How do I know if I’m allergic to oranges

2021.10.22 07:35 idk-idk-idk-idk-- How do I know if I’m allergic to oranges

My whole life I’ve struggled to eat oranges. I can eat like one slice but after that eating more makes my tongue hurt a lot. Even after only one slice it can start to hurt but happens quicker if I have more. It can make my throat hurt too, mainly my tongue tho. It can cause my tongue to have sores on it that hurt a lot and stay there for a few days. It only happens with oranges and similar citrus fruit.
How do I know if this is a mild allergy or not
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2021.10.22 07:35 bee1492 FP just left, I feel numb and like I’m going to explode all at the same time.

I needed extra reassurance last night and expressed how I felt and she completely lashed out on me. Told me I was ungrateful and that she couldn’t live up to my high expectations.
Also implied that I was too much to deal with. I tried to warn her from the beginning but she promised nothing would end up. She lied and my trust is broken. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust someone else again.
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2021.10.22 07:35 minaaskide2001 U and I yatora yahuchi edit// blue period 💙edit

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2021.10.22 07:35 sportifynews Pension fund for Texas firefighters reportedly allocates $25M to Bitcoin and Ether

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2021.10.22 07:35 nirai07 I think I got quite lucky during my trip to the bookstore today.

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2021.10.22 07:35 Crillegaming Rkklfkfkeldlf

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2021.10.22 07:35 gandalfintasagi Spor programi

Beyler evimde dumbell seti ve barflks demiri var. Bana baslangic seviyedi ust vucut antrenman programi lazim
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2021.10.22 07:35 SleepyJuiceee Girl Advice

So i (21M) have discovered a girl i liked for a long time is now single and i texted her 2 days ago and talked for a little and then asked for her to hang out and she said she would let me know when she gets her next work schedule.
I didnt text her yesterday bc i didnt want to text her every day so i dont come off as desperate or something.
Im very inexperienced with girls and ive only had 1 gf before in high school but im just having anxiety attacks bc i want to date this girl but im so nervous i havent been able to sleep or operate normally.
I guess my question is how can i stop panicking? How often should i text her? What are some tips/things i can do to make her interested in me? And any other things you can tell me to help me bc im in such a panic mode i cant even eat, i know it sounds extreme i cant eat or sleep but this is just how i am...i have terrible social anxiety but i dont want it to get in the way for this girl.
Thank you for any help!
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2021.10.22 07:35 naninog Fuck an interesting title. I'm fucked. Who wants to chat? 40 m Australia

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2021.10.22 07:35 Daragh_Leeds_united Offers ???

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2021.10.22 07:35 4PigsInMyTeam These giraffes are locked in some rooms, most of them are pastel colours, and YOU guys can help to release them by buying them! Every bought giraffe will be released in the upcoming months with a beautiful view behind them! Link in the comments!

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2021.10.22 07:35 sportifynews Pension fund for Texas firefighters reportedly allocates $25M to Bitcoin and Ether

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2021.10.22 07:35 Coco_Ardo Usefull btc links. What would you add?

Generell Look into the Blockchain for fees, adresses etc
Mix your coins
Calculate your vbytes/ transaction
Find an ATM
Find LN stores
KYC bitcoin, without own phonenumber recieve
Send SMS
Nodes Find LN channels
Explore the LN
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2021.10.22 07:35 _Dragon___ This screen is kinda hard

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2021.10.22 07:35 zapfen23 instant karma for driver almost causing crash (dashcam video) #shorts

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2021.10.22 07:35 Feisty-Mixture340 NEOVIM- Telescope is showing half of the icons

currently i'm using NvChad with NVIM v0.5.1. The icons in sidebar and tabs are shown correctly but, icons in telescope searching are shown half of them as
Screen shot
What's the issue ? I changed my font and used Devicons Font(Hack), and still not working.. any idea ?
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2021.10.22 07:35 Inside-Reception-363 Quantum meowchanics quite interesting... I think :)

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2021.10.22 07:35 Vazmeister03 How do you defend in online matches??

I swear since passing tier 15 my defenders have been acting like idiots. Always all over the place and the opponent's strikers get clean through on goal. I could outscore until tier 13 and now I'm stuck. How do you defend? Any tips or tricks? I wait before I press the B button but my defenders always run all over the place and the player switching by the game is atrocious
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2021.10.22 07:35 akooi Intern at startup vs government agency?

I have an opportunity to either intern at a start up or a government agency. It is a data/tech role. I was wondering if one would be a better option than the other, not just in terms of experience but I’m wondering if one looks better on the resume.
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2021.10.22 07:35 KassyQueen Tried my hand at a weird dialogue piece, any feedback would be insanely appreciated

There is a sudden explosion of pain and shock. You reel and resist as you feel every fibre of your being ripped apart and then everything stops. You were unable to open your eyes with the pain but now you attempt it.
You find yourself in a small study. An impressive bookshelf filled to the brim with books. A small lamp to the side giving off a dim yellow glow to the room. You can feel the fur of the carpet floor beneath you and the flow of warm air that circulates the room.
You look around and then note a wooden wall and a large window but are shocked to find that beyond the window is nothing but utter oblivion.
Then you hear the sound of a large tome close from behind you. As you turn you see a middle-aged individual sitting on a long plush sofa.
A leather-bound book closed in one hand and a wine glass half full in the other. The features are confusing, for a second you see long flowing blonde hair and small bright blue eyes then in another instant short black hair and wider green eyes. But there was a sense of weariness shown through those eyes.
The individual stands, smiles at you and walks past you. The wine glass is placed on the oak desk that lies between you and the bookshelf; the desk had not been there before. This unknown person then finds the sole empty slot in the bookshelf that you had not noticed earlier and places the book.
“Who are you? Why am I here?” you ask. Heated and confused.
The individual seems to look over the bookshelf for a moment and makes a barely audible sound as they pull a different book. Even as the individual does so you note their height shift, the bodily features going from widened hips to narrow and almost gaunt features.
“What is this place?” you ask. Your blood boils now, angry at being ignored.
The individual turns towards you and moves towards the large cushioned chair that has seemingly appeared out of nothing and takes a seat. With one tug the book in the individual’s hand flutters open and settles roughly halfway through the book.
“Sit,” the individual says. The voice is identical to your own. You look behind you to find a similar chair waiting.
You sit, it is perhaps the most comfortable chair you have ever sat on. It feels welcoming, and familiar. The anger subsides only marginally until you then turn back to look at the individual who seems to have turned their attention to the book in their hands.
“You haven’t answered my questions,” you say. Gripping the sides of the chair in frustration.
The individual continues to ignore you and reaches for the glass of wine. You instantly reach for it but it is no longer there. You turn to look at the individual who now holds the glass and proceeds to sip from it.
“What is the meaning of this?” you ask.
The individual sighs and looks up at you, a weary smile on their face.
“I suppose this is the end,” the individual responds. The room feels colder suddenly. You look around and you instinctively find yourself looking at the Window. The once complete blackness now contains a spark of a light that to you seems utterly insignificantly small but is visible against the dark.
“What do you mean the end?” you ask, now afraid. ‘Are you dead?’ you think to yourself.
“You all are,” the individual responds. Responding to your question as though they had heard it. You pause, wondering about the meaning of the individual’s response.
“All?” you ask.
“Yes. All,” they reply.
“What happened?” you ask.
“Does it really matter?” they ask back. You stop to think.
“I suppose not,” you reply. “But I think I’d still like to know.”
“My time is almost up here. Are you sure that’s what you’d like to know? It’s a pretty long story.”
“Would it help if I knew?” you ask.
“Not really,” the individual replies.
“Is there anything you can tell me that would help?”
“That depends. Help you? Depends on what you think would help you.”
“That’s pretty vague,” you respond, somewhat irritated by the feeling of ignorance and your inability to understand the situation you are in.
‘Is this God? They said I’m dead. This must be the afterlife. But what can I do?’
“I’m not God. Not in a sense that you would understand the term anyway. You are dead, though we would suggest you think larger than yourself, you’re going to need to soon enough. In a sense this is your afterlife. We could call it hell but it isn’t as bad as you would think.”
“How are you doing that?” you ask, put off by the individual’s ability to listen to your thoughts.
“We’ll answer any question you think of. It’s the least we can do. But if the question is too long we’ll give you a heads up so we don’t waste both of our time.”
You look once more out the window, noticing that the light is growing brighter ever so slightly.
“What is this place?”
“Well. It’s a prison in a way really. You can call it an observatory, or a waiting room. The others call it a classroom.”
“Too long.”
You stop to wonder again.
“What do you do here then? Why is it called a classroom?”
“Well short answer, I read. I watch. And I wait. It’s called a classroom because we’re supposed to learn something while we’re here. But it seems we’ve never learnt enough to be let out. So we like calling it a prison.”
“What are you waiting for?”
“We wait for the end of all of us.”
“And who are you?”
“Well, you know us pretty well. All of you are all of us. We’re Humanity.”
You stop. ‘... “All of you?” ...what does that mean?’
“It means you are Humanity too. You’re just at the start, and we’re at the end. You look a bit different. we won't lie. But not by much. You are all of the humans that ever were in your time. Just as we are all the humans that ever were in ours.”
“So that means when you said we’re all dead…”
It hits you for a long moment. The weight of it all. Tears begin to form and you can feel the coldness flow down your cheeks.
“So, what happens now?” you ask, as you muster yourself back.
“Well. Now we start again. Hopefully this time we don’t fuck it up. Now you get to read through all versions of us that came before if you’d like. Maybe you learn something none of us ever did before.”
The individual looks at the book as they take a sip from the glass.
“We love this stuff. It makes everything feel smoother. This is your book. You can read it if you’d like. While you wait for your time to come.”
With that the individual tosses you the book which you grab in a fumble worried that if it touched the ground it would shatter.
“We tried to read the other ones, but it was very hard. Reading your own book is much easier, but you can always try.”
You hold the book in your hands, it feels heavy. There is no title, the cover is blank but it feels new. Fresh perhaps would be the term.
“So, this is all of us?”
“Now you’re getting it. Yes. That is your story, start to finish.”
“Now where do you go?”
“Out that door,” the individual replies as they gesture behind you. You turn and now see a shimmering gold doorway which had not been there before.
“What’s outside the door?” you ask.
“We don’t know.”
“Are you scared?” you ask.
“Would you be?” they reply.
You leave the question hanging.
“What’s the point?” you then ask. You look out the window and the light is growing larger and larger.
The individual also looks out the window and grunts, downing the last of the wine in their glass.
“Well, the idea is that we, Humanity, get our act together.”
“What do you mean “get our act together”?”
“We have no idea, that’s what we’re supposed to figure out, we guess.”
“But how do you do that from here?”
“No idea. Which is why we believe this is a prison. A place we go because we failed to learn the lesson.”
“So, we’re here because we also failed to learn our lesson,” you state, starting it off as a question but then seemingly accepting it.
“Maybe. That’s what we think.”
“What did you ask when you came here?”
“It’s been so long now. We were just as confused as you. Maybe a bit more confused actually. We got even more pessimistic answers to be honest. We’re doing our best to be constructive. But it’s not easy.”
You wonder again. Taking it all in.
“Do you think you could have done something differently?” you ask.
“What do you mean?” they ask back, now seemingly confused themselves.
“You read your story; would you have done something differently now that you know this is what comes at the end of it all?”
The individual seems to stop to think. They then turn back to look at the bookshelf, focusing on the spot that they had placed the book they had been reading earlier.
“We don’t know. Maybe we could have tried to keep the clock going a bit longer? Tried to stay away from this prison as much as possible.”
“But how?” you ask.
“We don’t know, we ended up fucking ourselves over. It could have gone a million different ways.”
“We fucked ourselves over too. And I’m willing to bet if we read the ending of each of those books we’ll probably find that happening more often than not right?” you say.
“Maybe,” they reply.
“Maybe that’s the lesson then isn’t it?” you say.
“What is?”
“Maybe we have to make sure we don’t fuck ourselves over again. And maybe we won’t come back here,” you say, now far more hopeful than when you appeared in the room.
“So, we have to avoid dying? And for how long? Forever? And what about you? Will you be here forever then?” the individual replies, showing the first signs of frustration just as you had done. You laugh.
“What’s so funny?” the individual asks, furious.
“I’m sorry. That was rude. But you were quite rude when I first showed up here.”
“Yeah, well when we showed up here, we weren’t really given a warm welcome. We tried making it nicer. There’s only so much we can do; you try waiting for eons watching a new version of yourself trying to crawl out of the dirt and destroying themselves again.”
“I’m sure it isn’t easy.”
“You’ll learn,” the individual says, grimly.
You pause for a moment. “Maybe I won’t though,” you say. The light outside the window becomes almost blinding now.
“It looks like our time’s just about up. Got anything else you want to ask or say?” the individual asks as they get up from their chair and slowly make their way around the desk.
“Yeah. Good luck Humanity.”
The individual looks at you for a moment, then scoffs and grins.
“Yeah, you too Humanity. You too.”
With that the shimmering doorway forms into a wooden door. The individual turns the knob and in an instant they are no longer there. The blinding light from the window has faded, once more complete darkness. You look around and note the leather tome in your hand.
With one long deep breath you get up, walk over to the bookshelf and pull out the tome the individual had been reading.
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2021.10.22 07:35 zapfen23 instant karma for driver almost causing crash (dashcam video) #shorts

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2021.10.22 07:35 Aggressive-Airport32 People of Reddit, what screams?

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2021.10.22 07:35 simone3344555 Tropes you don’t like executed well?

Is there a way that a trope you guys generally dislike can be executed that’d be enjoyable for you to read??
I’m actually pretty curious about that since I realized that I actually enjoy the amnesia trope as long as it is the main plot from the very beginning and not just a plot device or worse, a plot twist with the purpose to cause some drama!
So what about you guys? Please let me know if you have a trope like that and how it’d have to be executed in order for you to like it!
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2021.10.22 07:35 Cucktus Song that abruptly ends mid bar

Sorry for the lack of information but I heard a song on a peep playlist and forgot to save it, it just cuts off with a loudish sound
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2021.10.22 07:35 Jack-mclaughlin89 Poison Ivy and Prince Nuada would've been a great team up.

Prince Nuada is the villain in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. He is an Elf who wishes to use an army of Golden Warriors to wipe out humanity as he believes they are destroying the Earth and have caused his people to suffer. Prince Nuada hates humanity yet loves his people and has good intentions and only wants to help the world and his people. His intentions are like Poison Ivy's, one of the key differences is that Nuada hates all humans whereas Poison Ivy seems to have a soft spot for children.
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