isolation has caused so much mental health issues". It's not because I don't agree with that sentiment, but rather because of the fact that it took a pandemic for us to open up our goddamn eyes.
When introverted and marginalized people like myself (Autism, depression, anxiety, and probably undiagnosed BPD) were suffering loneliness, isolation, and mental health issues before this pandemic, yeah there was SOME discussion about mental health, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize that there has been a MASSIVE spike in mental health discussions throughout this pandemic. It was only when EVERYONE was forced to suffer mundane routines and being cooped up inside their homes, including the mainstream extroverts that Western society glamorizes and that have the loudest voices, that we started to give a shit about mental health and maybe even stigmatize it less.
I mean, look at the advertisements about "returning to normal", they basically give the message that "introverted activities are bad, extroverted activities are good", which further others people like myself.
I hate to sound cynical and gatekeeping, but I also feel as though some people don't really have the right to complain about this pandemic, especially the mainstream extroverted people for whom this pandemic was nothing more than a minor inconvenience and that continued to break the rules long before we had vaccines available.
So that's what I wanted to get out here, but I was curious to here your guys' perspective on whether you think that there has suddenly been a spike in mental health discussions because everyone, including the so called "chads, stacies, and normies" (I don't use incel terminology myself but am just trying to give an idea) were forced to suffer isolation.
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2021.12.04 14:28 Devgel Get 'lots' of FPS boost by running your DirectX games in Vulkan.

So, I've been playing around with DXVK as of late. In most cases, I see an uplift of around 10-25% and since I've an HD7790, it's akin to upgrading to an HD7850. But in extreme scenarios; the difference can be night and day and you should definitely give Vulkan a shot.
Note: Fermi (GTX400/500) and TeraScale (HD5000/6000) don't support Vulkan).
How to:

Just download the latest dxvk, extract it and copy d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll from the x32 folder into the folder that contains GTAIV.exe
If you get stuttering that you don't normally get, get a copy of dxvk.conf from the github repo, change the maxframelatency settings I listed above, and uncomment the two lines (remove the # marks). Then put it in the GTA folder with the dlls. This is a direct link to the file (save as):
Performance uplift:
Crysis: h9jCRZ7.jpg (2560×2160) (imgur.com)
GTA-IV: OyXOoie.jpg (2560×1440) (imgur.com)
Source: DXVK works magic on GTA IV : pcgaming (reddit.com)
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2021.12.04 14:28 Serial-Eve-Teaser Chelsea have conceded more than once in a game just THREE times under Thomas Tuchel, in 53 games. N’Golo Kanté missed all three of these games.

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2021.12.04 14:28 LazyMitchell A friendly reminder that the Hallmark Police Spinner is still available. I bought mine for $20

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2021.12.04 14:28 Klutzy_Yesterday_733 Shopping Spree w/ The Whittakers

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2021.12.04 14:28 Hamster_High_Dive Fruit and chili peppers do not belong together.

There are a few occasions, like fish tacos or ceviche, where it's acceptable, but stop ruining savory things with overly sweet and fruit, syrupy junk. It totally throws off the flavor and I feel like I'm eating candy. Same goes for all the fruit hot sauces. They are absolutely terrible.
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2021.12.04 14:28 retrophiliac Yesterday was international day of persons with a disability and I gave an impactful speech.

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2021.12.04 14:28 PauGP11 FCB is trying out Yukeo, Tox and Nachitow.

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2021.12.04 14:28 Soapboxcar Hey, I'm not familiar with HVAC. Hoping to find some advice here. I have a reznor ra 235 waste oil heater. When I turn the heater on the fan immediately turns on, and I don't believe it is burning oil at all. If it is its not giving off any heat. This is a picture of the limiter switch for the fan.

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2021.12.04 14:28 LoveSomebody I believe we have the right to know what the government is doing. Why wouldn't we be privy to that information unless we are slave hostages?

I believe we have a right to know exactly what kind of power Google, apple and these data agencies have. I want to see what kind of information someoinne at Gogole can generate on me. I want to know what is in 5G towers and what they are capable of. I want to be able to go out with a team of citizens and disaseble random wireless towers like how the government just goes through our fucking emails and computers at will. Why the fuck are we not allowed to know or question anything. I can see how our government is a corrupt cesspool now and I honstly don't feel comforatbale paying taxes to this fucking bullshit system. It's just bullies. A bunch of fucking assholes spying on us and rigging everything.
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2021.12.04 14:28 mentalofdoom Neutering - Cost and Risks

Hey all,
Does anyone recommend a vet in the north east? We are looking to get two males neutered, but the hospitals near us are very expensive. After the wellness check that came back good, they are asking $425 per glider, and if they die during the procedure we still have foot the entire bill. It just seems expensive and we literally give the life of these things in their hands and they hold no responsibility. They can't guarantee that they will live. I've called around nearly every place within an hour (NY, NJ), but won't give us a price point until we get another health check. I thought the price point for neutering a male was $100-250? Am I just not accounting for something? We've had these two males and a female for about 4 months now. They are rehomes and are over a year old but I don't have exact ages.
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2021.12.04 14:28 mionomori A random doodle to celebrate me buying a new pen lol

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2021.12.04 14:28 Komplainin-Korean HUNTING DOWN UFOs IN MEXICO

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