8stf3 na5f7 6z3ih 9s73b 3saan 4htd9 4brii d3i77 e4t7a 46s2y ykbyn siz9r y4t9a 5d4ba 2h4ed 579hy y57zn ib27b bs5yr 6nyzs yh3kn Guy I’ve gone on 3 dates with updated his profile after we set up a fourth date. How should I interpret this? |

Guy I’ve gone on 3 dates with updated his profile after we set up a fourth date. How should I interpret this?

2021.09.26 11:18 girlneedshingehelp Guy I’ve gone on 3 dates with updated his profile after we set up a fourth date. How should I interpret this?

We’ve gone on three great dates and slept together on the last two. I’ve been out of town for a couple weeks however I texted him to set up a date in a few days which he seems excited about. However I’ve noticed that he’s changed one of his prompts a couple times since he said yes to another date, which is the first time he’s done this since we started talking about a month ago. Should I read this as him being not that interested?
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2021.09.26 11:18 TheWrinklyDog VINTAGE UNWORN NAVAJO Dragonfly Native American Mexico Mexican Bracelet Necklace Charm Silver Large Huge 8 – 9 Inch Pearl Pearls Bead Beads by Pidgees

VINTAGE UNWORN NAVAJO Dragonfly Native American Mexico Mexican Bracelet Necklace Charm Silver Large Huge 8 – 9 Inch Pearl Pearls Bead Beads by Pidgees submitted by TheWrinklyDog to DamnYam [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 naomiliy Looking for Thermophysical Propertied of Water Substance by J.R.Cooper and E.J.Le Fevre

Pretty small book should only be about 12 pages
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2021.09.26 11:18 CheetahSperm18 Yakuza Girl [Original]

Yakuza Girl [Original] submitted by CheetahSperm18 to animeponytails [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 SignatureHappy8722 Du monde tribute ou dirtytalk no nude

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2021.09.26 11:18 Rude-Category-4049 My new outfit, calling it (Save a Horse) Ride a Cowboy

My new outfit, calling it (Save a Horse) Ride a Cowboy submitted by Rude-Category-4049 to RedDeadOnline [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 ongbak90 To allow Gul'dan to pick talents with low pick rate.

It seems Gul'dan doesn't need a rework. But I'd allow most Gul'dan players to pick other talents by buffing them. I hope they don't depend on Life Drain (W) build.
However Don't worry. Valla, Tychus, and ETC will be picked or banned instead of Gul'dan despite these buffs.

Consume Soul (Lv. 4)
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Active: Instantly kill an enemy Minion and heal for 365 Health. ( Additional ) An mage minion who has had his soul consumed grants Gul'dan a regeneration globe.
( Additional) Range increased from 5.5 to 6
Stores 2 charges.
Note: Gul'dan can gather globes without going near them. This talent can be used like Hanzo's Ignore All Distractions and will have synergy with Healthstone talent.

Hunger for Power (Lv. 7)
Increases Spell Power by 15% but reduces healing received from allies by 25%. ( Additional) This effect can be toggled.
Note: Gul'dan should be able to toggle Hunger for Power like Arthas' Frozen Tempest and Stukov's Fetid Touch.

Bound by Shadow (Lv. 7)
Each enemy Hero hit with Fel Flame reduces the cooldown of Corruption by 1.5 seconds. ( Additional ) Fel Flame gains a 2nd charge.
Note: Gul'dan players doesn't need to peck Q button like a woodpecker. but inner cooldown of 0.5 may exist. This talent can contribute to completion of Echoed Corruption quest earlier.

Healthstone (Lv. 13)
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active: Activate to heal for 25% of Gul'dan's maximum Health. ( Additional ) Gathering a globe reduces its cooldown by 5.
(Additional) Passive: While Healthstone is available, his health regeneration is increased by N(appropriate number) like in Warcraft 3.
Note: Healthstone should be close to or like that in Warcraft 3. I hope this talents be moved to Lv. 1. so that there could be three talents at Lv. 13.

Dark Bargain (Lv. 13)
(Modified) Active: Guldan's maximum Health is permanently increased by 30%. If he dies within 180 seconds, his Death Respawn time is increased by 10 seconds.
Note: Malthael's No One Can Stop Death (180 seconds).
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2021.09.26 11:18 Bh_ezy 13M My left side abdomen is experiencing pain

I've had it for a day now and I thought it would go away if I sleep it off but It's still there should I be worried?
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2021.09.26 11:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩 submitted by prawnbiryani to 11hr11min [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 Haveit2g Side Effects.. after Pfizer First Dose,

I received my first Pfizer shot and after 5 days started experiencing some heart palpitations, and a little shortness of breath, particularly in the morning. Nothing too concerning but enough for me to go to the doctor to get it checked out. I got blood work done and a ECG all which came back clear.
Although I was super anxious due to the myocarditis link with pfizer, my symptoms have gone away about 2 weeks after the vaccine. My second jab is scheduled for this Friday I don't think ill be getting it as I think I have seen enough.
Would anyone recommend on getting another vaccine like Astra? mixing the two or just stick with the one and not get anymore... my doctor insists on me getting the second Pfizer which seems absurd to me.
Super confused as to what to do, our city Sydney in Australia is in lockdown and we are expected to come out of lockdown on the 18th of October for everyone that's fully vaccinated. 1 is not enough 🤣 any experiences or recommendations is appreciated.
Thank you!
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2021.09.26 11:18 Tattoosnscars Rescue wallaby. Does anyone know what to do?

Rescue wallaby. Does anyone know what to do? submitted by Tattoosnscars to australianwildlife [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 Alive_Tax_5541 Charles Martel

Is a Charles Martel 5-1-1-1 useful in kvk 1?
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2021.09.26 11:18 Training_Assistance5 Wie fappen dm mij

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2021.09.26 11:18 Extension-Dot-4262 Love this fit😍

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2021.09.26 11:18 hanmas_aaa Tiny's lv 15 tree grab talent is bugged?

Reproduce: get in demo mode and hit a dummy with lv 15 naked tiny+ults. Without a tree you do 200 dmg. With a tree you do 300 dmg. That's 50% dmg increase instead of 35% (20+15). The talent seems to be double effective. That's why carry tiny has been bonkers?
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2021.09.26 11:18 Generous-Pirate Can you learn karate yourself?

I'm 20F and I just started training Krav Maga, however i would love to combine it with karate because it's my favourite martial art. The problem is however that there is no dojo in my area that accepts new students my age. I also don't know anyone who I could spar with since none of my friends train martial arts. Would it be possible for me to learn karate by myself with the help of video demonstrations?
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2021.09.26 11:18 maxj550 L’Manberg: The Musical

L’Manberg: The Musical submitted by maxj550 to Tubbo_ [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 someone_somewhere345 My List of TOP 10 TEEN FIGHTERS by the END of Season 4

  1. (A) Miguel
This is by the END of season 4. I have him tied with Robby. I think Robby will win the tournament beating Miguel, but Miguel will beat him in the street fight after that... I have Miguel at 1 (A) because Miguel likely will be stronger than Robby (edge him) by the end of the show.
  1. (B) Robby
Explained it above..
  1. (A) Hawk
If he can calm his mind and be balanced, he will be VERY strong. Still inevitably below Miguel and Robby though. His ranking here is based on potential.
  1. (B) Sam
More from her, I believe her place here is perfect
  1. Tory
  2. Kyler
He looks like he's got the cobra kai creed planted into him.
  1. Demetri
Has great potential to improve, but not quite there yet.
  1. Chris
  2. Mitch
  3. Nate
    1. Bert
submitted by someone_somewhere345 to cobrakai [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 TheWrinklyDog OLD MEXICO LARGE Vintage Heart Cross Mexican Huge 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Boho Ooak Giant Navajo Native American Design Unique by Pidgees

OLD MEXICO LARGE Vintage Heart Cross Mexican Huge 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Boho Ooak Giant Navajo Native American Design Unique by Pidgees submitted by TheWrinklyDog to DamnYam [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 11:18 twitchmutemain You decide my fate

I've played everything under the sun in my 1400 hours and have hit my creative limit. Thus I cannot create any meaningful or interesting characters for playthroughs, which is why I'm leaving it in Reddit's hands. I wonder how badly this will go but alas I'm excited and slightly concerned. You get to pick my race, playstyle, faction choices, demeanor to NPC's and general character quirks and guidelines that I have to follow. Its a lot of work but its the perfect assignment for those with a talent for character creation who've been overflowing with creativity. I will pick the most liked comment and update those interested at key checkpoints. Hopefully this doesn't flop and go undetected!
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2021.09.26 11:18 coupontoday Acer Online Store : Get the Aspire 3 Laptop for only $549.

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2021.09.26 11:18 directrixho Which of these cards should be added to the "Power 9"?

Which of these cards should be added to the "Power 9"?
View Poll
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2021.09.26 11:18 Winter_Captain Avoiding the Civil War as Spain

I have noticed that, no matter what focus branch you choose, or whether or not you illegalize the opposition parties, if you choose to have open elections you WILL avoid the civil war.
Now, I'm not complaining about how easy it is, the thing is that, every time, the kingdom of spain wins the elections, never the carlists or anarquists.
So I just wonder if I have incredibly bad RNG or if that 40% chance is really rigged
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2021.09.26 11:18 Sweet_Ad7233 MadFloki 🐶~ Potential Gem with High Upside 💎 | Rewards in BNB | Launching Now !

🐶MadFloki is the angriest Floki reward paying meme token currently around! The marketing team has done an awesome job so far with their designs and marketing efforts and more is on the way!

MadFloki is the next evolution of a Meme token which reward holders by paying BNB token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address.

Its the best high reward paying token using the power of maximize your earnings for now & future.

Simply hold $mFloki tokens and get rewarded 7% of the transaction in BNB straight to your wallet

FLOKI Names are trending everywhere and doing wonders!

🔥It automatically delivers you BNB to your wallet every 20 minutes 🔥

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👼🏻 Total Supply: 1 Billion

7% $CAKE Reflections

2% Into Liquidity Pool

1% Into Marketing.

💰 Slippage range - 12℅.

As it is Fair launch make sure you use maximum slippage at start, in order to ape in and not get rejected!

Links related to MadFloki

Contract: 0x810d34c7ddeca45d8c51e13bc2b80f9ecb30afa6

Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x810d34c7ddeca45d8c51e13bc2b80f9ecb30afa6

LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x915d6B0a3C184324ce2e512D08F9F2227d83d0B8

Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x810d34c7ddeca45d8c51e13bc2b80f9ecb30afa6#readContract
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2021.09.26 11:18 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Alefia Kapadia (new)

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