How to configure mongosh for light background?

2021.09.26 11:05 jabbalaci How to configure mongosh for light background?

I prefer light background in my terminals but mongosh's default settings are made for dark background. As you can see, it's unreadable: . How to configure the theme for light background? Thanks.
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2021.09.26 11:05 NimaLima getting worse performance than i should

Ok so ive been told my specs are good and ive looked at fps benchmarks for the gtx 1660 super and im supposed to get 130+ fps on modern warfare yet i only get 60-100 and have stutters here are my specs Operating System

Windows 10 Home 64-bit 
Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz 58 °C Haswell 22nm Technology 
16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) 
VG259QM (1920x1080@240Hz) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER (MSI) 76 °C 
111GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB (SATA (SSD)) 48 °C 1863GB Seagate ST2000DM001-1ER164 (SATA ) 42 °C 931GB Samsung Portable SSD T5 SCSI Disk Device (USB (SATA) (SSD)) 
I've done a userbenchmark test and it says all of my parts are underperforming.. wtf is going on?
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2021.09.26 11:05 CelebBattleVoteBot Ariana Grande vs Emilia Clarke

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2021.09.26 11:05 wwwdotWeirdperson My boyfriend abuses substances, and I don’t know what the fuck to do about it.

I’ve known my boyfriend for 4 years, and this year, we both entered Freshman year of high school. Changing schools is stressful enough, but in his life… it’s practically nothing.
My boyfriend was subjected to repetitive sexual assault and abuse since he was born. His been in and out of the foster system, and recently, he’s been put back into the toxic “home” he was born into. He’s been through unbelievable amounts of trauma, and suffers from a few mental illness because of it, such as ptsd, anxiety, and self harm (there are more, but I don’t want to discuss his own personal information).
He’s been on-and-off smoking cigarettes and weed ever since he was 8- his parents got him hooked on it- and has really been diving into his addictions this year. The harder things get, the more he uses, and shit is always hard for him.
He seems to want to recover, but he pretends like it’s not a big deal, even though he can barely get through a week without getting extremely high at least 3 times a week, smoking daily.
He’s a smart guy, he really is, but his grades are dropping, he’s skipping days of school to get a fix, and he’s lost interest in almost everything he cares for… except for his addictions. Even his personality is changing,
All of his closest friends snd family are the ones that supply him with the drugs/cigarettes, so it’s almost as if he can’t get away. His parents are also addicts of… a lot of shit. And I mean, a lot.
I want to help, but I don’t know how.
All I feel like I can do is tell him I love him, listen to him, and be there for him. But it’s not enough. I don’t think it’ll ever be enough.
What should I do?
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2021.09.26 11:05 dave_613 Anybody else terrified of all psychiatric drugs?

I really wish it wasn't but it's the case.
I think ADHD meds are the only ones that don't scare me because I've been abusing coffee since I was a teen (my working diagnosis: depression).
My fears mostly center around potential withdrawal syndromes. I have a particular hangup around brain zaps, even though I managed to quit Zoloft without experiencing them.
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2021.09.26 11:05 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 11:05 OceaneyesUwU127 Bro I was just trying to find a tutorial for long bangs-

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2021.09.26 11:05 Sweet_Ad7233 MadFloki 🐶~ Potential Gem with High Upside 💎 | Rewards in BNB | Launching Now !

🐶MadFloki is the angriest Floki reward paying meme token currently around! The marketing team has done an awesome job so far with their designs and marketing efforts and more is on the way!

MadFloki is the next evolution of a Meme token which reward holders by paying BNB token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address.

Its the best high reward paying token using the power of maximize your earnings for now & future.

Simply hold $mFloki tokens and get rewarded 7% of the transaction in BNB straight to your wallet

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👼🏻 Total Supply: 1 Billion

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💰 Slippage range - 12℅.

As it is Fair launch make sure you use maximum slippage at start, in order to ape in and not get rejected!

Links related to MadFloki

Contract: 0x810d34c7ddeca45d8c51e13bc2b80f9ecb30afa6

Buy Here:

LP Locked:

Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.26 11:05 serand62 Starting my spooky neon collection. Check out these finds on Etsy🌀

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2021.09.26 11:05 Nickiwi Something seems a little meth'd up with this face scan

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2021.09.26 11:05 CelebBattleVoteBot Gal Gadot vs Melissa Benoist

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2021.09.26 11:05 endtapes 210926 [SKZ DIARY] HQ 210925 #LeeKnow #Changbin VIDEO CALL EVENT

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2021.09.26 11:05 barbi_trumtrum Teemo rework (Şaka Şaka):/

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2021.09.26 11:05 iCarlyIsTheShit Can anybody recommend a UK based bioactive vivarium designers?

Not really looking for a custom made viv just one that has the interior made. Currently using a 60x45x60 exo Terra viv. Looking to upgrade and make it bioactive but my experience is limited and my artistic eye is not great. Already know about terra vintage but they are yet to respond to my 2 emails and it has been a couple months.
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2021.09.26 11:05 Obvious_Natural Add for snapping and chatting, all welcome.

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2021.09.26 11:05 Puzzleheaded-Ad6166 First post ever on Reddit

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.26 11:05 Master_Rignolo Tommie Deprima

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2021.09.26 11:05 zuzu_1290 Who’s a decent serie A ST?

So i made my serie a team, im just hesitating on who to pick as my striker, there’s some nice choices: immobile, lautaro, mertens, muriel. Who do you guys think is the best out of these players in this fifa
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2021.09.26 11:05 ffddd1997 do you ask for help when needed for normal everyday tasks or does your ego make you think you can do it on ur own?

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2021.09.26 11:05 giuliasays When did Edgeworth discover that... (trilogy spoilers)

When did Edgeworth discover that Phoenix became a lawyer because of him? I don't remember Phoenix ever telling him, however Edgeworth already knows during Bridge to the Turnabout. Have I missed out something?
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2021.09.26 11:05 Mustafa1558 LET ME SEE IT DUMBASS

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2021.09.26 11:05 jiyannareeka 180920 Bona 'Save Me, Save You' Meltin' Fancam @ M Countdown

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2021.09.26 11:05 Puzzleheaded-Luck-78 My Personal Favorites :)

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