overview for jfoster3654ds

2021.12.09 03:23 BotDefense overview for jfoster3654ds

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2021.12.09 03:23 aishase33 help me get my a1c down! (tips)

Hello, I'm only a teenager and i really need help. My a1c is 12.4-12.1 I cant remember and I need tips on how to get it down, cause then I can get the omnipod and I really want it. Please this is my dream, anything would help. Thank you have a good day/night. :)
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2021.12.09 03:23 Martian31 How would your past self feel about the person you are today?

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2021.12.09 03:23 psychanarchy Selling 1 Verification, Payment via PayPal

Hey everyone!
I have 1 Wechat referall available this month. Charging $15 USD, payment sent via PayPal.
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2021.12.09 03:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : Quote of the Day: "Wisdom outweighs any wealth." - Sophocles

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2021.12.09 03:23 retailismyjobw 2020 spark ls 20k miles

Been hearing squealing at slow speeds going through drive through when I brake.
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2021.12.09 03:23 ElJefe543 I have no idea where Gus is hiding.

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2021.12.09 03:23 jamesguldan [M32] What do you think?

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2021.12.09 03:23 WhiteCloudyPlanet How can we say "right as rain" in German?

I mean it's ok to just say "mir geht's gut" but i want to learn fancy way of saying things (like "right as rain") without sounding weird in German.
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2021.12.09 03:23 breaking_points I am a bisexual bipolar female experiencing slight mania, AMA!

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2021.12.09 03:23 banstiger Does anyone know why I can't sell my NFTs on Opensea

I've been trying to list an NFT I bought months ago and the "sell" button dissapeared on OS. It's weird because for my other NFT's I do have the option to sell them. I checked my etherscan and I am indeed the owner of the NFT I can't list.

Any ideas how to fix this?
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2021.12.09 03:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : A Total Eclipse of the Sun #space #nasa https://t.co/ge7rZG8THq

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2021.12.09 03:23 Comfortable-Ad-8274 Kat Gateway Not Working

I cannot get the past the "Next" portion of the software setup where it asks you to connect the sensors. I also occasionally get an error telling me that "The Device Cannot Be Used". Not sure what could be the issue. Do any of yall use an AMF processor and a 400 or 500 series motherboard?
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2021.12.09 03:23 BedditorRedditor I put Dwight through an AI to make him look like art!

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2021.12.09 03:23 jmelara97 Need help and recommendations first time buyer

So I have been looking to buy my first car. The top of my list have been Audi A4 or q5 either one that has the mechanical Quattro and virtual cockpit. I have been looking for cars in my area for either brand new or a good used deal but i have not had luck(I’m in Columbus Ohio) I’ve been looking for about 7 months consistently now and am looking for others opinions. For a car for me I am huge on the interior being very techy and I want something like the virtual cockpit that Audi offers. Any thought?
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2021.12.09 03:23 CorrectDrop What I think 5k Pi later..

We are the outcome of an unprecedented social engineering experiment in the Cryptocurrency world. They created this to see how many people would fomo into it, checking in every day to "mine" a mythical cryptocurrency. We are nothing but subjects conducting a massive distributed hopium project. An addiction to false hopes we are in a state of wallowing in self-pity combined with the delusion of potential fame/greatness. One in this state will hope for others to pity or save them, yet paradoxically romanticize their own struggle, pitying themselves and never moving on to achieve their dreams. We hope this can be our moonshot, and we think we are part of a movement. Sadly we are just test subjects part of a giant ongoing research project with Pi....
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2021.12.09 03:23 kwippishere Anybody down to talk?

DM me the secret passcode and we can talk
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2021.12.09 03:23 i_am_a_baby_penguin Israel, US to discuss military drills to prep for worst-case Iran scenario, US says

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2021.12.09 03:23 Linfilit I showed my friend the new loading screen and he said this.

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2021.12.09 03:23 kpblm_info Domik v lesy, Lyutezh

Domik v lesy, Lyutezh Domik v lesy, Lyutezh https://domik-v-lesy.kpblm.info/en Set in Lyutezh in the Kiev region, Domik v lesy features a terrace. The accommodation is 33 km from Kiev, and guests benefit from complimentary WiFi and private parking available on site. yrochische Turovcha 6, Lyutezh, 07352, Ukraine
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2021.12.09 03:23 oatmilk26 Sending some positive vibes to anyone who needs em tonight

This sub is looking a little heavy on the despaidread/anxiety/ tonight. Its a bad time of year. Its okay to speak out about your struggles, but i just wanted to shed some positivity here tonight.
you’ll get through this. you’ve gotten through everything else in your life up until this point. you got this.
dont forget to breathe and take care of yourself. your body needs sleep. your brain needs sleep. you need sleep.
best wishes to all ❤️
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2021.12.09 03:23 bot_neen Reunión de la Comisión de Asuntos Migratorios

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2021.12.09 03:23 muddyklux Happy Birthday Shane Bowan 🎂

Even though you look 48, some how you just turned 35
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2021.12.09 03:23 glugul Mutations on earth are much more extreme than other planets.

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2021.12.09 03:23 BBCGANG666 Help me decide starlight 12 or gpx

Just like title says help me decide I can get the final mouse from a friend who got it at drop for not much more then a brand new gpx I had a glorious model o wired it broke what are the pros and cons of both in your opinion I only play FPS games really
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