Any suggestions? (2nd slide is in game)

Well, first of all, select the layout with the illustration. Then, start adding more content to the slide, and edit as you normally would. This technique is so much better than adding all the text to the slide, and then not getting any Design Ideas at all. When there’s too much info on the slide, Designer can fail to deliver design ideas. The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas. Read aloud by Sherry. With QUIZ!⭐️⭐️⭐️ Do you want to make an EMOTIONS CRAFT? - Checkout our easy 'Colour Monster' stand... It's all right to repeat shorter bits of text from a slide, such as a title or bullet point. Numbers on slides: If you have a slide with a lot of numbers that you read aloud, Presenter Coach won't identify that action as reading the slide. More often than not, reading numeric data aloud helps make that information clear to the audience ... Final project report of a game 1. Chapter – 1: The Project Plan of “Ghost in the 1 | P a g e Town” 2. This chapter covers the project proposal and feasibility of the proposal along with background study, product and business perspective, the scopes and some preliminary idea of our game. The cover art and liner notes are included. The VHS or DVD box is included. The video game instructions and box are included. The teeth of disk holder are undamaged. Minimal wear on the exterior of item. No skipping on CD/DVD. No fuzzy/snowy frames on VHS tape. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections. The US Math Recovery Council has been compiling a library of free, public resources for educators focused on mathematics and digital teaching/learning, along with resources for teachers to send to parents. Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions. Showing Slide 1 of 2. NECA Good Guys Ultimate Chucky and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figure Toy. ... DAMON BAIRD Gears of War Judgment Video Game 7" inch Action Figure Neca 2013. $24.99 + $10.95 shipping + $10.95 shipping + $10.95 shipping. It is possible that your opponents might block any and all doors and trap you in a room. In that case, you have to wait for someone to move or un-block a door to leave! Suggestions. When you enter a room, you can make a suggestion by naming a suspect, murder weapon and the room you just entered. e.g. Ask for design ideas any time by choosing Design > Design Ideas on the ribbon. PowerPoint shows design ideas for your slide. Scroll through the suggestions in the Design Ideas pane on the right side of the window. Click to select the design you want, or else close the window. If you select one of the ideas, your slide is changed accordingly. basketball, game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal, an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket.. The only major sport strictly of U.S. origin, basketball was invented by James Naismith (1861–1939) on or about December 1, 1891, at the International Young Men ...

2021.12.09 05:17 Glittering_Hall3433 Any suggestions? (2nd slide is in game)

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2021.12.09 05:17 flippyfrogs Finished my space quilt.

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2021.12.09 05:17 KR_Falcon Are you an ally of justice or a messenger of the devil?

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2021.12.09 05:17 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for RuthanneValdes

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2021.12.09 05:17 inspyral アートな箱とねこ2。-Artistic box and Maru 2.-

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2021.12.09 05:17 Liloreon bruhh kamazone time first floor B)

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2021.12.09 05:17 seizemeansplz Should major corporations have representation in the United Nations?

View Poll
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2021.12.09 05:17 Aroint_YT Im getting this after 3 years lol

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2021.12.09 05:17 Catilus [OC] [ART] Kuraja Nottsdottir, Human Cleric of Selune – by Catilus

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2021.12.09 05:17 LonelymoonChronicles One of my favourite moments from the OVA 😂

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2021.12.09 05:17 myron_e i want a green screen now…

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2021.12.09 05:17 JBSL_Flux What's your best purchase on the auction house?

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2021.12.09 05:17 Morrissey_Is_My_God The Supreme Court Is Ready to Make Taxpayers Fund Religious Schools. //

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2021.12.09 05:17 stumbrasdenver ICM spot in Ignition 15$ MTT 1500 runners 15 left

Ignition 15$ Crazy 8s 1500 runners 2600$ on top. 15 left I am in the 5th.
BTN AQo raises to 2.1 HERO in SB pushes All in with A9s BB pushes with AKo BTN wins after getting straight I bustout in 13 couple hands later for 120$ I could have coasted to top 8 due to lost of tiny stacks, should I take such risky but profitable edges? As it ended I was pretty pissed and I did ICMizer run with all prizes and players left and it says it is correct but I don't know
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2021.12.09 05:17 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

🚀GoldenDogRun $GDR | A decentralized Hyper deflationary earn-to-play mobile NFT game that offers 7% of BUSD rewards from each transaction to all of the holders of the token. A first of it’s kind project that offers the best of all worlds. NFT, gaming, passive income and mobile entertainment.Oh yeah, did we mention that there is a prize pool in the game? 🚀

👉$GDR rewards his hodler with 7% $BUSD every 60 min.💸
🔒Locked Liquidity🔒
📣Big Marketing spendings📣
🎮Play-To-Earn-Mobile-Game in Development🎮
🙅‍♂️Not another Meme-Coin🙅‍♂️
🤑The only problem you're gonna have is, that you didn't buy more. 🤑

1,000,000,000 $GDR

Contract: 0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.09 05:17 RatiocinationYoutube I (23m) just experienced my first crush ever (17f) with a serious case of oneitis.

I became friends with this girl I work with, who's 17, earlier this year. We talk on snapchat everyday, and I think we have a great friendship. We've discussed sensitive topics and vented to each other. She's made it clear that she's there for me, I've done the same. She has a boyfriend, I'm cool with him, he's cool with me.
Over the past couple months, I've found myself pouring all of my emotional energy into thinking about her. I started to get really bothered and almost angry when she would talk and laugh with others. I only wanted her to talk to me. I've sat and cried for hours knowing she would never feel for me, what I feel for her.
I got nervous around her. I didn't know what to say to her to make conversation sometimes (and still don't, since I'm an awkward introvert) but I really enjoy her presence and I'm glad I get to work with her when I can.
My oneitis was bad for a while. I couldn't do anything to get her off my mind. It's gotten better recently, but she is the most beautiful, kind, smart, and caring girl I've ever met. I love everything about her.
I think I'm slowly coming down from my initial crush on her. As we talked more at work and became close friends, I've started to not get upset so much at seeing her interact positively with others. My feelings are still there. I don't know if they'll ever completely go away. I want to be friends with her.
Throughout middle and high school, and even in college, I don't remember ever crushing over a girl. I've been so confused for months as to why I was so caught up in my feelings with her. But I think I get it now.
I haven't told her this and don't plan to. She might even suspect that I do have a crush on her, I don't know. That's ok. I imagine she would question me on that if she did think I was crushing on her, and I wouldn't lie. But I am happy just being her bestie and that doesn't need to change.
If anyone can relate to this, or give me tips on how to accept my feelings please tell me. Some days are better than others, but I know I'll be ok.
I know she's too young for me. I don't want to be in a romantic relationship with her, and I never have. I just grew such a strong love for her, and I love being her friend and supporting her.
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2021.12.09 05:17 Complex_Witness1266 🎁FREE NFT GIVEAWAY + 10000$ PRIZES 🎁Don't miss it! Link in the comments ⬇️

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2021.12.09 05:17 Agima [100% OFF] Corporate Finance #11 Capital Budgeting (4 days or 957 registrations left)

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2021.12.09 05:17 KE2073 2 months sober, but just wondering…

How do you guys deal with sudden cravings? I’d love to hear your strategies.
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2021.12.09 05:17 laefeator Starlight Celebration 2021, December 16 - 31

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2021.12.09 05:17 SupremePokebotKing [Research] I'm Releasing Three of my Pokemon Reinforcement Learning AI tools, including a Computer Vision Program that can play Pokemon Sword Autonomously on Nintendo Switch | [Video Proof][Source Code Available]

Hullo All,
I am Tempest Storm.
Background I have been building Pokemon AI tools for years. I couldn't get researchers or news media to cover my research so I am dumping a bunch here now and most likely more in the future.
I have bots that can play Pokemon Shining Pearl autonomously using Computer Vision. For some reason, some people think I am lying. After this dump, that should put all doubts to rest.
Get the code while you can!
Videos Let's start with the video proof. Below are videos that are marked as being two years old showing the progression of my work with Computer Vision and building Pokemon bots:
The videos above were formerly private, but I made them public recently.
Repos Keep in mind, this isn't the most up date version of the sword capture tool. The version in the repo is from Mar 2020. I've made many changes since then. I did update a few files for the sake of making it runnable for other people.
Tool #1: Mock Environment of Pokemon that I used to practice making machine learning models
Tool #2: I transformed the Pokemon Showdown simulator into an environment that could train Pokemon AI bots with reinforcement learning.
Tool #3 Pokemon Sword Replay Capture tool.
Video Guide for repo:

Presentation I am working on a Presentation for a video I will record at the end of the week. I sent my slides to a Powerpoint pro to make them look nice. You can see the draft version here:
QA Some People might have questions for me. It will be a few days before I get my slides back. If you use this form, I will add a QA section to the video I record.
Discord In the event people are interested in the code and want to learn how to run it, join the discord. It has been empty for years, so don't expect things to look polished.
Current link:
Who Am I? My identity is no mystery. My real name is on the slides as well as on the patent that is linked in the slides.
Contact? You can use the contact page on my Computer Vision course site:
Shining Pearl Bot? It is briefly shown at the beginning of my Custom Object Detector Video around the 1 minute 40 second mark.
Conclusion I will do a presentation of my journey of bring AI bots to Nintendo Switch hopefully sometime this weekend. You can learn more about me and the repos then.
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2021.12.09 05:17 Hairy_Cranberry6802 i made a JackSucksAtLife award

i made a JackSucksAtLife award
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2021.12.09 05:17 Small-Can3519 正规实体公司就可以视频验证现场

Processing img eflylryd7h481...
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2021.12.09 05:17 ladynerd99 What have you done to heal?

Is there anything that can be done to help heal the small intestine other than just quitting gluten totally (which I’ve done aside from the occasional accidental glutening)? I’ve probably been at least gluten sensitive if not celiac for about 20 years. I’ve never been formally diagnosed due to not eating gluten since I suspected, but now but I feel way better off of it. I also previously had a history of elevated liver enzymes. I hope I can undo some of the damage that’s been done.
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2021.12.09 05:17 bluebetaoddeye 211209 loonatheworld - Kim Lip ft. Vivi, Hyunjin & Haseul updates

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