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2021.12.04 13:05 griljedi (Spoiler Mains) After His Dead of Jon Snow "Wights and Warg Abilities" - 1

Hello, Selam,
I know that this subject has been discussed many times before and it will probably continue to be discussed after me, but I wanted to write my own ideas in a neat way.
Before we begin, it is useful to read Martin's explanations about people who have died and resurrected, and to learn how this work of turning into wight works. There are also things we need to remember about wargs. After that, we can move on to what they mean to Jon.
But before the start: Unfortunately I have to split the thread in two, Reddit's character quota is no longer enough for me.
Let's start with Martin.

“Yeah, if someone comes back from being dead, especially if they suffer a violent, traumatic death, they’re not going to come back as nice as ever." That’s what I was trying to do, and am still trying to do, with the Lady Stoneheart character... And poor Beric Dondarrion, who was set up as the foreshadowing of all this, every time he’s a little less Beric. His memories are fading, he’s got all these scars, he’s becoming more and more physically hideous, because he’s not a living human being anymore. His heart isn’t beating, his blood isn’t flowing in his veins, he’s a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice, now we’re getting back to the whole fire and ice thing... Death is a difficult thing. The character moves further away from his old life. The rest is the sense of purpose that brings Beric back, the mission he hasn't fulfilled yet ... My characters returning from the dead experience worse than wear. In some ways, they're not even the same characters anymore. The body may be moving, but some aspects of the soul have changed or transformed and have lost something ... One of the characters who has repeatedly returned from death is the Lightning Lord Beric Dondarrion. He loses a little more with each resurrection. He was sent on a mission before his first death. He's sent on a mission to do something, and it's as if this is what he hugs him. He forgets other things, forgets who he is or where he lives. He forgot about the woman he had once gotten married to. Every time he comes back from death some parts of his humanity disappear, but he remembers his duty. His body is moving away from him, but this one thing, this purpose he has, is part of what animates him and returns him from death. I think you see echoes of that in some of the other characters returning from the dead. " - GRRM
Now let's break down these explanations into items and interpret them.
Firstly; According to Martin, a person's experience of death influences their character upon their return. In other words, the more traumatic death a person has experienced, the more drastically his personality will undergo a transformation in his resurrection.
Catelyn Stark - Tully is the prime example of this "traumatic" death. Because she witnesses the death of her son as a result of betrayal and of course she is killed. As a mother, not being able to protect any of her children and seeing the only family member she has dies before her eyes causes a serious emotional trauma for her. As a result, when she resurrects, she turns into a heart of stone, and she becomes a cruel, ruthless and only vengeful ruthless person.
Lady Stoneheart is someone who can kill anyone who stands in her way for her revenge. She would never have attempted to kill the poor Payne child if she had been the old Catleyn, but in this resurrected new form, she has no mercy.
Secondly; The more you resurrect, the less human you become. Our prime example for this is Beric. Beric probably still looked and acted like a human when he first died and was resurrected, and still remembered everything. On the other hand, Beric, who died and resurrected exactly 6 times, started to receive permanent physical damage each time. First, he began to lose his memory, his bodily injuries apparently never healed, and after a certain point, neither his heart began to beat nor his blood continued to flow. Beric has now become a living zombie. Therefore, resurrection cannot be something you want to experience more than once.
Already this memory loss etc. we see things in the books from Arya's conversations in the Thoros and Beric scenes. Let me add a little detail; Thoros was talking about how hard to resurrect Beric every time after his first dead. In other words, Beric, who was resurrected quickly with a kiss the first time, had a longer resurrection process each time. So guessing if he continued to die and respawn like this, it is highly likely that he would not resurrect after some point.
The third; resurrection changes some aspects of your soul, its inclinations, transforming it. It takes something away from you. So you are no longer the same person before you died, you are different people. Of course, according to the first two items, how big a change-transformation this will be will depend on how you die and how many times you die.
E.g; While the character of Beric is not someone who will rob anyone before he dies, enslave the nobles and demand ransom, he goes through a change that can do this and more after he dies and resurrects. In short, characters can do things they said they would never do before. That's why I recommend that you never bet on what a resurrected character will and won't do. Because they will most likely mislead you.
Think of it this way; Even before he is resurrected, Sam is amazed by Jon's change of babies and says the Jon he knows would never do it, but Maester Aemon says, "Jon wouldn't, but Lord Snow would." By saying, in fact, while explaining what new situations and positions force us to do, perhaps Martin also seems to be giving us the first signs that Jon will not be the boy we know in the future.
Fourthly; This is the part that interests me the most. Anchor. To returning from the dead a character requires a "purpose", an anchor. So “friend, I am done with this world, I have nothing to do.” If he says, the dead person does not come back. This "unfinished business" thing sounds like "GHOST" myths in Western culture, right? I'm sure you've watched a few TV series and movies on this subject. These are usually for revenge or they are people who are worried about their loved ones. It's not surprising that Martin uses the "ghost myth" that is part of his culture to carry out the resurrection work; and most importantly, Jon's detail that we learned from Arya's memory in the first book, disguised as a ghost and hiding in the crypts, and of course the "ghost" name he gave his wolf. His name is always forehadowing for Jon. As a matter of fact, the name "ghost" now sounds more meaningful as a part of "unfinished business" legends? If you have noticed, the ghost emphasis on Stark's side is too much anyway...
Wights and Their Purpose
In this case, if we focus on the three wights we have, it will be easy to see their purpose. I pass Coldhands because we don't know anything about him other than that he was "killed long ago", but we do know about Beric and Cat.
Martin had already explained Beric; Our Lightning Lord begins to perform the "king's duty" he received from Ned Stark, and although the king dies, he is killed while continuing his duty in order to honor this duty. This was "unfinished business" for Beric because he had not finished hunting the Mountain and bringing him to justice. Considering the emotional devotion of the knights to their duties, we can understand how important work it is for Beric. Thoros, while he wants to send off Beric with a kiss of fire in accordance with his own belief, something he never expected happens and Beric is resurrected.
Actually, we have an interesting detail here; Thoros mentions that he was never a resurrected person, despite seeing this done many times before. Beric was resurrected by fire magic, became a fire wight, and this happened after Dany's dragons were respawned.
( And I want to add a "what if” question. In the second item; I mentioned that Beric's resurrection process gets harder each time. As Beric's soul was exposed to change and began to differentiate, could it be that he began to lose faith in his duty slowly and this made his resurrection process more difficult? Because the last time Beric said “6 is too much!” He pointed out that he was tired at some point. Everyone wants peace at some point... It's a question that we can't possibly get an answer for from books. Anyway.)
In Cat Stark's case… Cat was emotionally depressed about her children in her late times. Sansa is a prisoner, Arya is missing and possibly dead, and her other two sons are dead, her husband is already dead...
Technically she has a Robb left. She is unable to protect her son at the Red Wedding and is killed in front of her eyes. How terrible for a mother. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like Cat at all, but I feel sorry for this woman, the way she died was very sad, it's hard not to be sad for her... Before she dies, Cat kills Walder's imbecile grandson to avenge her son, and then she is killed too.
In fact, Cat seems to have gone through a transformation before she died. Imbecile Frey is actually innocent and has nothing to do with anything bad, Cat knows that but doesn't care. Naturally, when she dies and is resurrected, she turns into a person who takes revenge without making any distinction between innocent and guilty. This is what Cat's "unfinished business" is; to avenge her children, her family.
So neither Beric nor Cat would probably never have been resurrected if they didn't have these goals. Both have been resurrected for their last emotionally attached, troubled, anguished and pursued goals.
Characteristics of Wights
They don't seem to need food, but it's clear that like every person sometimes their throats are dry and they need a drink every once in a while; Sleep is something that they rarely need, maybe not at all, but of course they close their eyes and rest their bodies. The color of their blood is a darker shade, as if it had turned black. It is said that Cat never sleeps or something, we saw Beric resting, but it was said that he seems did not sleep either. Melisandre is a character with these wight traits, but nothing has been officially announced. If the theory that she is wight is correct, they sometimes sleep for an hour or two. Melisandre believes she won't need it in the future.
After interpreting this statement, I must say that there are still some points we do not know much about wights. E.g; Is the first time someone who died and was resurrected (especially a character who hadn't suffered much bodily damage) still capable of procreation? Is there an extension in the life of someone who dies and is resurrected? I mean, like a vampire, time affects your body slowly and do they have the opportunity to live for 1000 years or do they live and die like other people? There may be some signs that can answer these questions, but they are not certain, so it is difficult to say anything clear.
E.g; The Gray King is said to have lived for 1000 years, and although he aged, this happened rather slowly, and he came to be known by this name because his hair and skin turned gray over time. We know that this legendary king of the Iron Islands was married and had many children, according to legend, he only ended his life by throwing himself into the sea. I think the magicians that Dany saw in the Undying House are also followers of fire and blood magic... because the powers of the magicians attached to them also increase after Dany's dragon is born, and we can see that they cast fire magic. The Undying Ones themselves claim to be immortal, and are at least 1,000 years old, possibly much older, because their bodies look exactly like mummy. So they probably live a long time before they die, but that's not a very healthy way of living after a point. It seems that the Gray King is finally tired of living, and it seems that he is not dying and has decided to end his life. Of course, if the legends are true for Martin...
The Deaths and Second Lives of Skin Changers / Wargs
We go straight to Varamyr POV, the opening of book 5. He is a powerful warg known as the Varamyr Sixskins. He escapes and is wounded by Stannis' attack in the Battle of Wall, and is on his deathbed. The Wildling Lady, who helped him before he died... He tries to take over the woman's body, but fails and starts a second life by entering one of the wolves that belong to him. Let's learn from Varamyr about the skin-shifting issue.
There are a few rules that Haggon, who raised him, taught him.
Abomination. That had always been Haggon's favorite word. Abomination, abomination, abomination. To eat of human meat was abomination, to mate as wolf with wolf was abomination, and to seize the body of another man was the worst abomination of all.
Why was the word wolf chosen? In other words, he means all animals here, but instead of saying "to mate with other animals by getting inside the animal", he used the sentence "to get into the wolf and mate with the wolf".
This POV obviously contains references to the owners of the direwolves (the Starks). For example Jon's 2nd life. Arya and Bran have already broken a rule or two; eating human flesh and taking over the human body. Will we see a Stark later mating with another wolf while he is inside of wolf? Jon? Maybe.
Dogs were the easiest beasts to bond with; they lived so close to men that they were almost human. Slipping into a dog's skin was like putting on an old boot, its leather softened by wear. As a boot was shaped to accept a foot, a dog was shaped to accept a collar, even a collar no human eye could see. Wolves were harder. A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf. "Wolves and women wed for life," Haggon often said. "You take one, that's a marriage. The wolf is part of you from that day on, and you're part of him. Both of you will change."
Again wolf word, not just a animal. GRRM continues to tell us about the Starks' event.
In this quote, we see that a very different and deep bond has formed between the wolf and its owner, and this bond has changed both sides forever. There is no information about the content of this change, but both parties carry a piece of each other from the phrase "you will have a piece"; I think we can deduce that the wolf has become a bit human and the human a bit wolf.
We also know that skin-shifters become monstrous when they lose their grip because they put the reins in the hands of animals, which is especially dangerous for animals like wolves. When you spend a long time in them, if you give up your dominance, you even start to forget who you are and turn into a wolf. You remember that Reed warned Bran about this; so he was constantly training her, and when he came back he wanted to make sure that Bran did perceive Summer and himself as two separate persons; If Bran had come to perceive him as "one person", it meant that they were both united and Bran gave the beast the reins and became dangerous...
"They say you forget," Haggon had told him, a few weeks before his own death. "When the man's flesh dies, his spirit lives on inside the beast, but every day his memory fades, and the beast becomes a little less a warg, a little more a wolf, until nothing of the man is left and only the beast remains." Varamyr knew the truth of that. When he claimed the eagle that had been Orell's, he could feel the other skinchanger raging at his presence. Orell had been slain by the turncloak crow Jon Snow, and his hate for his killer had been so strong that Varamyr found himself hating the beastling boy as well. He had known what Snow was the moment he saw that great white direwolf stalking silent at his side. One skinchanger can always sense another. Mance should have let me take the direwolf. There would be a second life worthy of a king. He could have done it, he did not doubt. The gift was strong in Snow, but the youth was untaught, still fighting his nature when he should have gloried in it. ... "Your little one is with the gods now," the woods witch told his mother, as she wept. "He'll never hurt again, never hunger, never cry. The gods have taken him down into the earth, into the trees. The gods are all around us, in the rocks and streams, in the birds and beasts. Your Bump has gone to join them. He'll be the world and all that's in it." ... The white world turned and fell away. For a moment it was as if he were inside the weirwood, gazing out through carved red eyes as a dying man twitched feebly on the ground and a madwoman danced blind and bloody underneath the moon, weeping red tears and ripping at her clothes. Then both were gone and he was rising, melting, his spirit borne on some cold wind. He was in the snow and in the clouds, he was a sparrow, a squirrel, an oak. A horned owl flew silently between his trees, hunting a hare; Varamyr was inside the owl, inside the hare, inside the trees. Deep below the frozen ground, earthworms burrowed blindly in the dark, and he was them as well. I am the wood, and everything that's in it, he thought, exulting. A hundred ravens took to the air, cawing as they felt him pass. A great elk trumpeted, unsettling the children clinging to his back. A sleeping direwolf raised his head to snarl at empty air. Before their hearts could beat again he had passed on, searching for his own, for One Eye, Sly, and Stalker, for his pack. His wolves would save him, he told himself. That was his last thought as a man.
Now; In the first quote, although Martin used the term "animal", he still used a "wolf" sentence focused on the wolf. It is not in vain that I drew attention to this use of "wolf" in the earlier sentence, Martin is pointing us here. It actually gives us an indication of Jon's situation here. Of course, we will talk about this in more detail later on... let's focus on the part we need to focus on now; When warg starts his second life inside the wolf... he integrates with the animal and eventually becomes "one" and forgets everything about human life.
This is very natural because if you pay attention to the scenes where Bran, Arya and Jon are warging their wolves, the children were starting to think like wolves; He was seeing and interpreting everything from their point of view. For example, Bran can distinguish between a snake and a dragon, but Summer cannot make this distinction, because he has not seen a dragon even as a picture, he has no knowledge; That's why he called the dragon he saw when Winterfell was burning, a winged serpent. As a matter of fact, the person who begins to live in the wolf begins think and see to perceive the events as wolf does after a while and loses his humanity. That's why Varamyr says "that was his last thought as a human being"... the moment he enters the animal, he begins to think like an animal. I think the explanation of memory loss can be explained by forgetting his human side; the wolf is the host, and the wolf is naturally dominant. The memory of the wolf overwhelms the memory of man. We do not know how long this "forgetting" thing takes place. One day? two days? Three days? Or a year later? No information. This integration issue actually seems to be valid for the living warg and the animal as I mentioned before, but when they become one with the body, it becomes more permanent and the human being completely disappears.
Second quote; We saw that Varamyr felt that Jon Snow was also a skin-shifter, so there is an unseen bond between skin-shifters. They form a bond with each other, even if it is subtle, that connection has probably always existed from the very beginning... Not only can they feel it, but they can also see the level of their power. Varamyr says that Jon is a powerful warg, but he is well aware that he is untrained and is struggling with his strength... Jon sometimes says, "I am human, not a wolf." we read what he said, which is a sign that he is struggling with what he is... We also see that Jon's wolf is a very good option for a second life; A direwolf after all... we're talking about a species that's probably one of the strongest animals in the wild. The most striking part here is the saying “would be a great 2nd life for a king...”... Varamyr is not a king and we know he saw himself as a kind of lord in essence. Where did this "king" come from? That king is Jon Snow himself.
Third quote: We read that, according to the belief of the northerners, spirits are integrated with nature. Martin is an agnostic, so there's a good chance he has this like-mindedness. In fact, when we move on to the fourth quote, it's clear that it contains information that makes us think it's more accurate from Martin's point of view. At the very least, this is certainly true information for those who wargs and green seers, if not for other people. We saw that when Varamyr dies, he suddenly finds himself in trees, birds, animals and even worms under the ground; His spirit is jumping here and there. In other words, the spirit of Varamyr belongs to every living creature; enters into the plant or animal and finally begins its second life inside the wolf.
We move on to one of the scenes where Melisandre talks to Jon Snow. Here, as Varamyr says, it is pointed out that Jon is struggling with the power he has.
"You think so?" She knelt and scratched Ghost behind his ear. "Your Wall is a queer place, but there is power here, if you will use it. Power in you, and in this beast. You resist it, and that is your mistake. Embrace it. Use it." I am not a wolf, he thought.
The wall is a really crazy place. I still haven't fully deciphered its contents. There's definitely great magic power here, we've seen it in her thoughts in Melisandre's POV too. The spells cast by the woman were much stronger here... Now let's make sense; Melisandre uses fire and blood magic. These fire-based spells were strengthened when dragons were born, such that resurrection rituals now work and Beric and Cat are coming back from the dead. Despite this, Melisandre says that the magic on the Wall strengthened her spells even more so that even the shadow babies would be more scary and powerful here. And she even wanted to use Jon for this for a moment if i rememver correctly.
I would like to share a quote from Martin.
“There is an important point about Jon and the Ghost in the third novel. There is a period in the novel where he cannot feel Ghost, he cannot feel him as before, then he can feel him again. This is a small but important issue nonetheless.”
I thought it was something between Jon and the Ghost which I didn't notice, and even though I thought about what this small and important detail was, nothing came to mind. Then I realized that there is something about the wall rather than a connection between the two. Of course, there may still be something to do with the connection between these two, but this the wall issue is a case in point. After climbing the Wall, Jon can't feel the Ghost, not even dream him because he can't actually warg it. However, when Ghost finally returns, Jon begins to feel him again, and it seems to me that their bond has gotten a little stronger... anyway, whatever the magic on the Wall is, it's not just that the White Walkers and the ice wights are stopping them from passing; It also cuts the magical bond between a warg and their wolf(animasl etc), and even it prevents fire dragons from passing through, so they can't feel each other. Another proof of this is that in book 5, Jon couldn't see Summer in his dream where he saw all the wolves. He saw Rickon's wolf, even Arya's wolf, and knew what they were doing; obviously Jon is starting to reach the bond between wolves as well... I think after Bran, the strongest warg in the family, Jon himself...
In summary, there is a very powerful magic in the Wall, and it also acts as a source that makes the spells made in the Wall stronger. We do not know what the source of this magic is. It could possibly be the same spell the Children of the Forest used. The dead couldn't enter Bloodraven's cave either, but unlike the Wall, Bran could see what they were doing by warg Summer outside the cave. So, even if it's not the same magic, there is a similar magic content. This Wall and magic thing takes longer, so let's keep the knowledge that every magic is stronger on the Wall in the back of our minds. It's getting stronger and stronger.
Melisandre, on the other hand, says that Jon has power in himself, and that Ghost also has power within him. These wolves are probably animals with magic in their blood, like dragons. From the first moment we saw them, we sensed and saw extraordinary things, and moreover, other characters saw it too. Most importantly, it is the presence of these wolves that triggers and activates the warg magic in the blood of Stark children… It is obvious that direwolves is Stark house's arms, obviously, direwolves have a relationship and bond with the Starks, just like dragons with Targaryens. As a matter of fact, Martin also said that the direwolves with the Starks, especially in this generation, from the coat of arms; He said it was more than a useful metaphor. So there's "magic" in Jon, Ghost, and the Wall... Remember that.
Now we can finally begin of Jon Snow's resurrection. As you know, throughout the fifth book, Jon tries to achieve this by revolving around his vows to save Arya Stark from Ramsay; He releases Mance to save the girl, but when he learns that Arya has escaped from the castle with the pink letter and Ramsay is after her, he takes men with him, knowing the consequences, knowingly breaking the oath, wants to saving Arya, confronting Ramsay and killing him... He decides to head south. As a result, he is killed by Bowen Marsh and his men as an oath-breaker.
Two things are noteworthy about Jon's last seconds before he dies; The first keeps thinking of Arya as he dies, and the second says the name of "Ghost". That last part is familiar...because Robb Stark had also died saying Gray Wind before he died. We know that Robb is also a warg.
I think there is no one who objects to this part anyway. After both Jon Snow and Robb Stark died, they started their second lives among direwolves. There is no doubt that they both did this unconsciously. Since Robb's wolf was also killed, the second life was quite short for Robb, but the situation is different for Jon, of course.
Since the opening of book 5 is the 2nd life issue of wolves and skin changers on Varamyr POV, this was an opening scene directly related to the experience of Jon character in the book. Jon is the warg to die, and as he dies, we are signaled by uttering the Ghost's name. Another sign comes from Melisandre Pov in the same book, if the reader doesn't understand, it's like Martin wanted to hammer a nail in our head...
The flames crackled softly, and in their crackling she heard the whispered name Jon Snow. His long face floated before her, limned in tongues of red and orange, appearing and disappearing again, a shadow half-seen behind a fluttering curtain. Now he was a man, now a wolf, now a man again. But the skulls were here as well, the skulls were all around him. Melisandre had seen his danger before, had tried to warn the boy of it. Enemies all around him, daggers in the dark. He would not listen.
Actually, the "semi-visible shadow" description here sounds exactly like a "GHOST" description, right? After all, ghosts are translucent and semi-visible. Again, Martin made a ghost reference to us. I have often read among the fans that these resurrected ones are compared to "zombies", no... they have nothing to do with zombies(Yes, it looks like Beric has stepped into a bit of a being zombie when he has been resurrected 6 times, but we talked about these). The only thing that looks like zombies are the dead used by the Others. The resurrected Beric, Cat, Coldhands, and later Jon... they are actually like “ghosts”. People returning to complete unfinished business. Of course, they are not real ghosts, as their bodies come to life again.
The appearance of Jon's face at first as a human, then a wolf, and then a human again indicates that he will die, enter the wolf, and then re-enter the human body. Of course, another meaning of this is because Martin also likes to tell more than one thing with a single thing; It may also indicate that Jon will display a personality that oscillates between wolf and human, but the first and main meaning is 99% death and resurrection...
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2021.12.04 13:05 Chimmy_tata7 he is struggling 😭

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2021.12.04 13:05 Tibsxd Why does Uthred not take Eoferwic?

When Eoferwic was in rebellion most if not all Danes were killed, Uthred was widely known for his leadership at the battle of Ethandum, Ethandum led to the rebellion in Eoferwic. To the Northumbrians Eoferwic was the biggest price In the country, the capital city, Uthred only had to climb those steps of the hall and he would've been accepted as the Lord if not King, he could've easily assembled an army of Dane and Saxon and take both bebbanburg and dunholm, so why didn't he? It only makes sense IMO.
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2021.12.04 13:05 bbob25519 "Sean Connery's Last Bond Performance!" - 007: From Russia With Love Retrospective

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2021.12.04 13:05 Pie-Puzzled Cmon man im just tryna have fun, can i have a peaceful day in rank without facing over-leveled ebarb rage?

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2021.12.04 13:05 SirCharlieMcBrown Bernard from Santa Clause needs to read up on this sub

Not TWO MINUTES after the new Santa Clause comes back and the elves take ONE MINUTE to check him out, he yells at his employees. He asks if they’re on a coffee break. She says they don’t drink coffee. He then screams at the top of his lungs, in front of all his employees, “THEN I GUESS THE BREAK IS OVER.” Bernard sucks and expects too much from his employees. Sheesh.
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2021.12.04 13:05 alesxWTF [H] Souvenir m4a1-s | welcome to the jungle(MW) [W] 21000 rmb in items
B/O 3300$
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2021.12.04 13:05 stlouisbluesmods [GDT] Game 24: Blues @ Panthers - 04-Dec-2021 (12:00 PM)

Competitive Statistics
Stat Blues Panthers
Points Percentage 58.7% 76.1%
Goals/Game 3.3 3.9
Goals Against/Game 2.8 2.7
PP % 30.8% 20.6%
PP Goals 20.0 14.0
PP Opportunities 65.0 68.0
PK Percentage 79.4% 81.7%
PP Goals Against 13.0 13.0
Shots/Game 33.5 36.1
Shots Allowed/Game 30.9 31.3
Score First Win % 41.7% 83.3%
Opponent Score First Win % 63.6% 54.5%
Leading After First Win % 62.5% 88.9%
Leading After Second Win % 77.8% 100.0%
Outshot Opponent Win % 50.0% 60.0%
Outshot by Opponent Win % 57.1% 85.7%
Faceoff Win Percentage 49.9% 45.5%
Shooting Percentage 9.7% 10.7%
Save Percentage 90.9% 91.4%
Please ensure you're following the subreddit rules when participating in the GDT
  • GO BLUES! | Last updated by: Schenntendo 64
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2021.12.04 13:05 Mc_wacky Safeswap online is going up ,big things coming !!! 0xe56a473043eaab7947c0a2408cea623074500ee3

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2021.12.04 13:05 Retro21 Best teamwork I've seen in a FPS lately (sound needed)

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2021.12.04 13:05 NudeSamoan MSP men's room / Is that you tapping your foot? / Lewd grunting ensues

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2021.12.04 13:05 Venom_2k2 Enter to win blue.kitthoge Surprise Kawaii Bag Giveaway (12/13/2021) {WW}

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2021.12.04 13:05 Tumbler03 Sun rays over a November lake

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2021.12.04 13:05 LaughingBudda69 Been living with my [M26] girlfriend [F22] since covid, her relatives are coming over today to help us decorate the tree for Christmas. Feeling a bit confused on what I'm supposed to do.

Hey yall I think im a little messed up from quarantine still. My girlfriends family is coming over to decorate and play with our puppy. Thats great. Am I supposed to stay out with them the entire time? If I want to go game with my friends, should I leave them to decorating? They're nice people and I've spent a lot of time with them pre-covid but for some reason I'm getting anxiety doing stuff like this with them since we came out of quarantine last time. Its like I don't understand where I fit into the equation. Am I supposed to stay with my gf and be a part of things? Am I supposed to make way for them to see my gf without me? Really sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense im just confused i want to do whatever is the correct.
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2021.12.04 13:05 jfiend13 Need more friends for Ranked play

Send me a PM with steam/splitgate name. im forever floating between ranks trying to rank solo. Plat 3-4 ATM. ITS BEEN A GRIND.
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