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Free atlanta ticket for tonight

2021.10.26 15:30 Not_A_Fagget Free atlanta ticket for tonight

pm me
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2021.10.26 15:30 Lyvric How do I connect multiple bones to one spine? When the spine is the main parent it only manages to work with 4 legs with posing (2 legs per joint).

How do I connect multiple bones to one spine? When the spine is the main parent it only manages to work with 4 legs with posing (2 legs per joint). submitted by Lyvric to blender [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 15:30 P-Cubensis milky way galaxy, 35 minutes north of Detroit using night mode, 30sec exposure.

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2021.10.26 15:30 SzegedNewsBotka Őszi szünetelő várja a gyerekeket Mindszenten

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2021.10.26 15:30 Zealousideal-Monk-79 How many words in a chapter?

Hi, I’ve been trying to write my novel that has been swimming in my head for the past few years and I’m really stressing on word count. How many words should be in a chapter?
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2021.10.26 15:30 Howdysf What oven temperature to braise short ribs so they are fall apart tender for tacos?

I'm seeing wildly different oven temperatures online ranging from 250F to 375F... I"m going to make a red chile enchilada type sauce and braise the short ribs in it. I have about 4 to 4.5 hours available to me.. what temp would you oven braise at?
Thank you.
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2021.10.26 15:30 peacefulbreaker5578 🐶Windoge95 is the Next 100X Gem💎 Nostalgia.. The good old days of Windows95!💾 Rebase Tokenomics☝️Presale Started and filling up Quick! Hard Cap 300BNB🚀 Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 🔥Incentive for Holders 💰 and P2E Arcade mini Games!🤑Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

🐶 Windoge95
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2021.10.26 15:30 Collective1985 Now give me your interpretation 🙄

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2021.10.26 15:30 Least2020-2022 为什么美国家长没有动力给孩子打新冠疫苗?

为什么美国家长没有动力给孩子打新冠疫苗? submitted by Least2020-2022 to GoToUSA [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 15:30 SpizdiL Скажи спасибо, что не к фон Трийеру попал.

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2021.10.26 15:30 Colin_With_One_L Just finished the biggest Zombies challenge and didn’t get the reward.

The one main goal I had for this game was to get the 1 million kills dark ops calling card. I just got to 1 million kills but didn’t get the reward, go figure. I did the obligatory game restart but nothing. What a joke.
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2021.10.26 15:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Coroner Reveals How Jelani Day Died—but Family Is Still Skeptical | The Daily Beast

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2021.10.26 15:30 Beautiful_Pianist_86 mouse and keyboard on console

I play on the pc, but not at maximum graphics because my pc does not allow, however, on the console I believe I would play with graphics at maximum and enjoy everything the game can offer, but with a joystick gameplay, if a future update could add native keyboard and mouse on the console, I believe a considerable portion of the community would be grateful
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2021.10.26 15:30 BinaryOptionAlliance 🐕🏀 $ShibaBalls 🐕🏀 | 10% rewards in $SHIB every hour 💰| Fair Launched 🤝| Liquidity Locked 🔒| 100x potential or more 🚀 | Anti Whale 🐋 | For more information please join our Telegram

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The token will have tons of upcoming marketing so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.
Our Tokenomics:
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Contract: 0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
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2021.10.26 15:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Top Pentagon official confirms ISIS-K could have capability to attack US in '6 to 12 months' | FOX

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2021.10.26 15:30 siyans What to do next? (Mental and personality disorders, inability to adapt)

To resume quickly what I had in my life (I have a diagnosis of ADHD with mental obsession and maybe some undiagnosed of autism and similar problems)
I jumped cashier to cashier a lot, most of them I never kept any for more than a few months, because I was living with my dad and the moment I didnt like the job and couldn't bare with the "stress" or the boredness I just left. I had one job in a physical job in a storage, but i couldn't bare with the physical strain it was, leff after 2 week
Then I had another job in a storage but was not as demanding and successfully stayed there for 7 years, the main reason i was staying was the salary and its wasnt "that bad". But eventually i couldnt bare anymore with the monotony, i was getting sick mentally very often, that I had to do very monotonous job with no music, most of the time no colleagues to talk to, constant high level of noise etc.. i was "forced" to leave by my own choice.
The i did what we call a vocational college degree in video games programming but the field was very very competitive when i graduated, i couldn't compete because i had nothing more than the degree.
I was jobless for about 1 year and a half living and dilapidating my retirement funds I had, eventually found a job in a board game bar, where I was explaining games. I had super much fun, even if it was quite demanding mentally to do 30+ hours a week, but since the salary wasnt there I had to make big sacrifice, i didn't have almost any kind of entertainment or hobby outside vide games and board game, spending about 50-70$ per month. I barely could fit any or things in the budget, then my health started to decline because of the boredom and it was hard to manage the constant stress of "performing". Eventually they had to fire me, I was very very unable to be productive, had quite important personal problems, weak personal hygiene and unfunctional. I fell deep in depression, got suicidal, i was followed by someone to help but i was seeing everyday with a gray sky. Then a not close family member died and I inherited quite a lot, so I decided on impulse to travel, a friend of mine convinced me to go in China and that he wanted to go to, because he knew a bit because he already went a few times. Weirdly enough I have got an interview there to become an English teacher (white monkey job) The offer of money was really interesting and I had no reason to go back and no "connection" or anything.
But i was sent in a suburb, not at all prepared, I could not get functional, I was quite bored, I didn't know what to do other than sexually date, it was very hard, still tried to do my semester, took the winter vacation and stayed for maybe another 2 months, then i couldn't bare anymore with the stress and came back.
During that summer i did nothing, other than video/ board games, wanting to go back, more prepared, to get back the same salary.
Before the travel back i had a few contacts, of dates and jobs. When I arrived there i meet the first girl, then she helped a lot, even to the point that she asked to stay with her and that we get in a relationship, that there no problem for money that she could help during the time i find a job, but it was too hard to find in the main city, and i was not forcing myself to go work in the many kindergarten and unconsciously school a slightly consciously I profited from her, but she didn't mind as long I was doing the base cleaning and cooking. But eventually because I knew I wouldn't be able to stay I was getting scared of continuing the relationship, talked a lot with her and had to decide that I had to leave.
So after all that i took a mediocre job in a pawnshop, and only because one of my friends was the manager just meanwhile i could find something else. Then I tried to go back physically in university, the university "forced" me to go through a one year adapt to university (doing basic classes with math, biology and chemistry), less than week in, I couldn't bare the sitting down and listening to all kind of information, and that i was not really understanding why i had to go through these classes, i had very big trouble also understanding the class in bio and chem, i did a break down and canceled everything.
Then covid, closed the store i was working, jobless since April 2020, i tried to apply this time to an online university class, where i was able to go (or not) to class and even just do most of the homework and such when i want. But even those, i barely managed to succeed, because of my adhd, personal traits and mental ignorance, i had big trouble with the concept of learning like that, mainly with memorization, and managing stress of an exam during 4h. Basically I dont know how to study, manage my stress and dont the understand the behind the scene of this way of being tested. Where for me its basically a b inary system, either you know the thing now or you dont, no real way to show proof of learning or whatever.
Here an example, one of my classes was learning Japanese, the first beginner class wasnt too bad for me, because I had already some small knowledge about the language. But the second beginner class had a big jump in difficulty, where in the 1st we barely learned to use particule and to listen to very small simple sentences, in the 2nd we had to learn about 50 words (like their direct translation) learn the first 30 or so Kanji, then in the exam there were a part in listening of a 10 line of text spoken then answering questions for comprehension. One part of the exam wss just "translate these sentences" 3 sentences was given, using few word that we had to learn, one word was a "trap" because their is 2 translation in Japanese (like cold weather and cold drink, the word cold doesnt translate the same way) so I did a mistake if using the bad translation for one of those word, then just could remember some, really? I mean is it really how you show knowledge, just nearly pure memorization and that I can't use any tools??
Just before the exam we had a "big" homework (where you can use any material) a part of it was "here some sentences in Japanese, write the number of the part of the sentence that is incorrect and please correct it, one of the sentences felt "grammatically" correct and even when asking on discord with group of people helping with learning Japanese and even asked native Japanese they had a hard time to really find the mistake, it sure sounds un native but cant put the finger on the mistake. Eventually its was some kind of irregularity and when I asked the teacher she said, "it was in the 10 pages of the part of the book you had to go through" then asked where exactly, she showed one sentence example in the book, a one sentence example i wss suppose to learn through this huge chunk?? Wtf...
So now, in here, cant do school and cant do nearly any job that doesnt need diploma, becuase im basically pstd of anything that is not 20+$/h if it boring, I already had a good pay job without much fuss but was insanely killing my brain, why would I choose less salary and worst condition? I cant do that, my health wont be able to support it...
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2021.10.26 15:30 Desperate-invest-56 ADXS very small gains today , buying more

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2021.10.26 15:30 0ri00n [TOMT] Where can I see the rest of the video the footage at 2:15 is a part of?

February Revolution - History of Russia in 100 Minutes (Part 22 of 36) - YouTube
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2021.10.26 15:30 RLCD-Bot [Orange Insidio] [Titanium White Insidio: Ternion] [Orange Rad Rock] [Orange Nipper]

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2021.10.26 15:30 Vanilla_rush177 One of those days where everything sucks

Could barely get out of bed, everything reminds me of him, I know he still cares about me
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2021.10.26 15:30 ThatOneGuy13gt Darkrai raid inviting now

1461 6510 0098
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2021.10.26 15:30 Sapphire580 What statement rhymes and is actually true about you?

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2021.10.26 15:30 TheCrowing420 TV displaying blue in darker areas.

Any help would be appreciated, it just started this morning and I have already factory reseted it, and tried all the suggestions on the Vizio customer service line.
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2021.10.26 15:30 Byrocks Raftel is basically Candy Island

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2021.10.26 15:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - New Tenant Killed by Landlord for Complaining About Heating, Cops Say | The Daily Beast

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