HELP!! Got a used futon last night and now I can’t get it to fold back up to sit on it!!

2021.12.04 13:21 Yoselin29 HELP!! Got a used futon last night and now I can’t get it to fold back up to sit on it!!

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2021.12.04 13:21 LizardsAndTanksGuy wha????

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2021.12.04 13:21 4DRIEN_ Broken PC charger

My PC charger was broken so I had to do this. What do you think about it ?
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2021.12.04 13:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Germany Treats Natural Immunity the Same as Vaccination | National Review

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2021.12.04 13:21 Ehwhoknows0010 Reshiram adding 10 / 0571 9197 5015

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2021.12.04 13:21 Pretty_N_Sweet Golden hour is my time to shine

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2021.12.04 13:21 imyunang Tuneful, catchy and brightest indie / folk / pop / acoustic tunes perfect playlist for morning with 100+ tracks 1k follows.

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2021.12.04 13:21 peytondp3 Fast food workers on reddit, what are the best/worst things you have overheard through the drive through speaker?

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2021.12.04 13:21 mask_fetish An all female OR team doing work

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2021.12.04 13:21 Eliza-Laksa1 How many worms should my beardie eat in a day?

We are first time bearded dragon owners. Out boy is 4 months old. Pet store said, we should give him 5 worms every two days (Zoophobus morio worms), but it doesn’t seem enough for growing beardie. Any advice is welcome.
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2021.12.04 13:21 RedEagle_MGN I studied the Metaverse for 8 years and here's what I concluded:

Preface: The Metaverse is a hypothetical version of the internet in which 3D avatars navigate a 3D space. Companies envision this world to be one where most people will live most of the most meaningful parts of their life in the future.
1. The Metaverse is not possible with mouse and keyboard As Metaverse enthusiasts, it's important to remember that we are likely the top 0.1% of computer users. Most people are confused by technology, overwhelmed by options and worried if they push the wrong button they will destroy something.
Chrome added a copy and paste feature to the menu because people couldn't discover how to copy and paste.
Since the Metaverse simulates the countless possibilities of physical life, the complexity of the user interface gets out of hand quickly.
I remember testing out Second Life and accidentally taking off my pants and being unable to put them back on for 20 minutes.
Clearly, mouse and keyboard would not be a sufficient way of interacting with the metaverse.

2. No significant social organization arises out of putting people in a virtual space 18 years ago, Second Life came out and the hype around the Metaverse future was just as real back then as it is today. You can visit the empty government buildings, brand showcases and cities to get a taste of the forgotten glory.
Time and time again people have been put together in a virtual space, and we still went back to physical life for real connections.
We have to ask ourselves, why did we leave virtual worlds and go back to physical life?

3. The nature of virtual spaces leads to shallow relationships The great benefits of any relationship are usually found in the most challenging operations of cooperation, marriage is a great example. Dating is exciting but sharing a life with someone is deeply sacrificial and yet, the benefits of marriage are enormous.
In digital worlds we scarcely invest as heavily in relationships as in physical life. When we can go anywhere, be with anyone it's easy to constantly look for greener grass.
This problem is accentuated by the ability to change your name/avatar at will. When people can burn others and simply change their identity to escape consequences, they do. Investing in a real reputation and a single identity is the first step to solving this issue.
4. The Metaverse will arise from a gaming world In digital worlds, we find ourselves mixed in with people from different cultures who have different values and interests. By contrast, in physical life we are naturally segmented with people who are more likely to share our values and ideas.
Gaming has the power to break ice between people and therefore has intrinsic utility to the Metaverse.
By using gamification we can organize and connect people of similar interests and values in a virtual space.
Not only that, gaming has the power to get people to relax. Human beings don’t develop meaningful friendships when forced into it. This is what social games and “virtual life” games often get wrong. Actual gameplay builds the context we need to relax and have a conversation to find people we are compatible with.

5. Reciprocating facial expressions are necessary for cooperative human behavior If you've ever lifted a baby and smiled at it, you know that facial expressions are deeply embedded in how we communicate. When we hurt someone's feelings, their facial expressions changes and, as we reciprocate their facial expressions, our body produces the same emotions as we make that individual feel. This acts as a natural tempering of our behaviour that we don't get when we communicate over the internet.

6. The network effect would eventually push everyone to a single virtual world A long time ago, there was a single company that dominated the telephone market. To call anybody who was the customer of the company you needed to have a phone that was with that same company, phones were not interoperable. Today, if you want to contact somebody on Facebook, you need Facebook to do so. This is how social networks defend their intellectual property.
Meta executive Jason Rubin:
“The first metaverse that gains real traction is likely to the be the last,” Rubin wrote. “We must act first, and go big, or we risk being one of those wannabes.” - CNBC
The network effect is a scary prospect because it means that there will likely be only one Metaverse to rule them all in the end.

7. Customization is the enemy of usability It's fascinating to bump into so many people who share the idea that no corporation should control the future of human interaction. However, it's laughable that we're using the same ill-advised ideas that allowed Facebook, Google and apps to dominate when it comes to this next chapter.
One of the reasons that Facebook overtook MySpace was that MySpace allowed people to customize their profile infinitely. This led to a myriad of different user interfaces, confusing navigation and a poor user experience.
Just imagine a myriad of virtual worlds all with their own user interface, controls and standards. The experience of travelling from world to world would be like being born all over again and having to learn how to read and write.
Therefore, the virtual world must have a single user experience to reach mass adoption.

8. The Metaverse has the power to become a dystopian nightmare As the network effect brings everyone to a single Metaverse, the potential for the abuse of power will be astronomical. The Metaverse will understand where you are, who you are with and even what you look at.
AI will be able to process that data to better understand you than you yourself and data is the first step toward oppression.
Utilizing all this data, powerful individuals will have the ability to suppress dissent, identify people of contrarian opinion etc.
Moreover, if we begin to fool ourselves that we can agree on morals and values, those who disagree with the mainstream will live in constant fear of losing their friends, job and opportunities if they are banned from the Metaverse.
9. We can create a more ethical Metaverse future if we act now: I sincerely believe that once the technology is established, and a real sense of presence can be found in a virtual world, the Metaverse will be inevitable.
Just imagine a world in which we do not need to build offices or school buildings oh, the cost savings themselves will drive people to virtual worlds if they have life-like fidelity.
I would like to start an initiative to ensure the Metaverse remains controlled by those who use it. In fact, I started a few years ago.
The plan:

  1. Make a game studio
  2. Learn the ideal psychology to create real social organization in a virtual space
  3. Start a collaborative movement to create a real Metaverse by the people and for the people
To be clear, what we're seeking to spark off is not another crypto cash-grab but a place gamers would enjoy going.
Take part: P.S. I am not a financial adviser.
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2021.12.04 13:21 auskendoro Applying primer peeled off my drywall mud

I patched up some holes with mud, three coats, each of them fully dried before sanding. When I rolled primer onto the mud, it pulled up a section of the mud, right off the wall, and another smaller section close by. I immediately stopped before causing more damage.
About fifteen minutes before priming, I had wiped down the mud with a very lightly damp rag to get any last dust off, but it didn't seem like any moisture was transferred to the mud. Could that have caused it?
Below are pics of the primer I used, and the section. Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.04 13:21 Xolaya HEY SEB! You said you would vote for the better artist.

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2021.12.04 13:21 One_Meaning_4320 Does uninstalling BFGA2 delete save data?

I’m looking to free up space on my laptop but I don’t wanna lose my saves.
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2021.12.04 13:21 Lots42 John Constantine and his best friend.

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2021.12.04 13:21 zarc_z Just Created a dinosaur collection check out at

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2021.12.04 13:21 makerio_ Can someone tell me if this would work?

I'm planning to make a long range rc car, and I need telemetry data.
My plan is to get the diversity rx and sit it on top of the adapter that they make.
In order to get telemetry data, I want to connect thair gps and thair battery voltage sensor with a bst splitter.
Will this allow me to receive gps, compass and battery voltage, and display them on my controller?
Hope this explains what I want to do.
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2021.12.04 13:21 PequodArrivedAtLZ I've had this saved for a while and nowhere to post, so here is Muta's AU in the MoistVerse

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2021.12.04 13:21 Myre_XIII I’m working on becoming a tattoo artist, and wanted to share a quick drawing I did yesterday in honour of my favourite Legend! Thanks for looking!

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2021.12.04 13:21 philodygmn “tint.” travelogue

Here’s some more solves for “tint.” by Lykke Studios, my favorite game on Apple Arcade, I hope inspire you to spend time in its copacetic sensory coccoon exploring your own solve ideas!

“tint.” puzzle 31 solve (“S” curves)
“tint.” puzzle 31 solve (spiral & horseshoe/“Q” curves)
“tint.” puzzle 31 solve (loops & curlycues)
“tint.” puzzle 31 solve (bow curves)
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2021.12.04 13:21 Kingsolo90 Global Village in Dubai See the world in one place

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2021.12.04 13:21 Sneaky_Balue22 THE CAT CAME BACK! And so did our chances of survival!

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2021.12.04 13:21 _boytown_ Lightly Gifted Dizzy in boxes!

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2021.12.04 13:21 ForeverFinalGirl IJW: Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Who doesn’t love a movie with lots of bare butts, some creative kills, and an ending that is iconic? That is what you get with Sleepaway Camp. And before I forget, it has Robert Earl Jones in it, the father of James Earl Jones!
Released: Nov 18, 1983 Director: Robert Hiltzik Writer: Robert Hiltzik Runtime: 84 mins Actors: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Karen Fields
A shy girl with a tragic past, Angela (Felissa Rose), goes to summer camp with her cousin. Soon accidents start happening and counselors as well as kids are the targets of an unknown killer.
Starting with the kills, there were some interesting ones. As much of a bitch Judy (Karen Fields) is, her death was horrible! I know it was shown off camera but you see the shadows and can deduce what is happening to her. I will never look at a curling iron again. The pedophile cook should have died but the burns on his face were done pretty good. For as low budget as this is, I do like the practical effects. Even with the boy drowning, I liked how they made up his body afterwards.
Finally, we get a film with male nudity! Several scenes with male butts and that ending! You know what ending I’m talking about. That ending is what makes the movie. You mention that scene and most horror fans know what movie you’re talking about.
The acting was everything from bad to okay for an 80’s slasher. This was Felissa Rose’s first film and she was only 13 at the time. Normally movies will find 18 year olds or older to play young girls. Imagine being so young that you can make the movie but can’t see it in the theaters! That would suck. Felissa doesn’t even say anything until about 30 minutes into the movie! Mike Kellin who played Mel, the owner of the camp, was sick with lung cancer during the filming of the movie. He died three months before the film’s release. So sad.
If I’m being critical Sleepaway Camp isn’t the best 80’s slasher, but nostalgia is high for me. This was another slasher movie I watched as a kid that formed my love for slasher movies. It’s definitely horror but kind of light for a slasher movie. The ending of the movie and the start of Felissa Rose’s career are the highlights of this movie. Definitely rewatchable and a keeper for my collection.
Let’s get into the rankings:
Kills/Blood/Gore: 4/5 Sex/Nudity: 2.5/5 Scare factor: 2.5/5 Enjoyment factor: 4/5
My Rank: 3.25/5 IMDB: 6.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes: critics: 7.8/10 audience: 5.9/10 Letterboxd: 3.3/5
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2021.12.04 13:21 KusoKiseki [USA-NY] [H] Xbox Series X [W] Local Cash

Hey to everyone. Hope all is well.
I'm currently selling a BNIB Xbox Series X. I was on Microsoft's restock list for a month or so. By the time, it shipped, I had already found another one. So throwing this one back out into the wild
$650 cash.
Local pickup only. Brooklyn, NY 11207
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