Expert în energie: ”Suntem singura ţară din Uniunea Europeană care are cu 55% emisii mai puţin decât nivelul din 199” - [Articole]

2021.10.26 14:17 niuz-bot Expert în energie: ”Suntem singura ţară din Uniunea Europeană care are cu 55% emisii mai puţin decât nivelul din 199” - [Articole]

România are cel mai mic nivel de emisii (de gaze cu efect de seră) per capita din ţările Uniunii Europene şi este şi singura ţară… Mai departe »
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2021.10.26 14:17 HarleyHeel Come and rub my soles

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2021.10.26 14:17 niuz-bot Bolnavii de la Spitalul Judeţean Timişoara au primit plăpumi, iar cei internaţi la Terapie Intensivă se încălzesc cu pături electrice şi cu ajutorul aparatelor de climatizare, după ce Colterm nu mai furnizează agent termic - [Articole]

Bolnavii de la Spitalul Judeţean Timişoara au primit plăpumi şi pături pentru a se încălzi, după sistarea furnizării agentului termic, în timp ce la Terapie… Mai departe »
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2021.10.26 14:17 SunshotDestiny Trying to make a CC witch

So my intent is to try to make a witch built around cc and general making everyone who she comes up against just save vs suck. Originally she was going to go shadow but as a ley-line archetype I realized the witch spell list just doesn't really support going illusion/enchantment like say a sorcerer. It's more geared towards necromancy and enchantment, which is what I was going to focus on.
However since a lot of enchantment spells are mind effecting, as well as the powerful evil eye hex, I was going to take a 1 level dip into crossblood sorcerer. This would give me the ability to affect undead via the undead bloodline as if they were regular humanoids, and beasts including magical beasts (like say gargoyles) via the serpent bloodline. I would also get one spellcasting feat that I would put into spell penetration, and one spell which is where I would pick up arcane armor since it really is the only spell I could use all game with only one spell casting level in sorcerer.
As for the character herself she would start as a human with 7 str / 12 dex / 14 con / 19 int / 11 wis / 14 cha. The cha is so she would be able to use her archetype ability 5 times a day to boost the spell casting level of her spells. I would get both spell focus on enchantment, with the next two feats being in ranged and heighten metamagic and then taking the point blank and precision feats. At level 5 I would do the aforementioned dip as that would be when the insanity patron would give hideous laughter. From there...not sure.
For the hexes I would take the frost hex for more ac since it is passive, then the evil eye and cackle hexes for making enemies take a -2 and later -4 to saving rolls. Not sure what to take besides slumber and greater slumber after that.
For mythic path I was going azata since as a good character she would get the most out of the abilities such as zippy magic and favorable magic, taking the latter first. Also picking up best jokes first so the hideous laughter could spread on a single cast.
This is pretty much all I have at the moment. Any advice on how to proceed from there?
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2021.10.26 14:17 legos45 📌Official Weekly Request Thread; Post all your requests for laptop suggestions in this thread instead of on the general front page of the sub. Only DEALS should be posted outside of this thread! See request guidelines inside📌

📷🔶 Official Request Thead This request is only for laptops from Canada, if you're seeking a laptop in the U.S or Europe, please visit;
◼️ laptopdeals for suggestions on the American market.
◼️ laptopdealseurope for suggestions on the European market.
To make a request for laptop suggestion for just about any purpose, please copy and paste the texts below in the comment bar and replace the "Text here" texts with your actual responses for the laptop you want. Our moderators and or knowledgeable users will respond to your request in short order.
◽️ Budget: Text here
◽️ Country: Canada
◽️ Screen size: Text here
◽️ Touch screen: Text here
◽️ Screen resolution: Text here
◽️ Does battery life matter ?: Text here
◽️ What tasks will laptop be used for ( gaming, video editing, graphic designing, modelling, regular computing tasks, word processing etc) ?: Text here
◽️ Weight: Text here
◽️ Any other important details ?: Text here
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2021.10.26 14:17 PursuitOf_Everything Good Morning Routines Are So Clutch

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2021.10.26 14:17 Revolutionary-Survey C’mon Gus

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2021.10.26 14:17 vm5662 $MCAD High chance this can go like $HLBZ. Entire float is 6.5M with merger meeting tomorrow even if 50% redemptions it can go 25$ easily. With 90% redemptions 50$ easily.

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2021.10.26 14:17 Better_Tooth $15 for downloading app

Hi! 👋 Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash rewards.
Also you can sign up for SoFi Money. Hi! 👋 Join me on SoFi Money. You can save, spend, and earn interest—all in one account. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get a $25 bonus.
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2021.10.26 14:17 drafapuri 2017 Day Dodge Ram 1500 64K Miles: Cruise Control Won’t Turn On

Visited my Dad & he said that his cruise control in his truck won’t turn on. Said that there was one day it turned back on 3 months ago and then the next day it wouldn’t turn on and has stayed off since then.
I told him I’d ask the reddit pros what they think about this. Any thoughts or advice on where I should start?
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2021.10.26 14:17 _ThankU-next What is this "Pretty Priviledge" and why hasn't it affected me?

Put into summary, I'm a short, VERY BELOW average, skinny, immigrant dude, also you'll see me by myself during school most of the time, so everyone know's I'm a loner. Though I'm extremely social, and the reason why currently I'm a loner is due to your average anxiety over nothing problem. Also I live in Sweden.
The thing is EVERYONE in my school treats me so kindly, even though I'm ugly and a loner. They approach me, greet me, they treat me like a friend. My teachers treat me extremely well. When I approach strangers in my school just to socialize, everyone's super friendly. When I approach strangers in public with people of all genders/ages, they all treat me super well. Not once have I felt unwanted, or felt like I was treated poorly. Neither in school, or in public.
So what even is this "pretty priviledge". Either I haven't noticed it at all or for some reason it just didnt affect me? Maybe it doesn't matter that much?
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2021.10.26 14:17 OddAssist3 Hire me to get exemplary writing services from a skilled professional. If you have to work and study, I am your to go-to person. You will have peace of mind as I take care of your homework, coursework or assignments.

Hello, I am an expert freelance writer with many years of experience in assisting students get excellent grades throughout their studies by delivering authentic and quality papers in a timely manner For a price of just $15 per page, I can guarantee you top class work. You don’t have to worry about your money because you only pay after you see the work and are satisfied. Email the assignment details to so that I can review it and we can strike a deal. Thank you as you reach out to the best services in the market.
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2021.10.26 14:17 Kinghluz0101 N pergunte por que

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2021.10.26 14:17 cyphersk8 Blocked device still active.

I've got a private device that I can not find in my house anywhere, that seems to be accessing the internet and uploading/downloading according to the activity tab in the app. I've paused, then blocked, the device and it still shows it as active every minute and the activity tab is still increasing.
What's the point of blocking if it doesn't actually block it?
I've looked at every iOs device I have thinking it would be a private address on a phone or tablet, but they're all still connected and communicating fine with a different mac address. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.26 14:17 kelvinjannsens It's that time again!🤩 If you missed the opportunity and haven't been able to read all the happenings in last week, go ahead and check the summary below! 📃

It's that time again!🤩
If you missed the opportunity and haven't been able to read all the happenings in last week, go ahead and check the summary below! 📃
📆A Minute with EPNS – Week #53:
📢 Spread the word:
Let's $PUSH for #Web3Notifs
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2021.10.26 14:17 springlockman would you like to see this fight (doll/small edition )

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2021.10.26 14:17 Striking_Cockroach69 this is so true it hurts

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2021.10.26 14:17 sacredsensuality22 Hi :) Just found out about this sub. Nice to ‘meet’ you!

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2021.10.26 14:17 Michael212427 Tube LED usb lights

Hey I have these cheap LED stick lights they push on Amazon. They have horrible timers on them and bad controls. The usb power supply sucks and gets warm and usually dies in a month. Question: the 5V 4A power supply dies eventually is it too weak to power them? Is there a better usb power supply I could be using?
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2021.10.26 14:17 constable2 Must have been in the discount bin.

Must have been in the discount bin.
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2021.10.26 14:17 MemesDr 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮 Based true map of Finland 💪💪💪🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🥵🥵

🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮 Based true map of Finland 💪💪💪🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🥵🥵 submitted by MemesDr to 2nordic4you [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 14:17 One-Trust3988 Boi

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2021.10.26 14:17 apope71603 That shake

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2021.10.26 14:17 Cardanoboy I need to find all the content of a webpage from 1 year ago! Please help

Before you start reading my post, please be aware that I am not a programmer and I do now know nothing about developing and designing a website.
This post is work related. I have a costumer that updated his webpage. For updating a webpage you receive a subsidy. But in order to receive a subsidy, you need to show the previous webpage and a new one (the updated one) - so the subsidy grantor can compare them. I have a problem because my business partner who created the new webpage, did not take all the screenshots before he started working on it.
Is here anyone that is able to give me some tips and info how to get these old screenshots and old links? WAYBACK MACHINE does not show all the links of the old webpage and screenshots are distorted.
I am really worried because there is a lot of money on the line and I love my job.
Do you need any additional info for this?
Best regards
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2021.10.26 14:17 Lazermissile Thinking of having laminate installed over my existing tile floor

I had a flooring contractor cancel on me when doing work on my kitchen remodel. Due to a time crunch, I had to hire someone last minute, and the workmanship was poor.
The tile area being considered is over 500 sqft, and all my cabinets sit on top of the tile.
Due to the tile floor cracking and some of the grout coming loose, I have discussed options with a reputable flooring contractor, and he suggested placing laminate on top of the existing tile.
He said the transitions will be better afterward, and if we don't remove the tile we'll save money since the trim around the doorways and floor won't need to be replaced.
Has anyone had this completed in the past? What was your experience? Anything I need to consider? Are you happy with how the job turned out? Any pictures?
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