Raising a dragon from an egg?...

2021.09.26 11:24 boneframes Raising a dragon from an egg?...

Hi all!
I was thinking about interesting items you could find in DND and I started thinking about dragon eggs. It would be pretty cool to find and raise your own dragon. But then I was thinking that obviously dragons grow to become ancient, powerful and wise creatures so how might their babies behave?
Perhaps the dragon is born with innate knowledge which could lead to some cool quest hooks.
Maybe it's like a husky puppy and needs constant attention other wise with screws your stuff up??
Also I imagine it's parent would want to come after it, unless some plot device says that the egg was lost and has been dormant for many of centuries, who knows!
Just a thought I had and I want to shoot it out there to see how other DMs' would handle this!
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2021.09.26 11:24 Apex8485 I can't do the thorns area in West Greenpath

Just got the Crystal Heart so I went to check out that area where its needed.
I can do the first part (where you use the CH), but I can't do the 2nd area with the thorns
Do I need another item or am I just bad?
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2021.09.26 11:24 g_davidsonn Normal parting? I’ve been paranoid about my hair thinning since I was 16 (now 21) and I need to know whether my parting looks like it might be on the move.

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2021.09.26 11:24 JamiroFan2000 "Jamiroquai Music Influences | #31 | Weldon Irvine - We Gettin' Down" (Jay's Museum YouTube)

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2021.09.26 11:24 WrecklessCDN ⭐️Safety First⭐️|| 🔥Stealth Launched🔥||⚡️Auto LP⚡️|| 📝Use Case📝 ||

Safety First just stealth launched today! Big plans by a dedicated team. This is a long term, use-case project. No private sale, no pre-sale, 100% stealth launch. We are the ONLY group on BSC where calls are from our network of trusted development teams. All of our calls, come from a network of people we have developed relationships with, and are known for their prompt, and safe launches. Our team has been working together for some time now, and we have developed many ongoing partnerships. We strive to make BSC a safer place for all of our investors. Our team has decided to share some of our safest calls, with the community!
⭐️No special mechanics, very low tax on the native token.
⭐️ Experienced team.
⭐️No private sales, No pre-sales, No distribution, 100% Stealth Launch.
⭐️1% Max Transaction.
⭐️Marketing incoming!
⭐️Voting applied.
⭐️LP Locked indefinitely, until 2099
⭐️Contests, and giveaways planned.
All socials are currently being created, and verified. For now you can come check us out on Telegram!
Join the Telegram:
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2021.09.26 11:24 WeeBaka4172 Wazzup

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2021.09.26 11:24 Qmagasdick "Saving the planet" by putting an unnecessary additional Aluminium on the plastic

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2021.09.26 11:24 PureVPNcom Go Hypersonic with PureVPN’s 20Gbps servers! 2X Speeds for a smooth streaming experience

PureVPN is taking your browsing speeds to the next level with our new 20Gbps (Gigabits per second) servers! Initial tests indicate that these upgraded super-fast connections offer a massive 2x VPN speed boost in two of the popular hotspots around the world, namely London and Manchester as well as Washington DC!
The newest upgrade to our server infrastructure builds on top of the previous 5 Gbit and 10 Gbit upgrades last year in several key locations across Europe, Asia Pacific.
We're proud to announce that we have made major optimizations and upgrades in our server infrastructure, which has given PureVPN even faster VPN speeds. The new Australian servers rank amongst some of the fastest out there!
As we've increased our physical VPN servers, there is now more room for higher bandwidth and faster speeds. We have shelved dozens of virtual ones in order to improve your experience with the top-notch service that has been made available from us!
With just 69 virtual servers in our entire server network, PureVPN’s footprint is now 98.7% composed of physical servers!
Why isn’t PureVPN going 100% physical? That is because there are a few locations where placing physical servers is realistically impossible. To become 100% physical, we would have to remove these locations altogether from our offerings. But, as per the feedback received from our users, these virtual locations are still in use for various purposes. Being a customer-centric VPN brand, PureVPN will not be removing these virtual locations until an alternative solution can be found for these users.
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2021.09.26 11:24 HermesKicker Kasvatusteadlane: mittevaktsineerituid tuleb survestada nagu suitsetajaid

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2021.09.26 11:24 tonyderry First time ribs

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2021.09.26 11:24 rhtkmr050 Roof Repair Battle Creek Mi

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2021.09.26 11:24 Snow-Hunter This game has done nothing but crapping on me lately. I’m glad it’s all over. For now.

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2021.09.26 11:24 SimonasZ Rožės raudonos, su eiliavimu man bėda. Balsuoti už Nausėdą buvo didelė....

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2021.09.26 11:24 trailer8k terminator toy story

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2021.09.26 11:24 Arrwynne Gifts from Witcy City (Salem, MA)

Add me for daily gifts! 8982 3855 8112
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2021.09.26 11:24 Chamoire Pokemon platinum - is this real or fake?

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2021.09.26 11:24 summercaptaintang We always talk about the characters we wish were LIs and she's def on the top of my list. I had such a big crush on her in Hollywood U 😍

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2021.09.26 11:24 pincopancolo MH Rise Sunbreak By Drake #theme @themes3ds - Nintendo 3DS Themes / Badges / Splashes [NHZ ]

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2021.09.26 11:24 MaterialCan5822 Where do I find this?

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2021.09.26 11:24 ShalindaFDO Local vs Remote Port forwarding

Hey there people 😁,
Can I know what is the difference between Local & Remote when it comes to ssh port forwarding?.
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2021.09.26 11:24 sadnesslaughs You never had any animosity toward the ant colony living in your backyard. They kept your garden free of pests, and the spiders out of your house. You even starting feeding them occasionally. Today, you happen to notice they’ve carved your name into their hill, and seem to be patiently waiting.

I related to ants a little, not in any weird way, but more in a sort of mutual respect kind of way. Ants are the working class of the bug world, a group that goes about their duties and performs repetitive tasks for the good of everyone around them. Able to perform heroic feats of strength and even ambush stronger foes.
I saw a lot of myself in them, or maybe I wanted to see a lot of myself in them. I wanted to be that working class man that could lift above the others, show them I wouldn’t go down easily. But, like the ants, I was pretty easy to tread on and my extravagant strength was more used for picking myself off the floor than anything productive.
So, my brief glance of curiosity as I passed the small anthill in my yard soon became an ant watching session. It started off small, maybe a few seconds before I headed inside, then a few minutes. After a month or two, I became fascinated by the creatures, spending ten or more minutes just watching them go about their activities. Whispering small words of encouragement as they followed each other back into the hill.
By the third month, I was leaving small crumbs by the anthill, making their journey a little easier. I considered it a work bonus, my way of rewarding their efforts. It seemed only fair. Unlike the fat cat bosses I worked for, I could spare a few of my crumbs for the workers.
It was strange, they almost seemed to show appreciation for my efforts. A few of the ants leaving their circle to walk around me. At first, I thought it was because I dropped some crumbs by my feet, but with each additional day, the circle of ants grew larger until I had nearly an entire colony of ants circling my feet in unison. It was a beautiful feeling, but one that couldn’t be explained. No internet search or book spoke of the phenomenon.
Things only escalated when I stopped to greet them today. On their anthill was the name ‘Paul’ carved into it. At first, I didn’t even make the connection that it was my name, far too in awe of the strangeness of it all before it clicked. “You know my name?” Perhaps they heard it from a passerby or the mailman?
They didn’t respond, of course, but they stopped their usual pacing around me. This time they stood ready, like little soldiers prepared for a war that they couldn’t comprehend. At that moment, a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. I could terrorize people, use them to steal money, or even have them sneak into places for me. Yet, all those outlandish thoughts scattered from my mind as soon as they came.
Maybe I could do all those things. But that would be at the cost of losing the person I wanted to become. The ants trust me, and I should repay that trust. “Keep doing your best. Thank you for the company today.” I tossed a few crumbs their way, careful not to hit any of them before I headed inside, leaving the ants to return to their normal duties. While the temptation was there, I would rather not lose the peace they provided.
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2021.09.26 11:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 11:24 _MOOSE_68 Hold On (Extended Snippet)

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2021.09.26 11:24 saulevas_ps Woocommerce plugin to generate invoices by product tags

Hey everyone.
We have lots of products (t-shirts, hoodies, hats etc.) on our webstore automatically imported from our suppliers. Each of these products comes with unique names that sometimes include the type of product it is an sometime doesn't. For example:
B&C | #Hoodie /women Ladies’ Hooded Sweat (falls under a category of sweatshirts)
Mantis | M74 Ladies’ Hooded Sweat „Superstar“ (falls under a category of sweatshirts)
Bliuzonas su gobtuvu SOL’S | Slam UNISEX (falls under a category of sweatshirts)
Same goes with t-shirts, pants etc. However all these sweatshirts no matter what they're called share the same product tag - sweatshirts (actually it's "bliuzonai" in my native language but it's not that important). All t-shirts share the same tag - t-shirts, hats share the same tag - hat etc.
Each time we sell a product and issue the invoice (by hand) we don't write the exact name of a sweatshirt (like Kariban | K481 Ladies’ Organic Raglan Sweat) on the invoice. We just write "Sweatshirt". Each time we sell a t-shirt we do not write the full name of a t-shirts just "T-shirt".
That's how we agreed to do many years ago and according to our accounting firm it's better (not sure how) this way.
So here's my question:
Can you suggest an invoicing plugin that could generate invoices using tag associated with product sold. For examle if we sell previously mentioned sweatshirts the invoice wouldn't look like this:
Mantis | M74 Ladies’ Hooded Sweat „Superstar“ - 2pcs. - $43
Bliuzonas su gobtuvu SOL’S | Slam UNISEX - 3pcs. - $56
But rather like this:
Sweatshirt - 2pcs. - $43
Sweatshirt - 3pcs. - $56

I would mind if the name of the product is inlcuded after "Sweatshirt". It's just that it has to be "Sweatshirt".

Looking forward to your suggestions.
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2021.09.26 11:24 sadlittleegglady beauty on boarding training

i worked at a smaller store in beauty a few years ago, and it was a very disorganized, overly relaxed store. i recently was hired at a super target in beauty again, and completed my hr computer training. but i think i started some of the actual beauty training i was meant to start while on the floor. is there any actual training on the mydevices that happens in the first few training weeks? i'm scared to admit to them that i already goofed up.
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