Pluto inu, what do you guys think of it? MC at only 1376$

2021.10.26 15:16 mhadi100 Pluto inu, what do you guys think of it? MC at only 1376$

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2021.10.26 15:16 dirtyharrison Bryson Gray AMA this Thurs. 8pm ET on r/TheDonaldTrump2024 to talk his Let's Go Brandon song, Trump 2024, and more!

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2021.10.26 15:16 Wolfslayer256 Cmon Susan

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2021.10.26 15:16 dizzygap188 How to shape Danish

How to shape Danish My partner requested this shape for my next batch of danishes. I am having difficulty finding a technique on the internet and I was hoping someone here knew. The filling was placed in the middle and the dough baked around it to make a nice, thick border. Is it as simple as cutting the dough in a circle and flattening the middle and allowing it to rest before baking?

Local bakery creation. I wish mine looked this good. Maybe one day :)
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2021.10.26 15:16 DawdlingPinkLady Giving ‘tude because I pushed him off my work keyboard. Bratty Bruce!

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2021.10.26 15:16 ALittleSketchyArt Lucky #0123!!! RoboBabies Skeleton Collection .003 ETH NO GAS! 1/1 Link in Comments!

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2021.10.26 15:16 Snhyp Grey Barrel with Yellow accents, Box Thruster, Droid & Tie - Euclid 3 star Vy'keen system

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2021.10.26 15:16 coollamborghini Melon Collie

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2021.10.26 15:16 MoAss_Mo_Mayo Loopring Quarterly Update: 2021/Q3. Describes the "foundation of a new NFT Marketplace that is being built by a partner and set to be launched sometime in Q4". This sounds very bullish

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2021.10.26 15:16 Connorx15 Any timer on drops?

I ran Andariel on hell with 350+ mf
got an eld rune and a low level blue brandistock.
that is it, nothing else.
I also ran Nihlathak on hell and got one health pot.
that is it, nothing else.
Those are shit drops on normal nevermind hell, they are shit drops from a act 1 normal elite.
is there any restrictions that could cause this level of pathetic
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2021.10.26 15:16 Bvskuik Had to do it

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2021.10.26 15:16 DHAHEXADA Necesito ayuda o algún consejo no se que hacer con mi relación de 8 meses

Tengo 18 años, actualmente llevo una relación de 8 meses con una chica, eh experimentado estos últimos meses el sentimiento de querer dejar la relación pues me invade un sentimiento de estar en el lugar incorrecto, a veces en los momentos de pelea llegan a mi mente todo lo que podría hacer si no estuviera con ella, es muy extenso todos los pensamientos que me invaden, no me malinterpreten la paso genial y realmente la quiero solo que al estar solo llega a pensar eso.
Al momento de escribir esto llevo desde la noche de ayer peleado con ella por algo estúpido, hoy si que lo eh intentado ella resolver pero actué mal. ella es buena solo que a veces pienso cosas, me gusta pero no entiendo el sentimiento, los leo
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2021.10.26 15:16 dirtyharrison Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... well, I won’t get fooled again

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2021.10.26 15:16 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (10/?)

Writers note: IDK how to do the first/next/last stuff. Don't care to learn, waffle takes care of that anyways. so you get the next best thing. here's the previous chapter Also, in your imagination I want you to imagine Kraug with Idris Elba's voice/accent.
James had never met a quartermaster who was more quartermaster-ish than Kraug.
He had also never seen an actual Orc before.... like Kraug.
When they rang the bell hanging over the quartermaster counter, a loud crashing sound was heard in the room behind. Followed by some loud swearing, using several words that James didn't recognize, but he understood the emotions behind them just fine.
And then a nearly eight foot tall dark green and brown skinned behemoth stepped into view. At first the behemoth's head wasn't even visible because it was up above the window at the counter. He had to lower it down to speak to them, revealing a face that looked like it had been used as a punching bag for his entire life and two huge tusks, one of which was broken about an inch below it's point. His left eye was sewn shut, a scar running from the top of his head, over the eye and down the side of his neck. He was wearing a leather apron covered in pouches with tools hanging from the belt.
James stared, mouth agape at the mountain of a creature.
"AHA!" The orc exclaimed. "The great and glorious wolf captain graces Kraug with her presence."
"Well." Kela replied. "Someone has to class this place up a bit. Remind you of what a real soldier looks like." James stood to the side watching the two of them, giant monstrosities that they were, stare each other down.
Then the orc's tusked mouth broke into a smile. Kela's followed suit. The two of them clasped arms at the wrist.
"How are ya fuzzball?" The Kraug asked?
"Didn't you hear? I got killed, new pack leader." She gestured to James.
"This little runt?" The quartermaster reached out and lifted James up by his shoulders. James felt like an action figure being handled by a child it had just been gifted to. "He's puny. Even by Human standards. And why's his face look like that?" The orc's hands almost entirely encompassed James's rib-cage.
"I could ask you the same question you moldy leather scrotum!" James exclaimed, angry at the manhandling.
"HA!" Kraug looked at Kela, still not putting James back on his feet yet. "He talks like he actually has a set of tusks in his head." Kraug began looking at James's mouth. "You got tusks hiding in there little man?"
"Keep manhandling me like this and maybe you'll find out! Put me down!"
"I would listen to him Kraug." Kela interrupted. "He will do it. Hell, he tried fighting me, ass in the wind, with no weapons."
"Really?" The orc asked, incredulously. "That must've been a sight. You must be packin' a set o' giant's balls if you thought you could fight a werewolf like that. Much less the capn' o' the guard."
"More accurate than you might think." Kela grumbled to herself.
"What?" Kraug asked. James was curious if he'd heard her correctly too.
"Nothing." Kela replied.
"Put me down!" James yelled, kicking and flailing like an angry toddler. But the orc's grip was unyielding.
"Alright, alright." Kraug said as he placed James back on his feet. "Now what can I do for you two?"
"James is the new summoned hero. The king has ordered that he be fitted for some proper armor so that we can test his combat prowess." Kela stated. "Got anything that'll fit him?"
Kraug looked unimpressed. "Him?" He said pointing at James. "I mean, I see the badge. But really? Him?"
"Dude. I'm standing right here." James said.
"Yeah, and?" Kraug asked, uncaring.
"Come on Kraug." Kela interjected. "You know how the summoning works. The Gods choose as they please. Now can we get him fitted or not?"
The orc sighed. "Yeah yeah. I'll see what I got." He tossed a knotted piece of string at Kela, who caught it easily. "You still remember what I taught you, right?" He asked.
"Of course."
"Well then, get him measured up. I already got his torso. Get his arms and legs." With this the orc stepped back into the room on the other side of the counter, and out of sight. James could hear clattering and clanging as the orc rummaged through his stores.
"Alright James. Arms out like you're hugging a giant, feet shoulder width apart." Kela instructed him as she approached with the string.
"Like I'm what?"
She grabbed his arms and lifted them up and out to his side. Then she kicked his feet out until he was standing in a position that felt like he was stuck mid jumping jack. "Stay like that." She said.
"Ok?" James replied, and followed her instructions.
The werewolf quickly circled James and placed the string on his thigh, holding it in place with her thumb. It dropped down and she pulled the other end until it was taut and resting against his ankle. Then she used her pointer finger's claw to scratch a symbol into the dirt near his foot.
Then she wrapped the string around his thigh and did the same. She repeated the process for his calf. After getting both legs she did effectively the same thing for his arms. She also measured his feet, and his hands (both palm width and finger lengths). She scratched different symbols into the ground for each measurement. Lastly she measured from the base of his neck, all the way over his head until it touched his nose, and once around the widest part of his head.
Just as she was getting this last measurement Kraug reappeared in the window, a metal breastplate and back plate in his hands, as well as a leather undercoat.
"You always were the quickest fitter I had." He said, admiring Kela's notes in the dirt.
"Well, you made me measure myself every other day during my changes. I learned quick." Kela replied.
Kraug clambered over the desk and kneeled. He absentmindedly handed James the jacket and plating. "Here try that on." He said, but he was focusing on the notes. Curiously, James noted, Kraug wasn't writing anything down. He seemed to be taking mental notes, despite the large amount of symbols scratched into the dirt.
James walked over to the counter and unzipped his uniform jacket, placing it on the counter. He put the undercoat on in it's place. It smelled of some kind of oil or salve, probably to keep it from cracking he thought. But when he put it on it seemed to fit well, a little snug for his taste. But he knew that was probably necessary to make it fit correctly under the plates. It opened and closed sideways, compared to what he was used to, with a set of toggles on his right side. The sleeves were a bit long, so he bunched them up a bit.
The back and breast plates were made of a dull grey steel and fit over his head, just like his IOTBS plate carrier had. It had straps that adjusted how high it sat on the shoulders. A set of buckles on each side fastened it in place over the leather jacket. The small shoulder plates rested just right on the corners of his shoulders.
He didn't have any experience with medieval armor, only the plate carriers that he'd been issued throughout his time in the Army. But somehow, after adjusting the straps, this simple setup felt more comfortable than those ever had. Although he did have a feeling that he would overheat very quickly compared to his normal gear. He turned to face the others, who were still busy analyzing Kela's notes.
"Well, how do I look?" He asked.
"Well well well." Kraug said. "He actually knows how to dress himself." The orc walked up and began checking the fit.
"He was wearing armor, of a sort, when he came here." Kela said. She had a slight grin while looking at him in his armor. "I imagine the concept is fairly straightforward no matter what world you're in."
Kraug wasn't listening, he was too busy checking the armor. "Sleeves a touch long, have to shorten those. Shoulder plates are fittin' real nice. Here, twist and turn real quick."
James did as he was told.
"How'd that feel?" Kraug asked.
"Not bad." James replied. "Definitely won't be doin' yoga in this. But not bad."
"Who's Yoga?" He looked at Kela. "He already found a bed warmer? I thought he'd only been here a few days." he slammed an oversized knuckle into James's new chest-plate. "Not bad, HERO!"
"What? No." James responded. "Yoga's an exercise dude."
"I bet she is. Or is it a he? No judgment either way little man."
"Are we good Kraug?" Kela interrupted. "We still have things to do. Besides, the king explicitly ordered me to pay a visit to Jurl before the day ends."
"Did he now? King takes that much interest in your love life eh?"
"Kraug!" Kela exclaimed.
"I'm just messin with ya fuzzball." He slammed James on the back. "Keep that. It fits well enough and it'll do in a pinch. Come back tomorrow and I should have a full set scrounged up, and a better jacket. If I don't then it'll be burnin' up over at Breakbacker's forge."
"Thank you." Kela said.
"Uh yeah, thanks." James added.
Kraug grabbed James by the shoulder and pulled him so he was in front of and facing the giant orc.
"Hero eh?" he asked. He gave James one last looking over. "Hmmm maybe." Then he stuck his arm out.
James took it, clasping it at the wrist like he'd seen Kela do. Just for good measure he squeezed as hard as he could.
"Ha!" Kraug laughed. "Yeah, maybe. Welcome to the world quarter pint."
Then he clambered back over the counter again and disappeared into the room.
James looked back at Kela. "So.... shopping time?"
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2021.10.26 15:16 indietrix_will Donnie Darko turns 20 today- but is it science fiction?

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2021.10.26 15:16 drewannplz dallas texas? 🤠 🧙🏼‍♀️ 🔮

looking for covens or groups that actively meet in person in the dfw area
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2021.10.26 15:16 gapingvogue1 Earn money with Thrust while you sleep!

Thrust is very good, understandable, because it is you don't have to stake or farm; you will get rewards directly into your wallet.
Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes - You don't need to claim your earned tokens as they are automatically sent to your wallet.
You buy tokens and hold them, you’ll automatically receive rewards in your wallet. Not a single action is required.
Your rewards tokens amount is persistent and won’t change.
How do I buy THRUST?
You can buy THRUST
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2021.10.26 15:16 Chokkkol I’ve never posted here before but pls rate my Zhongli build!

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2021.10.26 15:16 ShadowDong420 First Oblade

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2021.10.26 15:16 Shirtless_Shane You plugged what into your accessory outlet?

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2021.10.26 15:16 CryptographerLast529 Transferring here

hey yall, im currently a freshman at Mason, but I am seriously thinking about transferring to UVA. UVA was my all time no. 1 school. For someone like me who's at a virginia state school, can i get an overview on transfer student requirements?
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2021.10.26 15:16 ZoolShop COVID Cases Keep Falling

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2021.10.26 15:16 Spartan_Beast_99 ummm.... oh-kaaaaaaaaay... I mean, if you say so... i guess. how about no thanks?

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2021.10.26 15:16 Siddhant178 They were serving messi at a local store

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2021.10.26 15:16 txiao007 Santa Clara County Preps for Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids

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