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This is the 190411st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.04 13:07 Puertitas Is it difficult to edit models from a PC game?

I want to mod a videogame to change models head size. Is it hard? The game is P4G. (Vanilla is better).
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When i want to add some games to the cart, i have to go back to my wishlist on every single click. This is the most annoying thing on Steam, it should be fixed.
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2021.12.04 13:07 Jabier428 Fabric doesn't work minecraft 1.18

Fabric doesn't work minecraft 1.18 Hi, I've tried to install fabric on 1.18. Installed normally, but when i open minecraft, on bottom left corner it doesn't display Minecraft 1.18/Fabric ( Modded ), but just Minecraft 1.18 (Modded). I have no options like in normal fabric installation and mods doesn't work too.
I have tried various versions of fabric, I even updated java.
Do You know maybe how to fix it? Did anybody get same error?
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I like how it is a space to share theories, but only Jake fangirls are here
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Hi! I'm a newer player that has demonbrandt on world 1 - 2 as of the moment I play on ps5 and wanted to know if anyone could assist me on increasing my character tendency by invading and letting me kill them?
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2021.12.04 13:07 griljedi (Spoiler Mains) After His Dead of Jon Snow "Wights and Warg Abilities" - 2

Hi, Selam,
After the first part, we continue with the second part. We have come to the hottest part of the matter... How will Jon Snow go back to his own body? The opinion put forward for this is; That Melisandre is the one to bring back Jon Snow. After all, we have a red priestess on the Wall known for her abilities to raise the dead, and we have a death like Jon who needs to be brought back to life. Is there anything that requires further consideration? The tools are already laid out before us... I wonder? Although this thought first came to my mind, as you have noticed, I have a mindset that tends to think outside the general. So, although I would never throw the Melisandre factor out of the scene... let me suggest a different approach.
The first thing that makes me think is what Jon represents... Since this theory is not certain, it does not seem very healthy to create a theory based on the theory, I accept that. Still, it's important to me. As you know, we have an Azor Ahai legend and prophecy; there is also a Promised Prince prophecy associated with him... In the early days, I was very sure that these two characters were the only ones, because Aemon and Melisandre also spoke in this way; one called Prince, the other used the name Azor Ahai. On the other hand, the person in this legend is really a hero who will save all humanity, and the story is a traditional good-bad; It was a thought from when I believed in the dark-light war. Now, because I think the opposite, I think that the description of these two people as one person is Martin's red herring, that is, his bait; We have two heroes, but one is truly a hero who can save all of humanity, while the other is only a hero of the fire side. In my opinion, Jon Snow is the person who embodies the features of ice and fire and will bring "harmony" to end the war on both sides and bring "balance". If Bran is to become king of Westeros at the end of the series, the fact that Jon's parents are must have a meaning in the series. Otherwise, this issue, which is the biggest twist of the series, will be empty. Naturally, this seems to be the best workable as "balance/harmony". After all, it should not be in vain that Jon's manipulator and mediator features have been highlighted since the first POV, even as a trailer for us, and as an education for Jon, to end the thousands of years of hostility between the Wildlings and the Watch. In fact, we see that the characters develop features within the framework of their "themes" and are tested by events. With the theme of death, Arya is constantly confronted with death, being tested and being trained by the Faceless; Just like Dany's desire to dominate and conquer, city conquests and attempts to rule, and dragons-fire power, Jon also bringing together hostile parties, he is the element that brings together and unites...
The point I want to reach is this; if Jon is really the element that will end the war of ice and fire, bring the two enemies together and bring peace; Jon needs to continue to maintain this balance of ice and fire within himself. If Melisandre, as a fire priestess, resurrects Jon with fire magic, or... if someone from the ice side resurrects Jon with ice magic... this ice-fire balance within Jon will be disrupted because Jon is now either a a fire wight or an ice wight; then the element of "balance" will disappear because Jon will belong in one place, whereas we need him to belong to both places, not just one. Jon's most dominant feature is both ice and fire; being both a wolf and a dragon... That's why I don't think that will happen by Melisandre. However, if Jon Snow is brought back through the Singers / old northern forces, then he manages to maintain this duality because he has neither ice nor fire wight. In my Three Heads thread , I have already covered this Singers side and nature magic issue in detail, I won't repeat it.
Will Melisandre try ? She can try. She was saying she needed Jon for Stannis, so she might want to resurrect him. Somehow the success rate is higher for Melisandre as the spells are stronger on the Wall. On the other hand, Jon's death is different from his predecessors... Although Jon's human body died and his soul left the body, he did not mix right and left...or gone to underworld. He entered the Ghost's body directly and started a second life. So Jon is dead, but he's not exactly dead right now. Beric and Cat were dead and their spirits were "somewhere, maybe underworld"... and their spirits were recalled with the kiss of fire. Probably the same thing happened to Coldhands(but by ice magic nıt fire). However, Jon's soul does not live in the other realm, but in a living-blooded body. So even if Melisandre gives a try, 90% won't be able to bring Jon back. Because we are talking about a soul that already has a body. I mean, how can you resurrect someone who is already living - even inside an animal?
The idea of ​​sacrificing the Shireen or the Ghost as Melisandre's method of bringing it back is also suggested, but this is pointless and baseless on both counts.
The first, Shrieen, is not only the child but heir of King Stannis; It is absurd to think that he would sacrifice such an important person to resurrect Jon. What will Stannis say? Doesn't he say, "You sacrificed my daughter for a bastard?" Doesn't he kill Melisandre? What will her mother say? "Thank you, sacrifice my girl for a bastard, it's okay." is it?
Second, When did we see human resurrection by sacrifice? Let me tell you in advance, in case anyone will show Drogo as an example; it was not a resurrection of the dead, it was a spell to prevent him from dying, not in the same scale as it is. Resurrection rites didn't work anyway those times. Did we see human or animal sacrifice for Beric and Cat? Did Thoros sacrifice human or animal 6-7 times? The answer is a big NO.
As such, neither Ghost nor Shrieen will be sacrificed to resurrect Jon. There is no such resurrection spell. Shrieen will die another way, for another reason(we know that).
Of course, a claim can be made: Melisandre realizes that the reason for her unsuccessful attempt is that Jon lives inside the wolf, and then she can kill the wolf and kill Jon a second time, giving him a kiss of fire and resurrecting him...
Such a situation is also objectionable in at least two respects. ; firstly, as if Jon's death once is not enough, it will have a big impact on the problem of dying and resurrecting 2 times; She would have given the boy a traumatic experience twice, and Jon's personality would probably more darken. The wolves are part of the Stark children; When Jon couldn't feel him for a while, he felt lost and lonely. Therefore, we cannot expect the wolf to receive the ordinary pet treatment; The Ghost is Jon and Jon is the Ghost. It would be a miracle if Melisandre saves herself from Jon.
Although if the woman is really a green seer she can understand (the red eyes are usually a sign of this), of course, it also makes her a skin-shifter and they can feel and feel each other, obviously they can see. Melisandre knew Jon's inside have a power. The fact that she burned the eagle was probably because she realized that there was someone inside it, otherwise why would a person burn an animal out of the blue?
Another objectionable part is that it is ridiculous in terms of plot and storyline. It's like holding his left ear with the right hand... So if Martin wanted Melisandre to resurrect Jon, all he had to do was kill Jon in the usual way; Like Beric and Cat. So the soul could be recalled and resurrected but there would be fire wight and I mentioned the inconvenience of that. Instead, he killed Jon by putting him inside the Ghost. Why?
To make Jon darker and more wolfish? Maybe but to me you don't actually need the Ghost to live in it for that. As I explained at the beginning of the thead; If the warg relinquishes the will, the wolf reigns and man becomes a beast. That's why Jon doesn't have to live a second life in the wolf to be more wolfish. Still, spending a few days inside a wolf can cause a transformation you can't have while you're alive. Apart from this, it may be useful for Jon not to die completely and to lead a second life in order to maintain the fire-ice balance. If Jon had truly died, his soul would have gone to the underworld, so fire or ice magic might have been required, or because he was a warg, he would have blended into nature. Other animals and plants (except weirwood) do not have magic power. For this reason, he could probably never return. Because when a warg starts its second life, it loses its powers, the magic in the blood is inside the dying body. For this reason, Jon probably needed to get inside the Ghost. The wolf is a magical creature.
For a darker mood, his traumatic death is already enough, see; Catleyn. Jon, for his part, suffered a traumatic death, though not as much as Cat. For his part, he would probably see it as "betrayal". “Why?” he asks, unable to understand the reason for the action. For us, however, the answer is simple; He broke the oath, but Jon saw this act as "betrayal" to himself. But most importantly, Jon, like Cat, died by experiencing the pain and suffering of not saving or saving "someone he loved". As I said before, Jon has an Arya-oriented story since the beginning of book 5. His unfinished, unfinished job is to save and protect Arya, to ensure her safety. This will be the "anchor" that will bring Jon back; “purpose”... So Cat and Jon's death is somewhat similar, but the difference is; Jon will likely seek protection pf Arya, while Cat seeks revenge. Of course, he also had desires to strangle and kill Ramsay, and he probably wouldn't be comfortable without doing that.
Well, Jon's "unfinished work" Arya, which will certainly be used as an anchor for this cause for her comeback, good. Melisandre won't be the one who brings her back, that's okay. Well, then how will this boy get back to his body?
Thanks to the power within Jon and the Ghost, and also within the Wall.
Melisandre said that there is power in all three of them, that is, it is actually "magic". Jon was resisting that power. Under ordinary conditions; when a skin-shifter starts his second life, it's the end and he can't have skin-shifting power anymore because it's the magic in his blood that makes a skin-shifter. If another human or animal does not have such magical blood, the warg loses all its powers. Therefore, Varamyr is no longer a skin-shifter. Looking at it this way, Melisandre still seems like the best candidate for Jon... but what did I say? The Wall has power in Jon and the Ghost. The Ghost is logically still magically attached to Jon's body, and Jon is attached to the Ghost. As it stands, Jon Snow will somehow and for some reason return to his own body, using the power within the Ghost and its connection to his own body.
How does this scenario happen? We can't know for sure, after all, we are not the ones who wrote the books, but to guess, after Melisandre's unsuccessful resurrection attempt (she may not try, but I guess she will) a funeral is organized for Jon. Probably they'll burn him. Perhaps seeing this, Ghost-Jon may panic and instinctively return to his body. Varamyr had instinctively threw himself out of the eagle when it was burned while inside it, but of course he had suffered at the time… Bran had threw himself out when Summer was hurt, so he couldn't bear it, and was careful not to get inside it until the wolf heal.
Or it will happen in a completely different way, but as a result, it will definitely happen. In fact, we may have a sign accepted by some fans that this event will happen during the funeral. what Dany saw in the tent during Drogo's blood ritual; a burning human and the shadow of a large wolf… it was a remarkable and thought-provoking scene. Note that Martin left a lot of foreshadowing in book 1 because he thought of it as a trilogy.
Change of Jon's character
Ok. Jon has a comeback purpose, he has power... and Jon is resurrected. How will Jon change?
Martin is constantly graying out his characters, there are exceptions of course, but we can see this clearly when we look at Jon, Arya, and Dany. We have found that dying and being resurrected changes some aspects of a person's psyche, and that change is darker if they have experienced a traumatic death. Jon's traumatic death, though not as much as Cat, will cause him to take on a darker mood. Jon will end up making decisions that the old Jon wouldn't and doing things he wouldn't do; For example, the old Jon might not kill those Free Folk kids he took hostage, but the new Jon might have the personality to do it. The new Jon probably won't be able to tolerate situations that the old Jon would have tolerated.
We're going to see a tougher, more brutal, and in some ways more brutal, Jon. In short, we'll probably start to see the reflection of the old Winter Kings in Jon himself, which would be great! With Tormund's frequent reiterate to Jon in book 5, I think Martin point it, Jon Snow will stand out more as the "black bastard with a black heart." We will probably also see a wolfish side from being inside the Ghost; this will make him more wild and dangerous, and if Jon can't control himself when he is angry, he attacks to kill; Had they not prevented him, he would have killed the Alisser Thron twice and the Frog once. He even nearly killed Emmet. In this case, the Stark enemies should be afraid...
In summary, remembering the old Jon, it would be wiser not to bet on what Jon will do and what he will not do, because there is a high probability that when we make predictions according to the old Jon, we lose the bet. Of course, I'm not talking about Jon changing 180 degrees and turning into a new character from scratch; We will continue to see reflections of the old Jon, but the old Jon was a boy, but Jon in book 6 will appear as a grown-up man. As befits a winter king... because as we all know, Winter is coming... and the winter winds are blowing before us.
Thank you for read.
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2021.12.04 13:07 printers_of_colors Does anyone eat ass without the receiving party first thoroughly cleaning their butthole?

I think it's disgusting. There's fecal matter in there. It's a whole different thing for me if it's clean, but if it isn't then what the fuck. I seen this quite a few times in many kinds of porn and it's always just yucky
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