We are all Groot, just got this Hundo today!

2021.10.26 15:15 DanielDelta We are all Groot, just got this Hundo today!

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2021.10.26 15:15 HurryUpIts419 Poor Guy Is Paying For Sneaking Daddy’s Breakfast…!

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2021.10.26 15:15 a-random-pasta Make sure to sub to Lud's new channel (link in comments)

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2021.10.26 15:15 BigDong1142 I feel bad for anyone that’s still using Youtube and Netflix

As I see it, people that are still using the famous streaming apps or platforms, still have no idea about the benefits and advantages of using decentralized streaming dapps.
No person with common logic would choose streaming platforms that provide the bare-minimum, and not caring about their users suffering from slow connection or low quality streaming.
That’s exactly why decentralized streaming platforms are superior, take the Mzaalo dapp as an example, since Mzaalo provides its users with a top-tier streaming experience, where they’re able to stream their favorite series and movies in high definition while also earning real rewards.
Even the AIOZ Tube dapp, a video-sharing platform locally powered values viewers and creators from high-quality content to cryptocurrency, basically providing users and content creators with opportunities to have fun and make profits.
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2021.10.26 15:15 Least2020-2022 今年申请英国大学的中国学生,快被虐哭了...

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2021.10.26 15:15 heliumargon FirePOWER interfaces

Sorry, I know FirePOWER sucks.
I'm trying to enable an interface on the chassis management web GUI. When I click on the slider, it does nothing. Even if I click on the slider for an enabled interface to disable it, nothing happens. I'm using the same priv 15 TACACS account I use on network devices.
Am I missing something? Is it just hot garbage and I need to power cycle it?
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2021.10.26 15:15 King_Queso Thoughts on whether iced latte should have steamed milk or cold milk from the fridge.

I’ve always steamed my milk for iced latte cuz the sweetness comes from the milk being warmed. I’ve noticed at coffee shops they never steam the milk which is why they lack sweetness without the use of syrups.
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2021.10.26 15:15 TragicDog Are there any IT focused Professional Societies out there?

I’m currently at ASU and one of my classes has us looking for professional societies in our field of choice and doing a write up on its requirements and if I’d join or not.
Wondering are there any IT focused professional societies? I don’t think the sysadmin Reddit would work for my prof as an answer.
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2021.10.26 15:15 Apart-Masterpiece393 Corrective payment email sent in error. What a joke.

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2021.10.26 15:15 Gluby3 Pretty damn nice

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2021.10.26 15:15 MajestiTesticles Known Issue: Sometimes the space bar will not register inputs.

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2021.10.26 15:15 willprobdeletethis What’s something you’ve learned from Reddit that you use daily?

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2021.10.26 15:15 jeffnichols86 I’m looking to replace these wooden strips holding the screen in place on my screened in porch. Any idea where I can order these from?

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2021.10.26 15:15 Icy-Thanks-3170 Glucose Control Solutions

I recently had a 100 point variation between 2 BGMs. I began to research control solutions and discovered the techs at my local walgreens had no clue & that my go-to local independent did not stock due to lack of demand. That puzzled me.
A very simple Google search yielded a sample of articles from about 5 years ago with the same theme. Control solutions were a key element of self care, but somehow they were just left on the shelf.
Above are 3 links to 3 articles
I am curious about this groups experiences and use of control solutions.
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2021.10.26 15:15 SteelyLuke 52 [M4R] Former Army man and current Cop here to chat about work drama

Hey, as the title says I was in the US army for a bit, obviously when I was younger and now I'm an officer. I would love to chat about stuff relating to our jobs and share details and drama about what happens at your workplace.
Sharing experiences and talking about chicks is what I'm looking for so if you wanna do that I'm your guy. If you wanna hear some stories and drama, or some lockerroom chat relating to ladies, feel free to DM me with some details about you and we can go and chat on kik.
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2021.10.26 15:15 niuz-bot Cîmpeanu: În luna decembrie, dacă nu vom avea o rectificare bugetară, va fi o problemă cu plata salariilor - [Educatie]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/educatie-stiinta/2021/10/26/cimpeanu-in-luna-decembrie-daca-nu-vom-avea-o-rectificare-bugetara-va-fi-o-problema-cu-plata-salariilor--803567
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2021.10.26 15:15 TypeBudget9110 Rated RKBro when?

You gotta admit, Edge, Randy, and Riddle would be really fun.
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2021.10.26 15:15 KrazyKelvin179 Survival SMP with lore, factions, 100+ members, and more!

Join the discord to be whitelisted: https://discord.gg/8X8nQ6KTjN
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2021.10.26 15:15 TheOldUnknown New Video: The Missing Enigma YouTube Channel Discusses The Aaron Hedges Case

The 2014 Aaron Hedges Disappearance Aaron Hedges and his two friends went on a hunting trip in the Crazy Mountains on September 5th, 2014. When the two friends came back from the mountains Aaron was not with them.
The popular YouTube channel The Missing Enigma has released a new a video on the 2014 Aaron Hedges disappearance and it is well worth watching. This case was featured in the 2016 book Missing 411 - Hunters and in the 2019 documentary Missing 411 - Hunted. I have discussed the Hedges case with The Missing Enigma and we both agreed the Missing 411 version does not really hold up to scrutiny. This OP is just a short summary of the case.
David Paulides has said the following about the case (Hunters, p. 152-157):

Deconstruction The Montana Pioneer article
So what distances are David Paulides referring to? In Hunters (p. 156) Paulides writes: "The same article I quoted earlier [Montana Pioneer- 3 Oct, 2015] stated that for Aaron to get to he location at the ranch, he would've made a cross-country hike for fifteen miles in deep snow. He didn't have have skis or snowshoes, and he would have been off trail. Oh, don't forget.: he had to do it barefoot. ... Point to point I have it at 13 miles. Remember, nobody walks air miles in the mountains. In the Crazy Mountains, you could easily double that mileage.".
The premise of the Missing 411 version is that Aaron Hedges walked a mind-boggling distance in inclement weather, but is this really the case? David Paulides' source Aaron Hedges walked off-trail for fifteen miles in deep snow is an article in published in the Montana Pioneer. The main problem is that this article never says that, I have linked to the article so that you can read it for yourself.
It is unclear why David Paulides' summary of the Montana Pioneer article is so inaccurate, but it is.
Aaron Hedges was a chronic alcoholic
David Paulides never tells his readers and viewers this, but Aaron Hedges was falling apart mentally and physically because he was a chronic alcoholic. Aaron was prescribed chlordiazepoxide and the hunting trip was a spur of the moment thing for him and his two friends complained he was not prepared for the trip. Aaron was in a bad shape and his wife did not want him to go on the trip, Aaron's brother thought Aaron was suicidal. Aaron was described as agitated before and during the trip.
One of the friends said Aaron Hedges usually drank a pint of Jack Daniel's per day and that Aaron did not have a lot of alcohol with him on the trip. The friend felt it was Aaron's intention was to dry out during the trip and to go through his withdrawal process alone. Before and during the trip Aaron was agitated and Aaron's brother told investigators Aaron was losing his friends and family due to his severe addiction.
Aaron Hedges and his friends were poaching elk
It is not mentioned in Missing 411 the trio broke the law and hunted elk on private property. In the early morning of September 7th Aaron Hedges left the two friends, Aron had lost his sleeping bag in a mule wreck they said. The two friends were deceptive during interviews and told investigators they spent that night at Campfire Lake (see map below), but investigators never found this campsite. Instead they found some of Aaron Hedges' arrows at Sunlight Lake, the very camp the friends claimed Aaron could not found. The two friends refused to share much information with investigators something that hampered the search for Aaron.
In his Missing 411 book David Paulides claims the two friends diligently searched for Aaron Hedges, but his is not the case. When they were interviewed by Park County investigators on September 12 they admitted they never looked Aaron Hedges. They also said they thought Aaron was probably already dead, because he was in a bad mental state and because he did not have the skill to survive the snow storm.
There is no evidence Aaron Hedges was lost
David Paulides reiterates the idea Aaron Hedges could not find the Sunlight Lake Trail fork, but there is no evidence Aaron could not find this fork. There is no evidence Aaron was lost at all and it appears Aaron and the two friends camped at Sunlight Lake on September 7th, not at Campfire Lake. The angry and agitated Aaron voluntarily left his friends in the morning of September 7th and he followed the Sweet Grass Trail (see map below) toward the Sweet Grass Ranch. It is likely Aaron reached the location where his boots were found in the afternoon of September 7th, based on statements made by the two friends.
Two fires were found in the same area as the boots (and other personal items) and this indicates Aaron Hedges camped there. At 8.35 pm on September 9th (two days after Aaron "went missing") Aaron sent the two friends a text saying "I will call U tonight". This is evidence Aaron was alive on September 9th and at this point he was less than three miles from a local ranch. It is important to note the text did not say "Help! I am lost!", it did not have an air of desperation and despair. Investigators were only allowed to read this one text and they felt there were text responses they did not read.
When interviewed the two friends told investigators they never searched for Aaron Hedges. Why? The most likely reason is Aaron was not missing in their eyes, they knew what he was doing and approximately where he was (hunting on private property) near the Sweet Grass Ranch. It seems the two friends contact with Aaron on September 10th and when they came back from the mountains they called Aaron's wife and asked her if Aaron was still alive.
The mysterious boots
The Missing Enigma contacted Sheriff Alan Ronneberg (who is interviewed in the Missing 411 documentary) and Sheriff Ronneberg wrote the following:
"I guess the biggest question everyone has is about the boots left by the falls. If you are an archery hunter in this area is not uncommon to take a pair of sneakers or moccasin’s with you in your pack. Once you spot an animal you take off your trail shoes and put on moccasins to make less noise while stalking. I believe that is what explains the boot’s where they were found. Anyone with out shoes would have not been able to travel very far, due to the shale that surrounded the area.".
Please remember that Aaron Hedges was hunting elk and that he had access to caches.
The fifteen miles off-trail hike in deep snow
This is probably the biggest mistake David Paulides makes, Aaron Hedges did not walk 15 miles in deep snow. Aaron left his two friends on September 7th, when the weather was still good. The storm hit the Crazy Mountains three days later on September 10th (the last day of the hunting trip). Paulides for some reason thinks it started snowing on September 7th. Paulides writes "I have no idea how the people traveled those distances", but the most likely scenario is Aaron walked whatever distance he travelled.
David Paulides also claims Aaron Hedges was off-trail and that you can easily double the mileage in the Crazy Mountains, but his is not the case. You have to follow the various trails and trails have fixed distances. It is virtually impossible to double the distance and there is no evidence Aaron walked 30 miles as suggested by Paulides.
An aerial view of the Sweet Grass Trail. The distance between the boots and the farm houses is less than three miles.
Parts of the Sweet Grass Trail.
The Sunlight Lake Trail (that Aaron Hedges could not find according to his friends).
The day Aaron Hedges died
Aaron Hedges most likely died on the last day of the hunting trip (September 10th) and he died on private property. This is the same day the storm hit the mountains and there are no indications that Aaron walked a significant distance when it snowed as he was already in this area. Aaron's backpack, bow, Magnum revolver, elk call, food, water, thermos, prescription drugs, binoculars, knife et c were found between the Sweet Grass Ranch and other houses on the Rein property.
These items were found in 2015 and the remains were found a year later on property owned by another man (not the Rein family). The distance between these two locations is about a mile. Sheriff Alan Ronneberg told The Missing Enigma the following: "There was only about 30 % of skeletal remains that were found along with clothing in about a 100 yard square. There was enough evidence found to positively identify who they belonged to and what had happened to cause Aaron’s death.".
According to the Park County investigation Aaron Hedges' body had most likely been buried by a bear, but Sheriff Alan Ronneberg believes the predation took place after Aaron had died. The cause of death was determined to be hypothermia. A nurse The Missing Enigma and I spoke to said the following: "When I worked on the detox unit, the alcoholics always scared me because they would suddenly crash. I always made sure we had patent IV sites in place since I would need to IV push Ativan on them. Sometimes every 2 minutes or so until heart rate would go down. Sometimes their pulse would go into the 200's. If Aaron had that happen he could have eventually suffered a cardiac event that killed him.".
Chronic alcoholics fare worse in inclement weather according to the book Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries. The odds were really against Aaron Hedges on this trip.
Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injurius (p. 47)
Summary The approximate location where Aaron's remains were found
Sheriff Alan Ronneberg told The Missing Engima: "In a nut shell Aaron was doomed after the first half mile of the trip. There were so many mistakes and poor decisions made by everyone involved, each miscalculation accumulated and compounded to the end result.".
It is clear the Missing 411 version is incorrect and there is no evidence something unnatural/supernatural occurred. David Paulides gets basic details wrong, like dates and distances and he never mentions Aaron's alcoholism, the poaching, the two friends deceptive nature and so on.
There is no tangible evidence Aaron Hedges was lost or that he walked an impossible distance, Aaron was close to civilisation during the entire trip and he followed a well-maintained trail along the Sweet Grass Creek. If Aaron was lost he could have kept going - the nearest farm was less than hour away from where his boots were found - a location Aaron most likely reached the first day he was "missing". Aaron had three or four days to to walk less than three miles to safety, but it is apparent Aaron actively avoided this farm and the Sweet Grass Ranch.
Aarons remains were found about a mile from where he made his last makeshift camp. There is no evidence Aaron did not have second pair of footwear and Sweet Grass County investigators found enough of his bones to rule out animal predation. The 2014 search area was unfortunately too narrow and Sheriff Alan Ronneberg told The Missing Enigma: "I think you’re correct in assuming that Aaron was out of the search area the first night.". The two friends vague answers made it virtually impossible for SAR to find Aaron.
The Aaron Hedges case is a very personal and tragic event where a man burdened by his inner struggles finally lost the battle during a hunting trip.
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2021.10.26 15:15 _Haruhi_ Happens all the time

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2021.10.26 15:15 Ivaylo12 Receiving less than 90% of supposed rewards

The last 3 cycles I have received around 90% rewards of what I was supposed to receive.
I stake my xtz with Everstake. Anybody else have the same issue? Is this because they recently increased their fee to 15%?
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